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Posted By JCannihilates

Full on nostalgia attack.

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Edited By Lv4Monk

Just wanted to say I really enjoy these, Alex. You keep making fun content and I keep consuming it... I believe that's what they call the "circle of life"...

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Posted By ThomasCro

Wrestling is surreal for me. I can't believe it exists.

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Posted By fetchfox

I'm not one for wrestling games, but this looks great! Had I only known about it back then...

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Edited By TruckSimulator

oh so it's a mask

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Posted By ajroo

That was hilarious. What a wonderful bit of lunacy. Thanks for sharing that Alex.

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Posted By LarryDavis

Now this is a video game. I never watched the show, read a bit of the manga after I played this.


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Edited By kippers

Completely forgotten about this show. As soon as it started, I knew I recognised those characters from somewhere. I remember nothing about the show but I've watched a few episodes again thanks to this.

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Posted By arch4non

Needs more history and less Quick Looking.

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Posted By ProperKROE

@demoskinos: Wanna be the Strongest in the world was a pretty entertaining show. It ascends far above what people would assume it would if they were to base their opinions solely on the first 20 seconds of the show. Sakura becomes a character you want to root for and the dichotomy she faces between wrestling and being an idol gives the show an interesting dynamic.

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Posted By Farkas

This was some very sexy furry fanfic. Not sure why they're fighting all the time but it's not my furry dystopian future.

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Posted By ultrapeanut

You had me at AKI. =3

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Posted By Cautionman

I'm definitely in the market for a sick spiderweb tattoo.

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Posted By TournamentOfHate

I think I vaguely remember this game coming out, but I guess I didn't pay much attention to it not knowing much about the show. I loved the 64 games though so maybe that's a shame.

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Posted By Rox360

Oh hey, the butt guy's totally in the crowd in the second fight, the one with Dik Dik.

This game is pretty great.

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Posted By NotAntagonist

I absolutely loved this game.

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Posted By ShaggE

I've never heard of the show or game, but the dik dik in me wants to play this.

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Posted By scottygrayskull

"Let's put an end to this right now"

*immediately loses*

Well done Alex, you continue to be the best. :3

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Posted By crusader8463

Oh man, I love ultimate muscle. That dik dik in me joke had me laughing harder then I have in a long ass time.

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Posted By beard_of_zeus

I have a pretty sizable Gamecube collection, but I've never heard of or played this game. A shame, since it actually looks pretty fun. I like that it seems to move so quickly. Although looking through the comments, I vaguely remember seeing the show on TV at some point (you don't forget a man whose face is a butt).

When Alex said that the bicycle helmet wearing man sounded like him trying to do a Schwarzenegger impression, I was like "There's no way" but then it totally sounded EXACTLY LIKE THAT. Man oh man, so good.

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Posted By foxmulder

Not sure I ever watched much of the show, but I do have a handful of those capsule figures!

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Posted By MeatSim

Absurd accents make everything better.

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Posted By DonkeyKong

So happy you did this, Alex. When my friends pull out the GameCube... we play four games: Super Smash Brothers Melee, Super Mario Strikers, WarioWare Inc., Mega Party Games and this one.

Was going to make a post saying pretty much the same thing.

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Posted By jacobmccourt

So happy you did this, Alex. When my friends pull out the GameCube... we play four games: Super Smash Brothers Melee, Super Mario Strikers, WarioWare Inc., Mega Party Games and this one.

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Posted By UltimAXE

Ugh. Ultimate Muscle was too weird for me.

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Posted By Palmlykta

Yeah I'm having some trouble with the audo levels on this one, seems to be kinda common with the Alex videos... :/

Game audio is too high and Alex sounds blown out. Maybe I'm just nitpicky...

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Posted By Xeiphyer

Ultimate Muscle is such a good cartoon.

Gotta love the canadian wrestler "Manitoban". So good!

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Posted By Mezmero

I've been looking forward to this Bombastica and it doesn't disappoint. I remember people liking what this game was doing as far as Aki games go. I've never played it but I probably only ever had like 3 games on my Gamecube. I only saw like 2 or 3 episodes of the anime on Fox and while it seemed cool I've always thought Fox's clean edits and dub treatments were horrendous across the board. Sure it's fun to look back and appreciate the voice acting ironically but it was still pretty cringe worthy stuff even at the time. Maybe I'll go back and watch it some day. Maybe... I'm surprised there's not a Giant Bomb user named Special Chihuahua Bomber. Thanks again for the video Alex.

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Edited By HerbieBug

i like this much better than american pro wrestling. :)

Alex, your Jeager impression is spot on!

Gate of... darkness.

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Edited By Aegon

I remember thinking this show was way too weird for me when I was a kid (e.g. the pants peeing)...but I still watched it.

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Posted By audioBusting

Hell yeah, Kinnikuman is the best pro wrestling thing ever invented. Pro wrestling + anime/manga is such a no-brainer combination and they pulled it off so good..

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Posted By mrcraggle

Never played this game but I did watch this show just because it was soooo dumb. And just like Alex said, incredible voice acting.

Loading Video...

The above is Mr. Butt who is french whose tag partner is a a frog called Mr. French. There's also a character not featured in this clip who is a toilet. That's how dumb this show was.

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Posted By alwaysbebombing

Is this some kind of furry game?

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Edited By forteexe21

Everyone is trying to take Brad's "anime editor" spot!

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Posted By cooljammer00
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Posted By drac96

Man, I still play this game a lot. I freaking love this game.

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Edited By Doskias

@flappy said:

Somewhere in the world, Adam Sessler just screamed, "DIK DIK," at the top of his lungs.

He's not an elk. He's a reindeer human.

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Posted By Aretak

Man, this show/game's art style is so bad. The guy on the cover looks like some bad DeviantArt Sonic the Hedgehog self-insert or something.

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Edited By VoshiNova

I listen to the morning show that Patrick Klep and you do.


Deep breaths.

Audio levels are a bit off.

Love the video, and love you too.

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Posted By abrasion

Warning extremely weird:

The only time I've ever heard of anything ultimate muscle is the following video.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nk2wViKSh_M It's ummmm, unique.

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Posted By KyoCK
No Caption Provided

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Posted By Undeadpool

So the guy who looks a LOT like Super Shredder is named "Kevin Mask"?...

This game's aaaaalright.

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Posted By Y2Ken

I could watch Alex playing old wrestling games for hours.

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Posted By President_Barackbar

@hailinel said:

@demoskinos said:

Anime+Wrasslin= Yes?

Pro wrestling is basically just anime to begin with, minus the actual animation and dudes shouting the names of their special moves. Just imagine Steve Austin shouting "STONE COLD STUNNAAAAAH!!!" at the top of his lungs in an impassioned voice as he's about to nail some poor sap.

The announcers in this game, even with the limited amount of lines they say, are still better than Michael Cole.

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