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Apologies if the audio is a little wonked on this one. It was difficult to find a good balance with my recording setup and I'm not sure I entirely nailed it.

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When you have Ghost Problems, you call Hunter Ghostman: GHOSTHUNTER!

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Thanks for the content, Alex!

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The first public showing of the "Matrix shoot-out effect" was in pre-release demo footage of Max Payne, some say. Was that actual effect from The Matrix demonstrated before that?

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God, PS2 games really don't age well in the looks department.

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These GHOSTS are making me THIRSTY!

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@alex: Yeah, game audio is pretty quiet. Still though, I'm getting to see Ghosthunter. I wont complain.

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Why, Alex? Whhyyyy?

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Why, Alex? Whhyyyy?

Because it was fun? Fuuuuuuun?

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Tie Mocap?!

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Great vid Alex

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Wish Alex had turned on subtitles, would have helped with the audio.

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Subtitles, Alex! They were in the options. That's a lot more important than correcting silly inverted controls. (if you turn them on later I apologize in advance, I'm 11 minutes in)

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@blacklagoon: One of those things I regrettably always forget to do. Next time!

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Thanks Alex! These fill in the gaps of my video game knowledge and history. Keep on doing these please!

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For a PS2 game this looks really good. Individually model fingers! Jackets that aren't textures! I'm kind of surprised. The acting is about what I'd expect from your typical supernatural-focused TV show. The gameplay looks pretty fun too.

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he thought it was a juke box! he's a huge beach boys fan...

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I wish I was called Lazarus.

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Lazarus Jones... That's pretty good!

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I still have this game in my collection. I completely forgot about it. Though I remember liking it a lot.

I never finished it... I think I gave up in the swamp area.

Makes me glad I never sold any of my games

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I can't hear a word that Brad Pitt analog is saying.

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Good stuff. Thank you Alex.

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I remember this game from the PS2 era. Its weird tone & setting made up for the middling shooting. Wish I had finished it up. And yeah, I'd be down for a rerelease/remake of this game.

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@alex I don't know what your setup is like, but if you're having capture issues, hit up the forums or something for tech support.

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Have no memory of this game at all.

Cool video Alex.

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Thank you Alex! I love this game.

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Content from Alex! Wonderful! He always adds a nice view point from the rest of the crew.

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God, PS2 games really don't age well in the looks department.

Really? This still looks nice for a 10 year old game, particularly the swamp stuff.

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You know, I own this for the PS2. I never played much more than two missions or so, I remember getting really frustrated with it for some reason. Maybe I ought to give it another try some day.

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Lazarus Jones would be my Pathfinder name.

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Man, Ghosthunter! I remember watching my brother play this game when it was new. I didn't follow any games coverage back then (only the occasional magazine) and mostly just played stuff on a whim. Now it's pretty cool to see that people care about certain games that I haven't heard a thing about since my childhood. If that makes you feel old, Alex, I apologize. ;)

Btw, same goes for Dog's Life (on a UPF), another game I didn't expect to ever hear or see from again. :)

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Hurrah for Bombastica.

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@vod_crack said:

@cloudymusic said:

God, PS2 games really don't age well in the looks department.

Really? This still looks nice for a 10 year old game, particularly the swamp stuff.

Oh yeah, for its time, it looks pretty good, and the character models seem pretty high-poly. Mostly it's just the environment textures that stand out to me.

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Filmation's Ghostbusters was pretty good. I think the villains were kinda lame, but the Ghostbusting crew was fun. Also, Pat Fraley!

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Sony is slipping up by not making a sequel to this all time classic!

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This game scared the shit out of me as a kid.

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Fun Fact: If you play this game on a PS3, you can't progress past the ladder in the church, he stops like a foot off the ground and won't detach from the ladder. At least that's what happens on my PS3.

Fun Fact 2: This is the other Ghostbusters with the gorilla

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@alex you need to grow your hair out and style it like the main dude does, it'd be killer

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This game was a pretty cool game that I never finished for reasons I can't think of, maybe I should revisit this one soon.

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Alex! You should do more for the project of Quicklook Everything!

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Looks like the Sunnydale High School basement to me.

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I thought I forgot everything about this game but then I saw "Lazarus Jones" and it all came flooding back.

Also Lazarus seems like a proto-Agent York.

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Lol "run around mode..."

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Oh god, this game.

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I thought it was basic common knowledge that you NEVER press the red button on machines you are unfamiliar with.