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Hall of Fame time!


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a wild video appears?

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Motocross maniacs 2 for best GBC game.

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D: a new feature appears!

speaking of which what happened to the jeff's hall of fame they used to talk about?

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I played quite a bit of this as a youngun. Forgot all about it!

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I like this Idea quite a bit.

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Aha, is it finally time?!

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Operation: Quick Look Everything is the best operation.

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Curious to see what this is.

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A wonderful, awesome thing just appeared!

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Nice hairdo, Emmett Brown.

EDIT: More of this, please.

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oh dear god jeff's hair

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I think this is my favorite feature on this website about video games. But seriously, bro, it is!

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What is this I don't even.

Wait, wait yes I do. This is fantastic.

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@Bananashirt said:

oh dear god jeff's hair

That's what happens when you kick your foot through the wall and then start messing around with the wires in the wall with your foot. 
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nice screen tearing?

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Phil Spector making a guest appearance on GB? Nice.

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D: a new feature appears!

speaking of which what happened to the jeff's hall of fame they used to talk about?

This seems to be kind of that thing.

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Jeff needs a haircut. D:

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nice screen tearing?

Someone turn vsync on that Gameboy :)

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That hair...

It looks like Jeff's body is trying to save his soul from having to endure this, because I know mine is.

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I think Jeff might be working too hard. He doesn't even have time to shower and shave. Wakes up, rolls out of bed and is ready to shoot a vid-ya. :D

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I broke my original Gameboy as a result of this game... screen met my forehead in rage, Gameboy went behind the bed never to be seen again. Still loved the shit out of the game, though!

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@Pudge: oops, I'm sorry dude. (I do have that quest completed already).

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This makes me want to play Trials and cut myself.

MEATBOY. I meant, play Trials and Super Meat Boy.

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@Bananashirt said:

oh dear god jeff's hair

It's beautiful.

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Oh my god, I used to play this a whole lot as a kid on a shitty 101-games-in-1 carts that I bought when I was on holiday in Spain. So glad that I now know what the hell it is even called. I still remember these courses.

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@Winternet: No big, I don't go for it usually, just tried it on a lark today. :p

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So much epicness is about happen.

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@EthanielRain said:

@Bananashirt said:

oh dear god jeff's hair

It's beautiful.

Kinda makes me want to watch Eraserhead again.

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I kinda like his hair.

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So is there going to be a rush on eBay for copies of Motocross Maniacs? Because I know I'm tempted...

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Looking forward to more of these videos!

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One of my favourite games when I was younger, when the game boy was my only game system. it just worked, you know? spinning was fun, loops felt satisfying everytime... I had actually forgotten just how big this was to me when I was younger.

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this could be a rad feature.

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Is this the mysterious Hall of Fame feature Jeff has been talking up for a year now?

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This is great!

Is this that Hall of Fame feature?

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This is really awesome. I want more content like this.

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Love the music. It sounds slightly mega man esque

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Oh man, I played this when I was young and totally forgot the name of it. Whenever people talked about excitebikes this is the game that came up in my head. I guess I've never played excitebikes.

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This game looks nuts.

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Are Jeff and Brad going homeless? They're getting scruffy looking. Or is that how they look during the Fall release of games?

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Yes, we need more game boy quick looks!

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Jeff, I'm all for Operation: Quick Look Everything.

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Jett Gerstmann

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Quick Look Everything? Now that's a platform I can get behind!

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Well there you go. I do now know more about Motocross Maniacs, a game I can't say I came across in my own Gameboy owning days. But then I had some terrible licensed games when I was kid, I remember a Simpsons game, Bart vs The Juggernauts which I just found next to impossible as a sprog. I loved that chunky brick of a machine.