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POSTERITY: Violists often command attention, but don't forget the intricacies of swift pianists' fingers:

Hey, we got only so many months before this stuff is olde, so (stay with it, GB fans):

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Have you seen Ryan play? He can't keep up with the action selection as is. Using Haste, that would just be wasting a turn to cast Haste.

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"Haven't had much of a romantic subplot here, but..."

Well, maybe if you had Barle in your party, ever.

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You should always get the helms anyway because you can steal 3 prism dresses from Zeal in the Black Omen if you do it in the right order.

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You should always get the helms anyway because you can steal 3 prism dresses from Zeal in the Black Omen if you do it in the right order.

That would imply that they're ever going to figure out what Charm does.

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Ryan: We are idiots.


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Trying to land the 2poch in the whirlpool... hahaha. They have bad memories, though to be fair it had been at least a month since they got out of that cave. CT is probably my favorite game ever but I hadn't played it in a long time and I'm enjoying the memories.

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@fisk0: Unfinished Sympathy is a Massive Attack song.

Fuck, I must've been ridiculously tired on monday to confuse the two, being a fan of both.

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Three Stooges sleeping imitation at approx the two-minute mark! BLamm! +1 pop culture point for me!

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As someone who completed all the side quest and got all the endings, even the game designer ending. Its tough watching them fumble around. But its also some much fun when they figure it out.

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twenty god damn minutes...

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I love how they finally realize that they skipped like, all of the buildings in Guardia in the present, and only ever went to the festival and the castle.

This endurance run makes me really miss Vinny, who is thorough, and Jeff, who generally just picks up video game systems fairly quickly. Patrick and Ryan are just kind of helpless, and don't really deduce things particularly well.

It's still funny that the differences in speed are irrelevant, because by the time Ryan finishes figuring out what to do with Crono, the other 2 characters are ready anyways, so usually he just executes all 3 commands at the same time. Crono's extra speed rarely ever means he gets more attacks in than other characters, it just means Ryan ends up putting Crono's commands in first.

It's remarkable that 36 episodes in, whenever they get new equipment, Ryan still brings up the menu screen and goes to the right once or twice, even when equipment is always the first thing selected. Maybe 10% of the time he actually goes right into equipment.