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Oh god, Vinny bringing the zingers in this video. The Rich Gallup one pretty damn nearly killed me.

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"I fucked (Alex Navarro) pretty hard."

--Vinny Caravella

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That ain't got nothing on this one. Check out this guy's second chorus.

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Wrong order, Alex! You gotta start with metal man, then wood, then air, then I forget...

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@szlifier: That's pretty good, that dude's reaching for the rafters on that one.

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Quinoa, my favorite PS1 platformer.

Also, I love the NES Mega Men, but the X series added a lot of good to the series. Kind of went off the rails after a while, but there's tons of cool new stuff in X.

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lol I have never thought to used the Flash Stopper to get through the stage, I just use at lot of memorization... its totally doable with practice... I normally save it for Quickman (taking him on without that is insane)

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The Wood Man

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Woodman is the new Slenderman. Make it happen, Internet.

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One of the best soundtracks ever. <3 !!!!

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Amateur hour. Everyone knows you start with metal man.

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Capcom needs to patch that block glitch.

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Esh. The emulator used here (retron5?) doesnt have the hardware image stretch to make the image 4:3. It looks really weird watching all the graphics mashed up in 8:7. I don't know what the NES did to make the coded 8:7-ratio become 4:3, but no emulator seems to be able to copy it properly (do tell if you know any good ones).

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@alex How about a third-wave ska version of this nightmare anthem? This band played Downtown Disney literally every day of summer in like 2005. I'll admit I know because I squandered my youth in the ska scene. Revisiting this, I can see now how quintessentially third-wave ska this was, and why that genre is deader than any genre of music has ever been.

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@ultimaxe said:

50 minutes? I feel like if they don't beat the entire game in that time then they dun effed up. Also:

Came here to post this video.

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Wily and Eggman's VGCW team is called The Practice. Master Plan is the fan chant

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Best game of all ever, says me.

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Kwin-oh-ah for life.

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I love Mega Man 2 and I love that Mega Man 2 rap.

"It's Airman, bitch!"

And how you you not like Mega Man X???? Baffling.

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Weird that the youtube version has none of the fake scanlines, does it automatically render them out?

I like it better though, can you disable them in the Retron itself the next time you do a video of an older game?

edit: wrong 3x, they just weren't quite as visible in 480 on youtube, although you can see some faint leftover artifacts. When it switched over to 720/HD they popped in.

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Megaman 3 is way better than 2, you have Protoman (Blues) and you can slide. Hell, I would even say 4 is better than two, you can charge your mega buster, GAME CHANGER!

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I always beat Metal Man first to get that sweet, sweet Metal Blade.

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@shiro11 said:

I wish someone would do one of these for Mega Man X.

Close enough

This guy is not wrong; Mega Man X is so good!

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Mega Man x is the second best Mega Man game. It's awesome.

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@shiro11 said:

I wish someone would do one of these for Mega Man X.

Close enough

Awesome video, and megaman X is amazing

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@ultimaxe said:

50 minutes? I feel like if they don't beat the entire game in that time then they dun effed up. Also:

That's a great video. Whenever I hear the Megaman 2 music, I always hear these lyrics in my head.

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Oh my, picked this up for my vita a few weeks back. I had forgotten how hard it was.

"Remember Megaman 1? Thought that was hard, well, fuck you." - Alex

No doubt. This game laid me out at lunch

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@vinny So, I'm not going to lie, but the Scanlines in the video was driving me insane. Might be just me.

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This game is in my top 5 games of all time. When I was 8, my best friend broke his leg the first week of summer vacation. To help him feel better, my parents let me sleep over at his house for about two weeks straight; all we did was play this game until we beat it.

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@obcdexter: You won the world cup?! Holy crap, that must have been an insane feat, why aren't you out celebrating? I'm sure there are some parties going on still in your honor.

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@smcn Ditto. Minibosses do a great cover of lots of NES favorites: Castlevania, Metroid, Contra, but never Mario. MegaMan was always the best.

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@brendanwins: Agreed! We always jumped through the boss gates; points for style. This is comment is why I wish I could 'thumbs-up' comments on GB.

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Alex Can Defeat Airman Quite Easily

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Should Mega Man 10 lead directly to Mega Man X? Or heck have Mega Man have to survive a much more powered game.

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I loved Ducktales, Chip 'n Dale, Darkwing, Talespin - but for some reason I always loathed Gummi Bears...No idea why.

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I've never played a Mega-Man before, never seen it played and know nothing about it.

It looks alright.

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How the heck does @alex, a child of the 80's and 90's not know of Disney's Gummi Bears! I'm only like a year younger than him and I watched that show religiously! Really funny how he thought Vinny was making all of it up :p

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I seem to remember Mega Man X being pretty good at times. I really liked some of those Zero games on the GameBoy too.

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Mega Man 9 is a fucking godsend

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I can't tell if Alex really thinks it's not possible to jump down the ladders. that is pretty much the only way I ever used them.

"I'm Junkyard Dog Man!"

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After reading this thread, I really wish we had the option to hide embedded YouTube links.

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So awesome. I actually put some time on it when I picked up my Retron 5 as well. That and Super Mario All-Stars.

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Get Equipped With CrashBomber?

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I've never played a Mega Man game but the OST is soo good.

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Giant BEAST is already a great compliment to the West Coast operation. With so much new content recently, I can hardly keep up.