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Posted by destruktive
@kenssi said:
" Time for some pizza and ER. "
Omg. are you me?
Because I'm eating pizza and are watching the ER :S
Posted by NoXious
Instead of watching the ER - you should be playing Heavy Rain...

B&R are kicking ass compared to V&J. I actually like the combination of Brad and Ryan in this ER. Sometimes Ryan can be a dick towards Brad in Quick Looks but here he's just trying to guide Brad, which I would've done too if I were in Ryan's position.
Posted by Aska

I think the "bees" might mean that you're dirty?  Try checking out the bathroom, who knows maybe shaving in this game is the requirement for getting clean?

Posted by Oginam

Now I have to wonder if Brad will find a way to die from bees, fishing, or doors.
So many possibilities!

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Old lady selling bullets at the front desk of a hotel, fishing for coffee and bullets, that's all great.

Posted by noe

Those aren't bees they're flies. To get rid of them you have to change your clothes. After you change you can clean the dirty suit. God I hope they read the comments this time. 

Posted by Shinri

i hope they realise why there are 'bees' around them soon
Posted by Emiel

Haha, fishing is cool

Posted by BlueFroman

To lose the bees, just remember to change your outfit often :)

Posted by cximran

You know, this game is looking surprisingly deep after watching these ERs...it's actually convincing me to give it a shot.

Posted by Ramyun

I thought this was gonna be a slow episode since there wasn't much to do, but fishing for bullets and coffee made it all worth it.

Posted by Winternet

It's amazing how they couldn't figure out what the bees meant. When I saw the bees I thought Agent York is stinking. And immediately I thought that the outfit should be worn out. 
By the way, fishing mini-game is the best mini-game ever. EVER.

Posted by Jeffk38uk

Why do I get the feeling those flies flying about him means you need to change your clothes once in a while? Would explain the the different suits described as clean.

Posted by Gid3on

if you change clothes the bees go away, you can also send your clothes to the cleaners

Posted by GilbertMordinAndSullivan

YES! YES! They opened a door quickly! YES!!!!

Posted by Baggykins

There are times where I find the B&R more enjoyable than V&J, this was one.

Posted by onarum
@GilbertMordinAndSullivan said:
" YES! YES! They opened a door quickly! YES!!!! "
yep, next up is figuring out that those damn barrels are explosive... and that cigarettes pass time.

Posted by Sharpshooter

Damn there are no fishing spots like that in Ireland, we can only catch stupid fish.
Posted by Deviant

 Brad is unbelievably frustrating at his inability to follow directions! 
Great show! 

Posted by MjHealy

I do enjoy how efficent BR are with this game then VJ but the entertainment is just not as good. You can get times where no one talks for a good minute.

Posted by Toxin066

Agent York needs some night fishin' goggles.

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@NoXious said:

" @Adziboy:Instead of watching the ER - you should be playing Heavy Rain..."

Deadly Premonition makes much more sense in the end and doesn't lie to its audience.
@MjHealy said:
" I do enjoy how efficent BR are with this game then VJ but the entertainment is just not as good. You can get times where no one talks for a good minute. "

 Ummm. I object to your word choice there, mate:P
Maybe they're faster, but, Vinny and Jeff atleast figured out the basic game mechanics before them(they both really need to step up their game though)
Posted by Zelnox

I think those are flies. Hehe.

Posted by Catolf

Great episode XD

Posted by rohanspear345

yeah lol BR seem to be going way faster , i guess VJ are used to turn based endurance runs

Posted by Razieleatssouls

Brad finally bolted through a door.

Posted by mutha3

The animation is  are skipable.

Posted by PosableActionFigure

I love the "This sandwich restores a lot of hunger, maybe we should hang on to it" line. When the hell are you going to use it if not when your hunger is ZERO? :P

Posted by Capum15

All the talk about the flies (or "bees") is great.
Also, Best. Fishing. Ever.
Oh cool, they found out how to run through doors.

Posted by teekomeeko
I usually do a little Subway (now with breakfast junk!) and Iced Tea with my ER. Pizza is always good, but this early in the day would give me indigestion like all afternoon.
Posted by ScottishGamer

OH GOD!!! Like all of the Giantbomb crew it REALLY pisses me off that you cannot zoom out further on the frickin' map!!! 

Posted by Majkiboy

CONGRATZ on hte speedy door function finding day :D

Posted by Dastardly_Do_Wrong_DeDuped

 i think those are not bees but perhaps flies. maybe because they have not shaved in a while York's hygiene is bad or something so he's attracting flies. it makes about as much sense as everything else in this game.

Posted by IzzyGraze

I love it when they figure out how to get somewhere by real world driving logic "Left onto something ave, which merges onto...got it!"

Posted by FLStyle

I wish Gina would show me her sponge :(

Posted by PosableActionFigure

Smoke Cigarettes to pass time.  
Press start to skip getting in/out of car animation. 
Change clothes to remove flies. 
LB/RB strafe. 
Anything else I missed?

Posted by random_guy23


Posted by Death_Burnout
@PosableActionFigure said:
" Smoke Cigarettes to pass time.   Press start to skip getting in/out of car animation.  Change clothes to remove flies.  LB/RB strafe.  Anything else I missed? "
Clearly they dont read the comments.
Posted by supercubedude
@Deviant said:
"  Brad is unbelievably frustrating at his inability to follow directions!  Great show!  "
I love that Ryan is fucking yelling at him and Brad is just durping around with the stick instead of listening.
Posted by DoctorWelch

UUUGH, its so anoying that Jeff and Vinny are so far behind these guys now.

Posted by fox01313

Was wondering about a few things now answered by Brad in Deadly Preminition, the game where the fishing game is one of the best WTF moments in the game (as far as the gameplay mechanics go).

Posted by gave1

why does the engine rev every time you get out of the car?


These guys are fucking morons when it comes to directions and maps. 

Posted by DoctorWelch

Wow Brad really?

Posted by Brackynews
@Toxin066 said:
" Agent York needs some night fishin' goggles. "
Night fishin' SONAR goggles. Amirite? Cha ching!
Posted by Kayrack

ohh man health drops without food !!!!!!!!!

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

Whistle theme + fishing + panning camera = perfection 

Posted by Kilo720

team br it seems like ya trying to finish the game quick ya r so far ahead of team vj

Posted by lead_farmer

Glad they finally noticed the FLIES!