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Posted by AlisterCat

Love afternoon Endurance Run.

Posted by max3000

I'm just gonna give up on this quest.

Posted by Spaceman973

Run Endurance

Posted by digitaldiatribe

@max3000: I just got it on the other video that just came up. I figured it'd be best not to try it on the one EVERYONE is going to look at. Heh.

Posted by Seb

Damn those twins!

Posted by Bread_Harrity

Dalton's Creek!

Posted by cornwalliz

F those Golems

Posted by algertman


Posted by Hailinel

@DrCornwalliz said:

F those Golems

Fuck, I hate those guys.

Posted by AlisterCat

@max3000: @Spaceman973: I got it a long time ago, I just took the first spot out of spite.

Posted by yoshimitz707

@Hailinel said:

@DrCornwalliz said:

F those Golems

Fuck, I hate those guys.

They're the worst!

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

"Oh, FUCK YOU. This is why no one likes you, Dalton."

Posted by Cyrisaurus

I hope they reach the meat dimension today.

Posted by GTCknight

Remember when you make your escape to shank Dalton for me.

Posted by Seb

Sad episode. :(

Posted by Oobir

@Seb said:

Sad episode. :(

Yep, but it was a great one. Maybe the best cutscene on 16-bit consoles, and it was great to see it unfold in front of two(?) unsuspecting players.

Posted by Xyberius12

maybe the best twist in the story

Posted by TurboMan

Brog is now the main character of the game... THERE'S NOTHING SAD ABOUT THAT.

Posted by LJO1989


Posted by Neurotic

I never understood how the Twin Golems fight works either. I had Brono and Bucca's last techs so I just exploded them a lot. I hope they figure out this prison break part quickly, like I didn't.

Posted by Mijati

Wasn't expecting that.

So glad I'm going into this ER cold (I think I did the part up to the future before but that's it). Loving it so far. Don't understand the people who said CT would be a terrible game to ER?

Posted by Dany


Posted by Excast

Patrick:  "This isn't Dark Souls."
Ryan: "Thank god for that."

Posted by mutha3

oh my god

They trip up on things that require basic reading comprehension, but they easily figured out the hardest enemies in the game?

*golfclap* gents, *golfclap*

Posted by Max_Hydrogen

Alright! Things are picking up. Holy fuck, the shit really hit the fan in this episode! What a great game; that cut scene was awesome, the SNES could crank it out. I especially like the tidal wave effect. A mix between a porcupine and a vagina? Is that why Ron Jeremy is called "The Hedgehog"? Vagina dentata... Me no rickey; that little girl's got the jones.

Finally, Bucca's back! Let random chaos reign. I like how there was no warning Brono would disintegrate; it just happens, deal with it... Cool! Now I'm on board some hardcore endurance running. Destroy the kingdom of Balton!

Posted by wapostyle

Interesting boss fight with the Golems. It looks like they do shit for damage when they are water, so it seems like it'd be best to water them, and then start triple raiding the one until he dies. That way you are really only taking high damage from one at a time.

Maybe that won't work, I have no idea, it's been many years since I played this game. I remember relying heavily on Falcon Strike when I played through it.

Posted by personz

Who thinks they are either going to completely miss or Murder Magus? I think they are more likely to miss him but I give it a high chance of murder if they find him.

Posted by ape_dosmil

Hahahaha I love how quickly and relatively painlessly they figured out the Golem Twins, it really does make how bad they struggled with the Red and Blue Scouts even more hilarious. I also look forward to reading the comments from the people who piss and moan about how Ryan and Patrick "aren't playing it right" as if it some personal affront to them. I doubt many of them figured out this boss battle so quickly. I know I sure as hell didn't.

Posted by CaptainSponge

I'm really looking forward to this episode and onwards because this is the boss that made me quit Chrono Trigger. I can't wait to see how the rest of Chrono Trigger goes!

Posted by wafflez

"brono was turned into a tinkerbell.. skyworld got dusted.. "  I love Ryan.

Posted by fini_fly

I love how Brono's death was initially thought to be the cause of pressing the 'A' button!

Edited by Dberg

This was even better than I'd dared to hope for.

'Tis Brog's time to shineth now!

Posted by pmurph

patricks deep impact reference was pretty genius

Posted by Murdoc_

"ummmmm, I didn't learn a whole lot" - That is just too awesome, lol.

Posted by General_D23

Magus has to do what's right for him because it's Magus' time. Up there! Down here, it's Brono's time!

Jesus Christ, I read this in Vinny's voice, first go, without reading his name as the uploader. That...was weird.

Posted by Vexxan

I see we're off to a good start.

Posted by MaFoLu

They are now experiencing 0G. 
That can't be pleasant...

Posted by HT101

Dalton is an asshole. Time to punch him in his face once and for all and I hope it happens next episode.

Posted by CrimsonJester

i put armor on that gave me half back and then forced them to use those skills, brog ended up doing the whole fight himself since he used water and when they used it they healed him full each time.

Posted by RageKage14

I can tell they're invested in this game the way that a major character death is met with extreme apathy.

Posted by SuperJoe

This episode is what I remember the most about Chrono Trigger; just being upset and confused after losing the character with the best gear. Everything else is a fuzzy haze.

Posted by rethla

Well done Patrik, for once

Posted by ape_dosmil

@RageKage14 said:

I can tell they're invested in this game the way that a major character death is met with extreme apathy.

What do you want them to do? Burst in to tears? It's a video game. Like most video games the story is kind of hackneyed and the emotional moments are clumsy, overly sentimental and cloying. If they aren't invested in the story, it's because the story isn't worth investing in.

Posted by Benny

The next bit is easier with Ayla IIRC

Posted by Anthony

@RageKage14 said:

I can tell they're invested in this game the way that a major character death is met with extreme apathy.

Oh no a cartoon guy that looks like he's from Dragonball died

Posted by prestonhedges

Don't worry, the next boss fight will totally own them.

Oh, wait, that was the hardest boss in the game. *sigh* Never mind...

Posted by NakAttack

@Anthony said:

@RageKage14 said:

I can tell they're invested in this game the way that a major character death is met with extreme apathy.

Oh no a cartoon guy that looks like he's from Dragonball died

you get a follow for that.

Posted by m0nk3y80y

I can't help but yell at the screen during these videos.

Posted by mangopup

@Neurotic: They did very little exploring, but you could have at least 3 Red Vests by this point, equip those and physically beat them down since that 5 fireball attack is fire-based, you'll be healed, in which case you can not die basically. I always used Ayla(Byla) and Crono(Brono) for this entire area, because it was too much of a pain to switch magic for the scouts, so I just used AoE physical attacks.

Edited by Addfwyn

Good work, glad to see they figured that one out pretty fast. The Ocean Palace Incident is a pretty interesting point in the lore of the Chrono universe, so many of the links with Trigger and Cross (and I suppose Radical Dreamers) comes from that moment. Took me a while before I exactly figured out EVERYTHING that happened during it though. Such great story for the time.

Not too surprised they are confused, I didn't even fully understand everything that happened in the Incident until finishing Cross and Radical Dreamers both.

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