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I was pretty shocked to hear the hate for this game on the Bombcast. I assumed it was universally agreed this game is fantastic. Not the Super Mario World 2 the world deserved, sure, but something new and great all the same.

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Jeff couldn't be more right about this game...

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And now we wait for Jeff's entry.

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Nintendo Pls ;_;

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How dare Yoshi Island taint the Super Mario World name! To me, it will always be known as the most disappointing sequel. What garbage.

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One of the best games on the SNES.

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Troll Jeff all the way!

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This is one of my all time favourite SNES games. It is so much fun and looks amazing.

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Finally the fight begins! I'll have to finish watching this on my lunch break.


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God dammit Klepek.

Here we go again . . .

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I just watched the speed run of this game. it was pretty rad. I've never played it myself, but I don't understand the hate. It looks fun to me. Oh well.

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Holy shit.

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This game is hella rad. I know it isn't so simple in everyone's case, but I've long attributed the dislike of this game to a phenomenon similar to what made people hate Wind Waker. "It's not what I expected, therefore I won't give it the time of day."

Super Mario World is pretty much the best shit ever. Yet, I absolutely adore Yoshi's Island for being what it is. There's room enough in my heart for both these things!

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@patrickklepek Bombastica is supposed to be filled under Quick Looks, not Features.

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You can never go back Klepek... Time to learn the hard way.

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This is the way the world ends.


At least it isn't Jeff presenting the game. That would've been a lot to take in

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Let the battle begin. Many of us may perish in the great Internet battle for Yoshi's Island. But we will be fighting for the side of justice, truth, and Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy.

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game owns, Bombcast was wrong

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The vehicle portions are mostly awful, and the levels get super repetitive and tedious, but thanks to stuff like "Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy," I will love this game forever.

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I can somewhat understand Jeff not liking the way YI plays, because it is quite a bit different from SMW while still remaining a platformer, but how in the world can you not like the music and art style? I had never before heard someone say it was bad. That's like hating on Kirby's Epic Yarn or something. Also, I think people are getting too hung up on the Super Mario World 2 thing. It's just a name.

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One of the all-time greats.

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Aw. I was hoping it would be Jeff playing it and just shitting all over it the whole time. :(

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Best Mario game right here.

Posted by Superkenon

At least it isn't Jeff presenting the game. That would've been a lot to take in

I'm on the pro-Yoshi's Island side of things, but I still really want to see THE JEFF TAKE.

Posted by AndyPhifer

This game wasn't good. I don't recall enough of it to lay a "hate" on it but I could never get a handle on the controls (egg throwing was teeeeeerrible) and the art was not ok.

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I enjoyed this game quite a lot.

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I never played this game as I was more focused on the Playstation by the time it came out, but this video confirms the one thing I always suspected. Jeff is a crazy man.

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Saying that some people hated it because it was different, is being ignorant. Some of us that didn't like the game, disliked it mainly because of the art style and that godawful screaming. Those are two valid points for not wanting to play a game

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As far as I understand, the GBA version is just a port? I have been playing the version that came with my 3DS, and if it is indeed the same as the SNES version, then I agree with:


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Yoshi's Island the movie would be the cutest damn thing this side of puppies.

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To hear people try to defend this game is insane. It's absolutely terrible, always has been. I've never heard anybody try to say it was a good game until Patrick started on the Bombcast. As far as I know, Yoshi's Island is universally reviled.

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This game is terrible.

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This game was Miyamoto's direct reaction to the art style used in the Donkey Kong Country games and that is just another reason why I love this game.

Also the DKC games were fucking terrible. And DK64. And DKC Returns. And all the Mario Vs. Donkey Kong games with the exception of the Donkey Kong game on the GameBoy which played around with the original conceit.

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Patrick needs to lower his mic

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This is the Baby Geniuses of Video Games.

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I remembering thinking for a long time that this game was great. However, there is a problem in that this is like the second earliest game I remember playing (after Super Mario All-Stars). I used to rent it a bunch before we got a PlayStation when I was 4-ish. The DS wasn't very good so it's time to say if this game lives up to my memories. (This game is no Super Mario World to begin with, anyway)

AFTER watching and refreshing my memories, I have realised this game is fine. Anyone calling it one of the Mario greats is on crazy dust, but it is a tight platformer and is cute as heck. It does wear out it's welcome by the end, though. Fine game; not amazing.

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It does look pretty cool. Never got a chance to play it as a kid.

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Jeff should do a quick look of this quick look. It'll be the Whatever, Martha of Giant Bomb.

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Awaiting Jeff's counter-attack!

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Hell to the yes. Wonder what Jeff's response will be?

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Thank you Based Scoops

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This and Star Fox are the games I have the most nostalgia for on the SNES for whatever reason.

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@aguynamedjustin: Pretty much everyone I know says this is one of, if now the best Mario game. Because it is. The best Mario game.