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Love this new video series

Posted by guitarfreak

Funny vid

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I should probably finish that list I made so that Jeff doesn't quick look Mortal Kombat for the SNES again.

Posted by DazzHardy

That Brad shirt looks pretty badass

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That Brad shirt...

Posted by csl316

Wait, this isn't Halo!

Posted by thatdutchguy

Thanks for uploading these Jeff :)

Posted by CrimsonClown

It would be great if Jeff could get a proper mic hooked up, my only criticism.

Posted by NekuCTR

Is this always going to be weekly? Quick Looking everything will take a pretty big chunk of time at this rate.

Posted by metalliccookies

Sweet another 'Encyclopedia Bombastica' so soon, you spoil us Mr Gerstmann :3

Posted by coribald

Guys, there's far too much content on the site this week. Go take a vacation.

Posted by jbrady

look at all those little master chiefs! no wonder this game is hard.

Posted by librariangmr

Oh boy! I LOVED this game as a kid :)

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Man GB are churning out videos of late. Love it.

Posted by BlackLagoon

Ah, so this is in the same franchise as Cybernator. Thought it looked and sounded familiar.

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Nice stuff Jeff!! ^_^

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This series can only get more weird and I can't wait.

Oh, and holy shit that shirt.

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Dude that music is some great stuff. It always makes me feel like a 12 year old again.

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Holy shit 49 minutes? I kinda thought the EB Videos would be around 10-15 minutes. Sweet.

By the way will they get their own video-category?

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@guitarfreak said:
Funny vid
Is it? That's impressive how fast you watched a good chunk of it within a minute of it uploaded to the site.
Posted by heatDrive88

Jeff, you really gotta get on playing some Cybernator for the SNES. It's really awesome. It improves on this Target Earth series in every possible way. If you thought this game had awesome explosions, Cybernator has even crazier ones, and even more awesome combat.

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The music in this game is pretty cool. Love this new series!

Posted by ripelivejam

so this is quick look everything? nice.

Posted by Oddy4000

Keep it up, Jeff, Quick Look Everything is the best idea for new content.

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any chance for allowing user submissions on these videos?

Posted by galloughs

Are the dudes just advocating emulators now or something?

Posted by RenMcKormack

Genesis mang. I missed out on like every Genesis game due to the great console warz. In which i chose Nintendo.

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favorite feature on the site

Posted by craigymail

The happiness of Jeff getting all the weapons is like a child at Xmas.

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Cybernator is one of my all-time favorite SNES games. I never could get into Target Earth.

Also, I dunno if this is emulator or not, but tbh if you own the game I don't give a flying shit if you emulate it, and neither should anyone.

Posted by GunstarRed

Man, I love the Mega Drive sound, but the music in this game would drive me insane.

Posted by morrowjo

Yes! This is totally happening.

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Is it just me or those green robots things look like Master Chief...

Posted by KillerPidgeon

Jeff is Team Brad!

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@BlackLagoon said:

Ah, so this is in the same franchise as Cybernator. Thought it looked and sounded familiar.

it's all about Metal Warrriors, dat two-player.

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Come on Jeff, turn off Tweetdeck when you're doing this! Hearing notifications every 20 seconds is annoying as hell.

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@galloughs said:

Are the dudes just advocating emulators now or something?

Not really, Jeff just spent good money getting a PC Engine from Japan. But for these videos using an emulator is clearly more practical (assuming that's actually what he's using), and he does actually own the games and rip the roms himself.

Posted by paulunga

@galloughs said:

Are the dudes just advocating emulators now or something?

Nah, man, you should get a Genesis/Mega Drive on eBay for 15 bucks and install a switchless mod. Like I did a few months ago. Alissa Dragoon is still as sweet as I remember it.

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Holy shit loud.

Posted by cabrit_sans_cor

This might be my favorite new feature... Keep it up guys!

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Sweet Brad shirt!

Posted by Xymox

Great feature, and a bit more educational than a quick look. It's a shame your voice gets drowned out now and then though.

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I never heard of that game. Looks good though. Thanks.

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That is an amazingly badassed ending sequence.

Posted by Neurotic

I wonder how many of the games shown in this series are gonna be older than I am. Cos it's 2 for 2 so far. Eh, whatever, it's good stuff.

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bro this vid is dopeee

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I wouldn't be surprised if this game influenced the star fox devs a lot, getting a similar vibe.