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Whoa, I wasn't expecting this.

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lol, RBI Baseball, HAH

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Holy crap I love NES sports games.

Puttin up "Nintendo numbers".

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Dat hair

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More Encyclopedia Bombastica

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"This is a classic basketball game."

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and baseball.

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Some days you just roll out of bed, spike up the hair, and play RBI Baseball.

Some days we have a lot in common, Gerstmann.

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Sometimes you just gotta roll out of bed and call R.B.I. a classic basketball game. Then it's time to get some coffee.

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The Tecmo Bowl of baseball. This is exactly what today needed.

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F yes. This was the best.

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Jeff, you may be forgetting the original SNK Baseball Stars when you talk about the best baseball game ever. I think RBI is a close second though.

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Would the NES have been capable of more at 30fps instead of 60? Were some games 30?

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Holy hair batman!

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That hair is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

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Ice Hockey is better. It's BEST!

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Man my brother and I used to play the shit out of this. Love it!

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You're right Jeff, it's probably the most classic Basketball game ever!

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Yes, more Bombastica plz!

Jeff's lookin' all Ancient Aliens today. Nice.

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Awesome and unexpected.

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"This is a classic basketball game. One of the best."

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Great way to start 2014! Happy New Year!

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Nice, encyclopedia bombastica is my favorite site feature!

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Welp... thanks Jeff. Now I've gotta play this!

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Ooh! A thing!

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Jeff you beautiful man!

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Classic basketball game!

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Still better than Yoshi's Island.

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As someone who adds a whole lot of no-name NES/SNES sports games to the wiki, RBI Baseball does stand out as somewhat playable, even for a European with zero interest in baseball. Playing the original Nintendo Baseball in NES Remix was kind of a bummer in comparison.

Also, and I think you - Jeff - already said as much on the RBI Baseball franchise page, but only the first game was a direct port of Famista. Every subsequent RBI Baseball was its own thing, made in the US. Super Batter Up was the next game to be actually based on Famista.

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I am way too invested in this game. 10 - 11! Coming up on 7th inning stretch!

Also, the whole time i was thinking "sub in Steve Bedrosian, he's got a wicked sidearm." Then first pitch, out of the stadium.

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Jeff's gone super saiyan.

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Saw Jeff's hair and instantly thought of this

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I didn't know RBI baseball could be considered one of the best basketball games ever made.

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The only game that mattered for sleepovers in 1988.

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I was always a Bases Loaded duder, but this was a great baseball game for its time. Looks like fun still today.

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Has anyone mentioned Jeffs hair or the fact he said basketball yet! cos godamn!

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Now this is a video game.

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RBI is a great game. RBI 2 and 3, not so much. I played a ton of baseball games on the NES and RBI is high up on the list, but Little League Baseball is worth mentioning too, as is Major League Baseball. However, the ultimate NES baseball experience is Base Wars, hands down, but it's is also 1/3 RPG and 1/3 fighting game, so take that how you will.

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It's such a good baseball game it's basketball.

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Jeff I totally wake up in the morning and think "I've got to play some R.B.I. Baseball", and I'm glad you do too.

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This video lacks RiFF RaFF.

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Bad News Baseball is the exact same game except SUPERIOR IN EVERY CONCEIVABLE WAY. I will never understand how RBI reigns while the true champ remains so underplayed.

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The greatest basketball game ever made.

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@astrophyle: Yep. Baseball Stars easily trumps RBI in terms of graphics, sound, and playability. If you're into that kinda thing, it's super customizable too and has a pretty robust season mode.