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did I finally finish this quest?

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Saturday surprise! My day just got better!

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That intro really got me pumped to play some pinball.

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Thanks !

Posted by DrDarkStryfe

I simply love the sounds that come from a Sega Genesis.

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It's never too late to let it rip.

Posted by tyxja

That green worm was supposed to represent Tommy Lee's dong.

Posted by beard_of_zeus

Holy crap, I don't know what this game is, but it looks amazing. Drop some knowledge on me, Jeff!

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Damn, this is wild.

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The Genesis could make some awesome music.

Posted by mrfluke

heyy look at that, pleasantly surprised,
these videos are easily turning into my fav videos on GB

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

I'm always happy to have Jeff drop pinball knowledge in video form. I was able to apply what I learned from Jeff at Cali Extreme.

Posted by Redhorn

Silly that they villainize the busts of presumably classical musicians when (good) metal is so classical in structure

Posted by posh

when you started talking about genesis versions of motley crue songs i thought you meant phil collins genesis

Posted by Enns

SNES probably had the better sound, but damn if Sega didn't have some great tunes.

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You've got a better chance of winning the lottery than predicting the next game in Operation: Quick Look Everything.

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This was intense.

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Crüe Ball's cool but it's no Devil's Crush/Devil Crash/Dragon's Fury. Especially the PC-Engine version, the music's so goddamn good.

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This has QUICKLY become my favorite feature on the site.


Posted by Pilgrimm1981

This is why I mainly come to Giant Bomb. Either to hear Jeff share some of his vast knowledge concerning old ass games or to hear Jeff (and Ryan) laugh at old ass games.

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Gotta love the Genesis' sound chip.

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I'm a pinball wizard, and that looks fucked up.

Why did so many pinball games have so weird ball physics? It's kind of the most important part of the game. I think Pinball Dreams was the first one I played that felt "right". Some early 80s game (eg. David's Midnight Magic) had physics that acted consistent, but the ball acted like something between a ping-pong ball and a tennis ball. Console pinballs like Devil Crush just felt weird and glitchy.

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Man I love Jeff representing Sega. Everyone giving the SNES a blowjob on most game sites gets tiresome.

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Jeff always talks about how video game Pinball don't go far enough, I guess he didn't play Metroid Pinball.

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Now I know, and knowing is half the battle. Thanks Jeff.

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I NEVER expected to see this on Jeff's list!

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...I love you, Jeff.

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Was Twisted Flipper going to originally be a Twisted Sister-themed table? Because oh wow.

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That version of Home Sweet Home is wonderful

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the Spinal Tap pinball game would have had 11 volume level.

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Nice, I was just wondering about more Bombastica.

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I think Jeff is just creating games for the SNES and Genesis now so he doesn't have to talk about any games someone might have actually played.

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I have been educated.

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That was cool. Nice quick look.

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@paulunga said:

Crüe Ball's cool but it's no Devil's Crush/Devil Crash/Dragon's Fury. Especially the PC-Engine version, the music's so goddamn good.

It blew my mind when I discovered that Devil's Crush has an actual ending.

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The Genesis sound chip Dr. Feelgood sound great. The only good Crüe song.

Posted by Garrick_Greathouse

The younger kids might not realize that this game came out exactly one year after Mötley Crüe lost all their relevance, and just a few months before the total pop culture shift from glitzy to gritty.

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Fuuuuuuuuuuck i completely forgot about this game I played a ton on this back in the day, didnt know what Motley Crue was or even that a band was related to this back then.

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@MysteriousBob: Yes, we get it. Chrono Trigger was good. The internet if filled with dozens of podcasts preaching for hundreds of hours about how great Chrono Trigger was.

There were so many other interesting games from back then, regardless of their quality. I love it when people take a step back and cover something other than the same 4 Square SNES RPG's over and over again.

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No Kickstart my Heart? No sale!

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I see there's another EB video going up tomorrow, but we need much More Encyclopedia Bombastica please! Not just from Jeff! Sega Genesis represent! ( I like the snes too)

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Makes me miss my freeware version of Balls of Steel.

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Hell yes! I actually knew of the cheat ACAB in this game before learning what A.C.A.B. actually meant.

Cool Encyclopedia entry Jeff. Big props from sweden-.

Clarification: Press ACAB on the title screen to skip some stage iirc.

Was 18 years ago i played this last

Edit: The title screen isnt needless... you can still type in that awesome cheat code.

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Thank you so much for this series. Operation Quick Look: Everything is fast becoming my favorite feature on Giant Bomb.

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These videos are awesome and hilarious, thanks Jeff!

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He's the one they call Dr. Gerstmann...

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DIdn't know this exsisted, but I love the Gensis Home Sweet Home


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should totally get a rock van as that new car he's looking for. Drive around blastin' some sick Genesis metal tunes!

If you like some Genesis rock'n'roll and pinball I seem to remember Psycho Pinball being pretty good. Also Psycho is an armadillo.

BTW love the old Electronic Arts logo =)

Posted by paulunga

@Hailinel: I know! And boss battles! Even though the ending is kinda pointless and dumb.

I also remember the first time I saw the woman in the middle of the table morph into a monster/dragon. That was creepy as hell.