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sweet! <got it>!

and all it took was figuring out the url process and guessing what the next url would be.

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Second place two days in a row! You guys are fast.

Posted by Calavero

Cool stuff.

Posted by cornwalliz

as close as I can get to this damn quest

Posted by Rerejo28


Posted by Morningstar

I love Brono!

Posted by Robopengy

Yay! Something to do on my train ride! :D

Posted by Orange_Pork

Something I just found out while playing the game along with the quicklook, you can actually talk to your party members at the End of Time during this part of the game they pretty much tell you outright where to go to star the quests in their respective time periods. I've played this game to completion like every year for past decade and never noticed that. lol.

Posted by Lyfeforce

I like how Brono's head is in the play symbol on the video's cover image, looking at me. It's like he's subliminally telling me to play Chrono Trigger. Or kill the president to impress Jodie Foster. Or something.

Posted by ildon

I'm starting to get suspicious that Patrick is reading hints.

Posted by Rongaryen

I just played through Chrono Trigger for the first time while watching the endurance run and found that Bagus is a god with the 80% mp cut. I beat the game easily with him, Brono and, Barle.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

Endure. And in enduring, grow stronger.

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the part where he tells you that some one close to you is in trouble is a poor translation. It's supposed to let you know that you can talk to your party in the end of time.

They need to start abusing dual techs like since the first time they entered dino land. I never used the regular attack unless I was forced to. Fights would go soooo much faster.

Posted by TwoLines

@Paul_Is_Drunk: In knowing the teachings of Zerthimon, I have become stronger.

Posted by AStoutYeoman


Posted by Roy42

Hey everybody: they didn't upgrade the Nova Armour or any of the other magic chest items. It's a fucking tragedy.

Now raise your hand if you were honestly expecting them to figure that one out.

*crickets chirp*

Posted by DevourerOfTime

"But I kinda just didn't want to use MP on that fight...."

Who are you and what have you done with Ryan?

Posted by AStoutYeoman

@ildon I've thought that myself a few times...just a little eveready with those ideas sometimes

Posted by McQuinn

I love Ryan's statements on how it's made.

Posted by DrJota

How It's Made:Tools,Soda Pop,and Ghosts

Posted by AlexanderSheen

The robots in the entrance of the factory looks like Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell.

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Talk to your party members at the end of time

Posted by Viking_Funeral

@TwoLines said:

@Paul_Is_Drunk: In knowing the teachings of Zerthimon, I have become stronger.

Yes! Someone got it.

Posted by Baustad

@Rekka: lol, I remember doing that during the Persona 4 ER

Posted by JohnB

Great episode. Also, at first I thought you were saying "Housemaids," not "How it's made."

Posted by purspike

@Paul_Is_Drunk: There cannot be two skies.

Posted by mbkish

I honestly thought they were saying "House Maid" near the beginning until Ryan started to enunciate.

Posted by drag

That was a great episode.

Posted by Dixperiken

They did some pretty good work in this episode.

Posted by Ronald

These last few side missions seem to be so obtuse I wonder if Ryan will figure them out. Talking to people in towns, then time travelling and talking to people in towns, then time travelling again and talking to people in towns. Especially how to get the sun stone. Of course I am using resources to see how to actually do this that aren't wikipedia (and no one will understand this starting tomorrow) to see how to do these. Ryan is just running around trying to figure it out, through some brute forcing, luck, and Patrick's occasional "do this!".

They finally learn what is left to do with the Rainbow Shell.

Silly guys, Bucca doesn't use tools. She just hits things with a hammer.

Damn it, Patrick. Really? Don't tell Ryan to get rid of the party members who need their techs leveled. And then Bobo dies. That's right, that's what you deserve!

OK, you know what, Patrick? You were right. None of these skeletons even give tech points so it honestly didn't matter.

Posted by burgavo

Hey Ryan,

if you enjoy watching "How it's made" take some time and watch "Glas" (1958 Dutch short movie) you might enjoy it

you can probably find it online somewhere

anyway keep up the sidequest action

Posted by stoic665

@Ronald said:

Damn it, Patrick. Really? Don't tell Ryan to get rid of the party members who need their techs leveled. And then Bobo dies. That's right, that's what you deserve!

OK, you know what, Patrick? You were right. None of these skeletons even give tech points so it honestly didn't matter.

The reason they're not giving tech points is because Brono, Brog and Bobo have already learnt all their techs. I wouldn't mind seeing them using some of the other characters as well, but I guess their dream team could take them through the rest of the game pretty easily.

Posted by agemyth

Today on Endurance Run: See how long you can endure Ryan's "How It's Made" talk.

Posted by Kruddman

I thought they were talking about a show called "House Maid"

Posted by Lukos

Good episode, another side quest complete! ENDURE!

Posted by RVonE

House maids. I'd watch that show.

Posted by sear

This long non-sequitur rant about How It's Made might be the best thing ever in an Endurance Run.

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Do NOT remove the items from the magic chests. Instead, click on them (or whatever) so that it tells you that something inside is reacting to the pendant, but then do not remove the item.

Then, go to 1000 AD and open the chests there. You'll get an improved version of the item and then you can go back to 600 AD and get the lesser versions as well. If you don't activate the items in the past first, you'll just get the lesser items in the present.

If you do it the way Ryan and Patrick do it here, you'll only get the lesser versions and the chests will be gone in 1000 AD (because they've already been opened).

Same goes for the chests with the Black, White, Red, and Blue vests. Activate the chests in 600 AD, open them in 1000 AD, then open them again in 600 AD. You'll get better versions of the vests that absorb 100% of the damage instead of just 50%.

Posted by Mandrewgora

i love how it's made.

Posted by falling_fast

pitchfork jokes.

Posted by MeatSim

It wasn't until like the 5th time Ryan said it that I realized he was saying How It's Made and not Housemaid.

Posted by Konanda

The engine is it's own How It's Made feature.

Posted by Ebisch

How It's Made bit was pretty great.

Posted by Mathey

I love Ryan's rants!

Posted by Murdoc_

Love how this started and WAY TO GO PATRICK! That was a pretty awesome idea that worked out!

Freakin awesome episode!

Posted by FieldCommanderRick

Battle Toads!

Posted by Pozo

These sidequests are really hard without a faq. I wonder if they'll figure out they need to buy the jerky and bring it to the mom in the past.

Posted by SilentZero

Oh man, the idea of Cyrus being faxed to heaven made me lose it! Great episode.

Posted by Sarumarine

Man, I got this great mental image of Ryan and Patrick cruising around on the 2poch while they talk about How It's Made. That was awesome.

Posted by paulunga

They still do this dumb thing where they ignore new techs after using them twice and deeming them ineffective or too expensive. Guess what, Luminaire will do at least as much as Shock and only costs 4 with the Gold Stud.

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