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edit: awesome im first

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I love these.

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Day Threeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

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Yay!  This one works!

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i wanna know what those "trading cards" are

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Awww..... why couldn't VJ be first.  whatever.... might as well watch this one.

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Lovin the two commentaries keep it up guys 

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Brad and Ryan are the first team out of the gates!  Go team BR!

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Im afraid to watch BR first :S

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Team B&R for the win!

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 Let's watch this bitch!

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Thomas as the greatest walk ever.

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Hurrah!  I love endurance runs because of DAILY awesome content!

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Awesome... a Sifl & Olly reference followed by a great Crazy Taxi impression.
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I wanna watch the VJ episode first but it doesn't work yet :/

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I want this soundtrack so bad.

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Is anyone else getting no audio with this?

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It's a shame that they cut off York talking to himself in the car. Those monologues are amazing.

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Hell yes, loving the new ER

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This game gets more and more mental by the day. Each time it astounds me with something new. I may just start agreeing with Destructoid's 10/10 review if this keeps up. I especially love that Agent York is clearly totally insane, and that he converses with Zach in front of other people, who never comment on it. 
Roll onward Endurance Runs.
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Ryan stop treating this like a speed run :) We all know you love endurance runs!

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man this game looks worse than most previous gen games.  I think GTA 3 looked better.  Hot damn. 

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Loved that nobody seemed to care that the siren was on.

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BR wins today's endurance run.

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You guys have to go fishing, it's great. 
Also, as soon as you get a couple thousand, go buy the Corvette from the junkyard. It goes like 80 and stops on a dime.

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"Tell me it's the key.  Please sweet Jesus and Lord in Heaven above let it be the key."
Best quote so far.
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Bread and Wine

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@mrsmiley said:
" BR wins today's endurance run. "

By default.

Obviously they had an "accident" arranged for the competing team.

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Ryan reminds me of when my dad watches me play games.

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I'm way back on board with BR  now that they stopped repeating the same joke over and over. It's actually funny when applied the right way("alright Deadly Premonition, you win!")
Will definitely watch this now.

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York talking to  Zach = Earnest talking to Vern.

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Man....Brad needs to whisper "What the fuck" more often. Hysterical.

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Man, Brad sounds more rundown each episode. He is not having a good time with this.

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Here's 10 internet dollarz betting that Brad will quit by episode 10! 
Please don't skip the funny monologues!

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lol. please release soundtrack

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Brad sounded more resigned this time around. He went through the stages of grieving pretty quickly, and he sounds like he's accepted his fate: he's going to have to endure this goddamn awful game.  
Which is great news for us!

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BRO 3 was pretty great. Good to see Brad and Ryan loosening up a bit and accepting the uh, unique qualities that the game has to offer.

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BR is so much better than VJ

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I'm really thinking about picking this up through Amazon today. Ugh its soooo bad, but i can't stop laughing at it!

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That soundtrack is amazing.

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This game is fucking bizzare, almost as bizzare as brads inability to read a map :P

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PROTIP:  Hold sprint while opening doors to open them quicker.

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i am actually loving this now! I wasn't before, but seeing all of the squirming fanboys that want Brad and Ryan to like this, or can't stand that Brad and Ryan don't like it, brings me a sick joy! Keep the episodes coming! And let me clarify. Just watching this game in action makes me cringe. I have to listen them play it like it was a podcast instead of an ER, or a QL. So I think I am empathetic towards their plight of having to play this game and how terrible that must be.

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I'm totally into the way York opens the door slightly and peers around beforopening it fully and stepping through.