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this game really intrigues me... was the first popular?

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Very happy to see this game still exists. I kind of forgot about it.

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The first was pretty fun :).

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Can't wait to play this online with friends, that was sorely missing from EDF 2017.

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So... they got a bigger budget this time around.

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Yo, Bugs!

Welcome to erf!

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Blowing up buildings for the greater good

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Rebuild New Detroit?? Actually, EDF is probably doing us a favor.

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I get a Crackdown vibe from this in that everyone thought the first one was ok for what it was but the second one looks and plays like garbage.
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I am absolutely un-ironically excited for this game. Playing this co-op with a mate with a few beers looks as fun as it was with the original.

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Ah, got it... the buildings are your enemies in the sequel...

Yeah, f**k buildings! Blow that s**t up!

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Only thing I don't like so far is running over benches makes the magically disappear, but just a little nitpick. Otherwise this looks amazing.

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There here to steal all our babes...whoops wrong game.
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Wow great job defending earth mr blows-up-all-buildings.

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Jesus H. Christ Private Joker! Did you just blow up that building??

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Earth Defense Force 2017 wasn't the first game in the series, but I think it was the first one to be imported into the United States. 
It wasn't exactly popular, but it was a cult-hit. 
Probably one of the best co-op games on the market, as long as both players enjoy things such as B-movies, grindhouse films, etc.
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The video is loading very slowly.

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I expect a late game twist in which you find out that the buildings were the real enemy the entire time.

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Defending the Earth comes at a cost!

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As someone who spent up to 100 hours at a friend's house playing EDF 2017 into the wee hours of the night, I am thoroughly excited for this game.

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They're right. No one does give a shit about Detroit. 

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@Kyle said:

I expect a late game twist in which you find out that the buildings were the real enemy the entire time.

Sort of like The Happening.

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Wow. This destruction tech looks even worse than Red Faction's. I understand realistic destruction is difficult to model, but do you have to make everything look like it's assembled out of plywood trapezoids that all get disconnected the moment one of them is damaged?

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@RedRocketWestie: I'd rather they let me destroy any building and have it look like that, than have a game that looks as good as Battlefield 3 and only lets me destroy "this building over here, or that one over there, but not that one or that one or that one or that one or that one." Plus, this is a super budget kind of game. I'm surprised enough that this kind of destruction is in it at all.

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@whatisdelicious: Yeah, I realized after I posted that that I was being overly harsh. I guess I'm more questioning their decision to highlight it in a trailer.

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I can't wait for this game.

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This game looks like a blast. I would really love to see more B-level budget-priced games like this in the future. It seems like we just have very good - amazing games and then shovelware.

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All I know is the people that like EDF really like EDF.

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@RedRocketWestie: Probably for the people who played EDF: 2017. If you were a fan of the last game (I never played it), I bet that's kind of mind-blowing. I assume they're just proud that in their budget game, they found a way to let you blow up any building you want.

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This will be the best online experience of the year.

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This game looks to be a great follow up to 2017, online co op is going to be fun as fuck.

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@RedRocketWestie said:

@whatisdelicious: Yeah, I realized after I posted that that I was being overly harsh. I guess I'm more questioning their decision to highlight it in a trailer.

This trailer alleviates some concern for me actually. The previous trailers didn't seem to show much building destruction so I was worried they limited it or something. One of the best parts of EDF 2017 is leveling an entire city when the bugs are just kinda crawling on stuff.  
This kinda makes me want to boot up EDF 2017 right fucking now actually. 
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I want Vicious Cycle to make a Robotech Battlecry sequel with this engine right now. RIGHT. NOW
This is shaping up nicely. Looks like a heckuva lot of fun, with cool mech suits, mech tanks, weapons, destruction and giant ass enemies. Truly, what more could you ask for? Oh right, online co-op multiplayer...which is also in there! This is a must play.
 Just wish it were more colorful. I mean, I know it's set in Detroit, so there's no reason NOT to have it look so dreary, with a constant cloudy sky. But...man, why would you set any game in, or around, any version of Detroit?

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Somewhere, Michael Bay just orgasmed

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Opening up with blowing up buildings shows the devs really understand the audience of the first game.

Me: I can't get a clear shot of the saucer's hatch with that skyscraper there.

*Friend fires a few rockets to level the whole block.

Me: Okay, that cleared it.

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The frame rate looks surprisingly solid compared to the first.

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@Xpgamer7: See, I thought the frame rate looked bad, but maybe it's just the video.
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Battlefield 3, eat your heart out.

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@pyromaster222 said:

this game really intrigues me... was the first popular?

I want to say the first EDF was a side scrolling shooter. Earth Defense Force 2017, on the other hand, was the most ridiculous fun you could hope for a two player coop game. I'm really psyched to hear that this game is going to support online coop. Laughs are going to be had over the expense of alien insect lives.
Oh, and the trailer music was goddamn awesome!
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@sofacitysweetheart said:
Battlefield 3, eat your heart out.
I love you.
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Save earth by destroying Detroit, makes sense.

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@DiGiTaL_SiN said:
I agree. Nice of you to point out how your own comment was.
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@EveretteScott: Actually I was talking about your miniscule intellect. For some reason I decided to post that here, which is not at all related to the video I was posting about. Weird, I know...
Fuckin' fanboys.
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*shows gameplay of blowing up lots of buildings* "Only you can save the world"... what??

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