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Posted by Jolt92

Vinny and Alex are pretty great together.

Also, Gummi Bears was awesome.

Posted by madman356647

Am I like the only person who starts at Wood Man?!

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The Protomen are badass.

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This was almost an Endurance Run !

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The lack of enthusiasm expressed for Megaman X in this video hurts my soul. Megaman X is one of the greatest games of all time. (Megaman 2 is also one of the best)

Awesome video. Loving all this Alex and Vinny content. Giant Beast is real!

Posted by greenbergMD

Vinny singing the Gummy Bears theme song was the highlight of my day.

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Great vid. Here's a Mega Man 2 speedrun with live music \m/

Posted by MatthewSerious

I'm shocked no one else linked in Bit Brigade. It's badass.

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Do a part 2 and finish the game! :p

Posted by AlKusanagi

Vinny spits the hottest rhymes.

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I haven't been on the site in a while but has Vinny moved?

Posted by AlKusanagi

@cylemoore: He moved to start up Giant Bomb East in New York, with Alex.

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Wow that Sword Of Shannara reference from Vinny.

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I haven't been on the site in a while but has Vinny moved?

Yes he has permanently moved back to NYC.

Unless this is a troll, in which case I'm shaking my fist in anger.

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Ancient Gummis? *yawn* More like Precursors or Protheans....

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The AlVin combo is continuing to impress! I'm surprised they haven't hooked up at the butt sooner!

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X and Legends 2 are my favorite Mega Man games.

Posted by stryker1121

My favorite Mega Man robot boss was The Man. He oppressed you to death.

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@alex not jumping through boss doors? What the hell?

Posted by MatthewSerious

@naephi: Heh, guess you beat me to linking that by a few seconds.

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Alex wasn't jumping through the boss gates and that bothered me.

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I bet when you die, the chorus of angels that awaits you sounds just like Vinny singing the Gummi Bears theme song.

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Awesome content!

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I only played the Game Boy version of this, didn't realize the music was all different in that version. That had some of the best Game Boy music I've heard.

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@fisk0 said:

I only played the Game Boy version of this, didn't realize the music was all different in that version. That had some of the best Game Boy music I've heard.

Interesting, so they added slide to compensate the fact that the levels are smaller, while Megaman's sprite remains the same size.

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@shiro11 said:

I wish someone would do one of these for Mega Man X.

Close enough

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Encyclopedia BomBEASTica, amirite?

Posted by jackelbeaver

Best 10 Megaman games:

2, 3, 9

MM&B as Bass

X1, X4 as Zero

Megaman Zero 1-4 (Each is amazing and it sort of plays like one, really big, 4-part game)

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I play this about once a year. If I die at all I have to restart the game and try over. I love this game.

As a kid I never knew you could throw the saw blades diagonally. It changed the whole game when I discovered that. Metal man is always my first boss, his ability makes the rest of the game way easier.

Posted by PimblyCharles

Excited to watch this when I get home. Mega Man 2 was always my favorite Mega Man game on NES and one that I would play over and over (sometimes even beat) growing up. The music holds such a special place in this cold dark heart of mine that it's been my selection of ringtones for over almost 10 years now.

Posted by MrBubbles

GBEAST always seems to be pumping out that content.

Posted by Puaru

I love how unsure they were when saying Roll was Dr Light's "helper". Because, honestly, who would build a female robot for a reason other than to fuck it?

Posted by csl316

@fobwashed: MegaMan x GiantBomb was brilliant work.

Posted by Kovski

While Woodman theme is the best fucking video game theme ever, I now have the Gummi bears theme song stuck in my head.

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Oh Mega Man 2, the hours and hours and hours I spent as a child trying to master you! And I agree, love the music. Thanks GB-East!

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Alex wasn't jumping through the boss gates and that bothered me.

OMG this for me nearly did my head in...and the whole not falling down the ladders WTF is that?!?

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Getting through that section of QuickMan's stage is totally doable without Flash Man's time stop. Every stage is designed to be completable as your first stage.

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I know this was already posted but everyone should hear it again. I miss the days of cartoons where the whitest dudes possible sang the f*** out of these songs. I mean, the guy on the second chorus killing it with that sick upper harmony.

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Hahaha, Vinny said "I'm Giant Bomb.com" at the start. Can't tell if it was on purpose or not..

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This is an all-time classic but there were definitely things about it that really bugged me when I played it as a kid. I think there were some areas I just felt were really mean, like the disappearing blocks and the things constantly knocking you off platforms. Kind of like a lot of NES games of its day, certainly, but it definitely had some tough spots.

I finally beat it one summer after a lot of white knuckles, sweaty palms, and starting over ALOT in Wiley's castle. It was a similar experience to beating Ninja Gaiden. Just took sitting there for what had to be hours dying over and over again until I got the good enough run needed to just barely finish it. Now I've found I don't have the patience for it anymore. I can handle this game ok up until Wily's castle... then jjust forget it.

Posted by scottygrayskull

Hour long Bombastica of one of the greatest games ever made? Fuck yes! :D

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I'm so used to seeing Mega Man 2 speedrun at this point that I don't know if I can watch it be played normally anymore.

Also, Mega Man 2 rap.

Posted by Krathoon

Mega Man 2 hits that sweet spot. Not too hard and not too easy. It is one of the greats.

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Yay, a video on the second best Mega Man!

I am afraid you mean best Mega Man sir.

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Really, this one is worth collecting the physical cart for.

It seems like GB/NY is going to be the retro gaming office. Totally fine with that.

Posted by defcomm

i love how their goofs go nowhere lol

Posted by DrWhat

This is it, this is the gold mine of content I've been waiting for. Go go GB East!