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Fair enough, it wasn't very cool of me to write off the developer because of one game. And I will admit that this looks a lot better than I was expecting out of a $20 game in this day and age, the story actually looks pretty good.
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That was some genuinely disturbing shit back there.

Posted by JauntyHat

The Plot Thickens!

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Wow, tense episode.

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@Axersia: Contraband ER!
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@Axersia: Why thank you sir.   :)
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@Axersia: Thank you very much. But, how?
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That was pretty intense, for real actually. Good job DP developers.

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Best episode yet! The developers really pulled it out of the hat with this chapter.

Posted by DragonofFate

Damn it, George.
There are no words to describe my rage.

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I can't take it seriously with York's heart filled tie in the cut scenes but it adds a hilarity factor to them though.

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And yeah, George ain't no ones fool, he knows not to listen....
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@Axersia: Thanks, Gary Powell.
Now that I think about it, not a perfect analogy, but it'll do.
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@Axersia: How did you get the next video?
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I hope I'm not the only one who's realised that the upside down peace sign is actually same shape as the saplings that the tree dude was handing out or am i just stating the obvious like a muppet?
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@Sharpshooter: Wow, I think your right. Mind-blown.
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I really love watching the ER.

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Hm, that kind of sounded like Issach and Isiah, didn't it, Zach? Excellent theory. Can't wait for the next (next) episode!
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This is actually starting to get a little tense in some situations.

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Fuckin' George.
BR is going to get so much more tolerable during combat sequences now that Brad is using the SMG.  I'm very happy about that.

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The way this game's mood swings reminds me of Persona 4 a bit because you can totally just be strolling around having lunch or a big ass Aiya beef bowl then 5 minutes later BAM some guy's upside down or strung up dead as a doorknob. The ER just got to a whole new level of intense.

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@ashogo said:
" @The8Man said:
" "What a hell...  Even Becky has been killed."  My reaction to that scene was almost exactly the same as Brad and Ryan's."
I don't get it, what is wrong with this statement? He's not saying "What the Hell", he's saying "this is such a hellish place". "

Yeah, that's how I interpreted it as well.  It was just a weird way of wording it.  Sounds like a poor translation choice.  Especially the "even Becky has been killed" part, when she's only the second victim. 
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Points!  Keep those point notifications turned on.  What's a game without points?

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All I can say is, Fuck George!!

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Everyone who likes this game tried to say that it takes a while to get rolling and no one listened. Well it just got rolling!
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fuck you george, and this ep was awesome... BR actually sounded like they were enjoying themselves too :P

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*Loss of the life of someone's daughter and sister and friend by garrotting*
"Welp, he sure got us good!"
York's such an asshole.

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Are you fucking kidding me George? Great ER episode.

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FECK, George! 
God dammit..

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Anna is so beautiful.  Gah!  
What is wrong with her facial model's chin?  
She looks like Franken-Anna.  She's no Sherilyn Fenn, that's for sure.
Being a geist has not prettied her up any either.  
"Ugly Premonition" is more like it.
What suffering this is causing so many.

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LOL at Anna's HURRRRRRRR face. The game's too budget to make her look as pretty as she's supposed to be.

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IMO this is probably the best BR episode so far. Story is picking up, Brad and Ryan are enjoying the game, and Brad is doing way better in combat. Hope he sticks with the machine gun until he gets a better gun.

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damn becky .....

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i'm excited i ordered the complete twin peaks series on dvd i can't wait to get it to see the similarities between this game and the show.

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Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

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@jodski: appreciate the links jodski!