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Wait what.. what whaaat?

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You guys are CRAZEY!

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Yes! Please!

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Superfriend said:
You guys are CRAZEY!

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Stang said:
Yes! Please!
Pretty much.
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My mind is officially blown.....didn't see this coming at all!!!

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This is a great site.

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WHAT!! Are you really starting another one immediately? 

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Haahahaha you guys are insane and I love it.

Jack Frost should be in every game... :D

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I buying this as soon as I can find it......but I can't, anyone help out?

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wow haha

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wait u guys finished persona?

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lol but i love it. haha

i mean its not april.......
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oooh dude.. so soon?

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two eudurance runs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is mental!!!!!!!!

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This is so crazy. My, you guys don't know what you are getting into....again.

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I expected this to be a candidate for the next endurance run but this game seems to have more of the annoying JRPG stuff that Persona 4 doesn't have and no voice acting.

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Okay, i'm a little confused here...
Have they quit Persona 4 all of a sudden or... are they simply playing another RPG for good measure?
If so... how do you spell M.A.S.O.C.H.I.S.M.?!

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The reactions to this video are almost as epic as the video itself

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If Persona is cancelled, I will shoot myself

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Taking on this and Persona is nuts. Your guys are crazy. But I love it.

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How about a good RPG this time?

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this is why I love giant bomb

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Yes! I'm totally for this!

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No, don't do this. There are other and more entertaining games to do an endurance run for than this, especially since you just did Persona 4 (I love the endurance run by the way). It just feels like more of the same... and of lesser quality.

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Awww, mine stopped when it was getting good. "I'm a demon teacher, ho!"

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God damnit Jeff and Vinny, I'm behind on my games and you sirs are NOT HELPING. I had to quit watching Persona 4 because you guys jumped ahead of me and now I can't even watch this because I haven't even finished the first DS. ;.; Well. Rally forth and enjoy, and I'll catch up some day.

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still doing persona i hope :(

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Yes, yes! Please yes!

That said, you should finish Persona 4 first...

Or, if not this, how about, say, Suikoden or Ar Tonelico? Those are some endurance run-worthy JRPGs.

If you're open to it, you could also try Odin Sphere or GrimGrimoire.

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Great idea, 
But I hope you didn't quit on P4
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This is just a long "quick" look. Don't expect a next episode.

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Two SMT RPGs at once? This, surely, will test the limits of endurance.  The question now, is... whose?

I accept your challenge!
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Oh my god!!!!! This is crazy!!!....my mind is blown!

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What? Jeff can push X?

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Not so much into this game. Try other candidates and we can see what sticks. Don't do another endurance run because you feel forced to, do one for a game that you guys really wanna play and we really wanna see.

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I don't.....what.....dude..awesome!?!?

Oh wait, they're just looking for the next game to do a endurance run with?
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Listen to Vinny's voice when the cat starts moving its jaws.  It synchs.  it's creepy :)

Sword of Vermillion?  That would be an endurance run candidate if ever there was one :)

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Good god!

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GiantBomb: Home of Fatlus Lets play's with different names :D.

I think you should finish Persona and play other RPG games with great localization.

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So are you guy's going to Switch back and forth between the two games daily? Two runs a day sounds hard. Oh hurry back to Persona 4, the next dungeon is one of my faver favorites.

P.S. Why are you playing devil summoner 2, why not number one?

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Tam Lin my butt thats a recoloured Cu Chulainn!

Anyway I hope your keeping the P4 endurance run going but its good to know your thinking about what comes next. If you want to keep things MegaTen might I suggest Nocturne? Also the two Digital Devil Saga games feature voice acting but their excellent plot (and it is a single plot) is all put completely devoid of humour.

Frankly I think you should ER the Witcher!

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(Vinny + Jeff) + Alcohol + Video Recording Equipment = " Duuude, letsh do moorre endu...endu...really long gamess or somethin "

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If you are going to try some JRPGS in order to pick a good one after you finish Persona 4, that's OK, but Devil Summoner 2, NO,  you should try Tales of Versperia ps3 edition once it comes out.

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Whaa? This is madness... two endurance... run... looks... at once? Sweet!

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Devil Summoner 2 is so stupidly boring, it's not even voice acted and it belongs on the PS1, not even the PS2 ^_^ I think the next Quick Look Endurance Run should be Yakuza 2, now that's a game you can make fun of but be genuinely into too.

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jukezypoo said:
Lost Odyssey's story is about as exciting as watching paint dry.