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Brono, Barle, Bucca, Brog. and Bobo. ENDURANCE RUN GO!

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My first attempt at this.

Nothing stops the endurance run!

edit: that guy is fast.

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woohoo ..let's go trip on some acid

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Bobo time!

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Glad to see Bobo in the mix now.

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Endurance run continues.... I'm ready!

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Let's go Brono!

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Yay 7

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Sleep or endurance run?


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I could hardly endure the wait

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Here we go!

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Needs more characters whose names start with B!

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I am consistently loving the timey wimey travels of Brono and crew, and expect this one to be just as awesome.
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Bobo is never going to make you cry. He will never say goodbye. And he will never run around and hurt you.

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Oh boy it's up, let's do this!

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My wallpaper right now.
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Damn this is early. DISCO BOBO GO.

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I wonder how they will pronounce Byla...

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Lovin' the endurance run!

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Blitzball was a great mini game guys!

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Patrick, in FFX you had to use a party member in battle for him/her to get XP.

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Oh man....my heart was pounding intensly during that low life fight. Why cant they heal more often espacally when they haven't saved mid dungeon. Phew.... to close. Go team Brono!

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I hope Ryan soon learns how to use Tec skills from within the character equip menu system. He's wasting a lot of mid-tonics :(

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Dammit Ryan you need to leave Bobo behind for the next part!

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All this Bobo talk makes me miss Patrice O'Neal

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@Excast said:

Blitzball was a great mini game guys!

you lie.

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My wallpaper right now.

That's pretty great.

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HOLYFUCK! That fight was INTENSE!

Bobo and Brono both 1 HP. :O

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This robot on robot violence must stop.

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My wallpaper right now.

This ^^^^^

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Chemically fuse with Matt Kessler. Patrick, what?

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BOBO 5 is... alive!

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Not since Jurassic Bark have I seen anything so sad. Long live the Bendurance Bun.

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If only you could name him Bobro Cop

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Shiiiiit, today's episode was quite boring imo. But I still watched it without skipping anything. Go B-Team!

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Talk to the vase! It's totally not dangerous in any way, shape, or form!

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@Excast said:

Blitzball was a great mini game guys!

I heard it was originally going to be called Klitzball, but Ryan got his hands on some early code...

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Nice episode guys. I love how unobservant you can be though - it was pretty obvious when you moved that barrel that it had cleared a quick path back for you. Still, really enjoying it!

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Whenever they travel through time I wait for the Doctor Who music to start up. But it will never come.

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@Dogma: Yeah, I was screaming "NONONO" when Ryan didn't use any healing items or techniques in the penultimate room, when there was only one enemy left. Maybe he forgot that the next room has a bajillion enemies.

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rocket roooo- wait..

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god damnit, when ryan backtracked and had to fight the bugs again. Thats why the crane moved the barrel!

Edit: i mean fight everything on the conveyor belt now. god damnit!

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Byla and Bagus await thee!