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Posted by DeadeyeMcCoy

Oh that's okay, you can fucking keep my Minecraft-y look.

Posted by Lazlow

I just want Bethesda to make another Call of Cthulhu game..

Yes this! 100 times this!

The idea of a Lovecraft roguelike sounds amazing! Just so fucking sick of the Minecraft 'homage'.

Posted by Rapid

Is this 2013's Check Yourself Before You Wriggety-Wreck Yourself or or Things That Need to "Take a Break" Before They Become the “Worst Trend”

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@deckard: I've often had this feeling about talking to someone on a BBS about twitter.

Posted by SathingtonWaltz

As a huge fan of H.P Lovecraft, this is about as far from his literary themes as you could possibly get. This just looks awful.

Edited by ShadzKing

Poor choice of music

Posted by kavukavu

No offense but I am real tired of this look. It's just looking uglier and uglier with every clone.

Posted by atomic_dumpling

@mrklorox said:

Let's stop calling this art style "minecraft" and start calling it what it is: polygons inspired by pixel art.

Lets stop calling this an art style altogether. Why are these people under the impression that anyone actually liked the (vanilla) look of Minecraft? I can barely stand it myself and I generally like playing Minecraft.

Posted by Phr4nk0

Over the blocky minecraft thing.

It just seems like developers are jumping in on it because it's win-win for them. Easier and quicker to create content and they don't have to bother making highres textures and it's popular right now.

Posted by mbr2

ITT: people who have no idea how a video game is made and how much work goes into it.

Posted by Hawker

It seems Minecraft has caused "Hideous" to count as an art style now, what a shame.

Posted by BooDoug187

Nothing says HP Lovecraft and unimangiable horror like ska music.

Posted by DeBurgo

The game looks really cool, but the trailer music they used here is so dumb. I hope it's just a stupid joke and not indicative of the game's actual tone, because it'd be a really awful missed opportunity.

Posted by fisk0

@kn00tcn said:

technically patrick called it a minecraft look, to me this is reminding me a lot of 90s dos games due to these enemies, bent textures, traps, etc

The bent textures are specifically evoking the PlayStation 1 to me, almost all polygonal PS1 games had that issue due to the lack of a z-buffer. There are certainly other things that look more Minecrafty in there too, but I wouldn't call it a straight up Minecraft clone either.

I do get a vibe of cynicism from the entire thing though, throwing everything that's been notable in video game pop culture for the past 3 years and hoping that'll make this game sell. The PS1 texture glitches and the music are the only things that make me think it could actually be a genuine love letter to 90's games.

Posted by Roger778


It's like it's Minecraft got turned into a first-person shooter.

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This game does not trailer well, but it plays well.

Edited by Korolev

Having seen the quicklook, I've come back to this trailer and wonder what evil other-dimensional being possessed them to make such a TERRIBLE trailer for a pretty good game. The game doesn't have hipster-polka music.