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Hell yeah.

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Oh Hell Yeah!!!!!!

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Fuck yes, Alex.

You and Dan Ryckert buddy hahaha

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That was an awesome run by Alex too. Both Mr. Sandman and Mike Tyson are stupid hard.

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I used to be so good at this game. At some point I could beat Von Kaiser in 35 seconds, and I've also beaten everyone but Tyson and Soda Popinski within the first round. I wish I still had those skills. I would play it professionally if I could

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007 373 5963

Yes that was off the top of my head I played this way too much.

@mildmolasses I managed to beat Tyson in the 1st round only once. You basically have to have a perfect round. Never miss a dodge and always hit with a perfect counter so you get that extra sliver of damage. If I remember correctly I got the TKO with a second or two left on the clock.

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Did Alex just say 3MB is stupid?...

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@milkman: @jimmyfenix: I don't care for 3MB, no. I don't mind any of those guys individually, but the group thing is just sort of sad.

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@chucklestyle: I knew it was about shaving seconds off, but I was never able to do it. I wonder how much luck was involved in getting that speed combo, versus the regular speed. If I could consistently get that speed combo going, I would imagine that would be enough.

As for Soda Popinski: his jab is the hardest punch in the game to dodge

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Mike Tyson recently brought his one-man show to a local theater. I was disappointed to find out the phone number for tickets wasn't (007) 373-5963.

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Awesome. This is why I come to GB.

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@alex: They're pretty hilariously dumb in all the right ways and Heath Slater has the ultimate punchable face but I'll concede that they really haven't been given much to do for a while now. I can't even remember the last time they were on Raw.

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Such a great game but even after memorizing all of the fighters' moves as a kid, I would make so many mistakes that I essentially had no chance of ever beating it.

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After all these years I think you've earned the right to fire the game up in an emulator and quicksave before the Tyson fight. Maybe you already tried?

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Epic save by the bell uppercut... you got robbed Alex!!!

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Great game, great Bombastica. I remember destroying a controller because of Mike Tyson, I don't think I was ever close to beating that guy.

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Gotta gut-punch Piston Honda when he charges, rather than blocking.

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I never played this as a kid, in fact I don't think I ever even heard about it back then. I first played it on Virtual Console a couple of years ago and yeah, it's a pretty cool game.

I played the Wii version too and finished it. Well, finished it the first time. There was this "defend your title" thing that had you rematch tougher versions of all the characters, but I never got far in that.

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Couldn't you regain health by mashing the buttons after you knocked down a foe or did that start with Super Punch Out?

I made it to Sandman like once or twice before getting smashed.

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Hey man, I really like that mike thysons punths out.

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damn alex... you've got some skills!

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This is still an incredible game.

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@alex This also was my second game owned for NES. I remember buying Silent Service (don't regret that buy) after, and just going back to play more PUNCH-OUT!!. I probably played 100s of times as well and never beat Mike Tyson. I did get to him a few times but always had issues with Sandman.

This was a great look at this awesome game. The music brought back many good memories.

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I'm happy to say that I finished this game as a kid. Thanks to the code system it made it easy to get up to the higher level fighters and practice until you mastered them. The Tyson fight of course took a lot of practice and it wasn't until I read tips in the Nintendo Fun Club (or was it Nintendo Power by then?) that I could finally finish Mike off. Not only did I have to learn his patterns, but it also took a lot of practicing getting my reflexes sharp before I could actually do it.

Also this was one of those games where you could cheese the code system, putting in random values with a turbo controller. I remember finding odd codes that started me off dead in the middle of Major Circuit with like 3 wins and 27 losses. Love this game.

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Is it me or does @drewbert kind of look like Glass Joe?

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Nice video, Alex. Punch-out!! is a great game

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@alex: Hey Alex, great Bombastica! This was one of my favorites growing up as well, played it over and over so many times (although I had the admittedly inferior Mr. Dream version).

I agree that everyone needs to play this game in their own style, so while I noticed plenty of opportunities to sneak in some star-punches, playing it safe for the crowd was a smart move. The only thing I gotta bring up is Great Tiger's gem. You gotta high-punch him when it's glowing! It's always a safe move, especially at the start. Just stare at the gem, wait for the flash, and BOOM! I always finish his fight with like 20 stars.

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Hey @alex, good run through those circuits! Also, be happy that you're better at Punch-Out!! than the real Mike Tyson ever was! Glass Joe beat him!

Anyways thanks for the Bombastica! Makes me wish I had an NES to play this version of Punch-Out!!

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I thoroughly enjoyed this quick look. Thanks Alex!

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I think this is my favorite game of all time period. Its the game that I still play every year since it came out. No other game has had that claim.

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So much nostalgia for this. Now I'm gonna go home and play this tonight.

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When you knock the other boxer down, can't you mash buttons to recover health? Or am I thinking of Super Punch-Out?

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Just noticed that Don Flamenco v2 taunts you to punch yourself out and lose all your stamina. This is how Rocky beat Clubber Lang.

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That was so insanely fun to watch.

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love this damm game,

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Watched Dan Ryckert fail at this for 3 hours, and I've learned that this is the best esport to watch.

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That was a great run Alex. Congrats. I too never beat Tyson.

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This game has a lot of tricks to get stars. Alex doesn't seem to remember them or know them :) 2nd fighter when he crouches punch him low and you'll get a star... Stuff like that, but I don't know them all. I'll never beat this and none of my future kids will either lol... hmm maybe lmao.

third guy too...

One great thing to master... the crouch move... this is as good as blocking but doesn't waste a heart. Master that and you will master this game. Down down on d pad. Hard though to master.

Also.. there's a way to get more health in between rounds... Stuff you need to know to win :)

Probably one of the best games of all time that only 0.001% ever beat lol.

Alex just needs to go on youtube and see the tricks cuz he barely gets stars. But, it's cool he remembers things like punch him on the face then stomach. I never reached that character.

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Alex, you tha man!!

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In 4th grade my friends and I referred to Super Macho Man as "Turbo Tits." Have a blessed day.

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This was a ton of fun to watch.

I propose a Breaking Alex session wherein Alex fights Tyson until he beats him. I still remember where I was when I finally beat him, and you deserve to have a similar memory (recorded for posterity no less).

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Of the Nintendo games that I didn't own, this was my favorite. Still not sure why I never bought it.

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Few nitpicky things bugging me...

*If you used the Select button to heal more than once in a fight, it did not "not do anything," it actually lowered your health.

*Vodka Drunkenski kept his name in the US arcade version of Super Punch-Out!!, it was only changed for the NES.

*It drove me nuts seeing Alex block Honda's charge rather than counter with a punch to the stomach.

That said - awesome video. Thanks for this one Alex.

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@brashnir is right. Go to the body on Honda's charge! Also, this is in my top five NES games.

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I remember letting Glass Joe beat me on purpose a few years back just because i felt sorry for him, I think he looked genuinely surprised.

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Great video Alex. Mike Tyson's punch out always makes me smile.

I don't remember if i actually beat him or if it was a fever dream, but I might have.

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I beat Tyson. I would have been 9-10 years old. Did it the hard way too. Went 3 rounds with him. Didnt know he could even be hit in the first 1:30s.