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I love these quick looks!  I can't tell which i like more - BR or VJ

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I can haz endurance run?     
Edit: Also, people who just put a full stop so they can get the quest first are just evil. *glares*

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 Duder, its up!

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 Go quest get!
Edit: oh so very fail

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lol, damn you other guys trying to get that quest! ;)

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i kinda figured that was gonna happen

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@mrsmiley said:
" lol, damn you other guys trying to get that quest! ;) "
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And so it begins, anew!
I think they'll struggle through these next couple of episodes without the special weapons...

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Whoa Endurance Run! Man, you guys are too damn fast!

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Nooo, not zombehs!!!

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Yes. Does anyone know if this is getting a UK release?

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@mrsmiley said:
" lol, damn you other guys trying to get that quest! ;) "
I'll never do it again, that's for sure.
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Hot hot hot.

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Well my morning is planned out for today.

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Sausages, eggs, and ER.  HOT DAMN.

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These never work for me until the next day. =(

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Kinda mad that Brad skipped the Initial profiling. At least give us the tease!

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That clock doesn't run in real time. It seems more like 20 seconds per minute.

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"Nice. I think thats a Bluth house" 
i LOVE ryan for making an arrested development reference. bahahaha

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Ryan wasn't tense! He was just afraid that he'll murder Brad.

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Hurt by the very first enemy? I'll just give this one a pass and switch to VJ. Can't stand to watch Brad struggle anymore.

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The clock is 4 times faster than real time.

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I know the shooting is uniformly dreadful anyway, but Brad really isn't a good shot. Still, keep it going; loving every second of the ER.

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Animal Crossing's clock runs in real time. Got a problem with Animal Crossing?

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Did Ryan have the endurance runs?  What's with the abrupt ending?  

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Wonder if either teams realize that some of the sidequests only pop up in various episodes? By far the most valuable ones I found are the junkyard quests where the police cars get tons more speed (or drive other cars) & the spirit map from the milk barn (for infinite SMG).   
I think watching Brad playing DP is making me tense too along with many other people watching this.

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Finally, Brad ate the turkey sandwich. Also, that suit does not look like it has changed colour at all. Still, loving every episode of this Endurance Run, it is better than the original Persona 4 one.

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Guh. I'd forgotten how much the game part of this game actually sucks. Well, that's not fair, the combat part of it. It's actually doing a horror game's duty and freaking me out a little, but for all the wrong reasons.
I can just imagine the "dungeons" opening up and becoming almost completely non-linear, with locked doors everywhere and keys hidden inside lockers, and respawning enemies in half of the rooms... and it makes me shudder. I kinda don't want to see the map for this one, it already seems much more complex than the first two. And that makes me very uncomfortable.

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Use your goddamn machine gun graarargwgehgahrghrgrhgahar
Ok all better now.

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Why the hell does York think that Nick having an affair with Diane is relevant to the *murder* of Anagram or indeed anything to do with Becky?

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My god, watching Brad play the combat is so aggravating.

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@random_guy23: You crazy. 
I don't think any other Endurance Run could possibly beat the Persona 4 one for me. Not only did it introduce me to a fantastic game I wouldn't have given a chance to before, but it's characters and story made for a great Endurance Run. 
I'm loving this Endurance Run, but it's setting and art style is so ugly, and with only having one great character so far (York), I don't think it'll be as entertaining as the Persona 4 run. 
Also, VJ for the win. BR's commentary is a bit dull, they don't seem to have the comedic chemistry that VJ have and often sound fed up with playing DP.
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@NeoNaoNeo said:
" Use your goddamn machine gun graarargwgehgahrghrgrhgahar  Ok all better now. "
I agree with this statement.
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Hey Brad, you don't have to shoot every zombie to get past them. Just go.
You also don't have to shoot every crate. The pipe works great for those.

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I youtube'd "Deadly Premonition final boss" and WTF'd.
I WTF'd hard.

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" I youtube'd "Deadly Premonition final boss" and WTF'd.  I WTF'd hard. "

Me too. Brad is never going to be able to beat that.
Also, they complain about the combat but insist on using the pistol for everything. Why not use the SMG? It's not like they can't afford to buy more ammo.
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I like how Brad loses half his health at their first encounter then doesn't want to use aid kits. Oh Brad.  
@Chokobo said:

" My god, watching Brad play the combat is so aggravating. "

Poor Brad. I still need to agree with you. I have a feeling Ryan stopped this episode early for the same reason.
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These guys need to use the MP5 more.

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It frustrates me that they won't use their other gun. And I just became one of the critics I dislike.

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\@hrichter1 said:
but insist on using the pistol for everything. Why not use the SMG? It's not like they can't afford to buy more ammo. "
They also have(literally)  around 1000 bullets for it.
I'm getting snuff soul flashbacks.....
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Bit short. The tension damn it!

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too bad Brad sucks at playing video games.  It is quite painful to watch sometimes...

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I predict by the end of this Brad and Ryan's friendship will be forever changed. Deadly Premonition and all its bullshit will come between them. Keep on truckin' duders!

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They really need to get some new weapons, or start using that SMG or something. I mean come on.