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Lets see how many Brads get pulled today.

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Wahey nice and early for me!

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Alriteee!!! lets see if they can use the left stick now

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Evil Bats!!!!!!!

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The lines are starting to be drawn. We need Team VJ and Team BR t-shirts right away. Also Team BR 4 lyfe y'all.

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I love the smell of Endurance Run in the morning.

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Agent Honor, reporting in.

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That's a fu manchu on the Sherrif, not a handlebar.

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Dude I wanna join the FBI, they get paid to shave.
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Man, Brad is not havin any of this, lol.

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You guys are funny and I love the idea of a new Endurance Run, but this game is boring to me (it's kind of like golf, in that the game might be fun to play but it is extremely boring to watch. A shooter with zombies in it, where have I seen that before? Uggh!). Sorry, I can't watch any more of it.

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Um.... How can that red guy's axe spark on the ground when he's running on wet dirt?

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Do they film these in one sitting and then cut them up into episodes or do they just leave the game sitting at the continue screen overnight?

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Endurance Run! Hooray!

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@Ham08: I'm really not getting a shooter vibe from this.
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@gosukiller said:
" Lets see how many Brads get pulled today. "
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Man... Naomi Watts should probably sue for image rights. 

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I vote for taking the music from the breakfast scene for background music in the Bombcast

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@ProjektGill: Agreed, I must have a team BR t-shirt!
Also Brad, you need to watch Twin Peaks, its the best show!
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@Wes899 said:
" @Ham08: I'm really not getting a shooter vibe from this. "

Just leave him. He'll return.

They always do.

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Brad is better than Vinny!

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Brad and Ryan's are so much shorter than Jeff and Vinnie's. Runs that is.
Also ONE of the two teams should have chosen NOT to respond at the very very beginning as Zach. Now we get basically the same thing.

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I wonder if there are two different jokes playing in Deadly Premonition: The original Japanese Joke, and the translated new Joke created by Ignition.

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Brad: " I'm starting to suspect this may be a work of post-modern genius!"  Nice.  For all I know he could be right.  I really can't tell.

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Is this game worth playing, just for the atmosphere alone? 
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damn I love this site!

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I find it interesting how much more thorough Vinny and Jeff are than Brad and Ryan. Vinny and Brad both being the more obsessive completionists of the the group, but Brad seems to skip over more. Then again maybe Brad just has a lower threshold for this game than Vinny.

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The last 10mins I couldn't stop laughing the music is brilliant and so loud LOL love it

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Was hoping for a bit more parallel reality here :)  Now I wish someone had tried to go up the road, refused to admire the food...  something.

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The "F K in the coffee!" makes me crack up so bad for some reason

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@TECHSev: Pretty sure that's the least of this games worries haha.
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Maybe Brad shouldn't bitch about everything but hey I'm no expert

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Solid snake ashtray FTW.

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"Do you guys like to party?" Haha.

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Man Brad doesn't seem to be enjoying himself, the VJ one seems much more fun so far, come on Brad - some enthusiasm! ;)

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man stop complaining about it

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Man this game is weird... 
That's good.

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@heartlessomen said:


It ER:DP:PTBR-02, actually.


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Eh. Its kinda becoming annoying how they keep saying "More Cutscenes"  and "this game sucks"over and over again. I think its gonna be team VJ for me, they accept the game for its awful goodness and make better jokes.
I'm still gonna try and watch this, though. But I think I'll let it go if this keeps up:(

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That dream music... is HORRIBLE. The other music is fantastic, but the dream room... ugh. So annoying and terrible.
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 @Ham08:  Just read this Destructoin review and you should be back on board:  http://www.destructoid.com/review-deadly-premonition-165168.phtml

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Man I can't wait for the next one, this is great stuff guys keep it coming.

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they're probably reading this so next week's "run" will hopefully be much better.

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Watching the same footage twice is already hard!

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The sound is better in the BR version of the ER. Anyone else noticing its easier to make out what they characters are saying? 
Also the song playing when talking to polly reminds me of a remixed slow version of a Super Mario World tune. No? Maybe a little? Am I crazy?
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Now I understand the question of the week. Coffee predicts the future, fact!