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Posted by Landmine

So is it an update or a completely new thing?

Posted by kon1312

weirdly interesting

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I have no idea what that trailer was. I guess Eliss is known?

And wow, Faraway. I've already forgotten about it, how come that is still not out?

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Maybe I missed the boat and I should already know what the hell this game is. But from that teaser, I have no idea what the hell this game is.

Posted by Mendelson9

Awesome, Eliss is one of the few (only?) great iOS games that effectively uses the technology.

Posted by tourgen

cool, neat little abstract game

Posted by NuclearWinter

I loved Eliss, hope this one gets an Android release.

Posted by Crunchman

A minor mistake, his current project is "Faraway", not "Farway", for anyone interested.

Posted by MeatSim

Who drew squiggly lines in the middle of the sun?

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Eliss is one of the first ios game that showed what kind of games were best with the hardware. Elias was an iPhone game before iphone game were an actual thing.

Posted by Cybexx

I re-downloaded Eliss last year and I think it is still one of the best examples of multi-touch gameplay available. I will totally get this new version.

Posted by iamcarneiro

Steph Thirion is one of the most interesting devs around. He does take his time to work on projects, but they're all incredible.

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Did anyone else find the original game particularly difficult? I couldn't even get halfway through on my 4S.