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 Fuck this quest.

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Jeez... talk about tedium at its finest. :/

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Hope they beat the shadow easy today!

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Hopefully the second encounter goes easier than the first.

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@Miketorreza said:
"  Fuck this quest. "
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Not first :( 
Taking a guess they are going to do side quest after this house lol

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ER + Icecream is the best combination ever

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Hey Brad, if you're reading this comment THEN STOP READING THESE COMMENTS!!
If someone hasn't completely ruined the ending yet, then it will happen soon. And then you'll want to play even less.

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Funny thing about this quest, now we don't have a single jackass, instead we get about a page full of them.

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Not looking forward to watching Jeff and Vinny learn how to fight these things too

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Brad did good against the wall lady.

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Brad: "How did that happen" 
Ryan: "I watched you go to unequip and hit the button."

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Crawling Lady is annoying. I can't imagine having to fight her. Watching this is nerve wracking enough.

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It's out!

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I hope there are no more creepy crawling ladies in the furure. :l

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Oh, Brad, your confidence is staggering. Good job figuring out the pattern and not getting killed a billion times.
EDIT: I just realized that I sounded as sarcastic as shit. I truly am happy for you for getting the pattern down. Shame on losing the golf clubs, though.
Also, talk a bit more? This game ain't all that interesting during shitty combat sequences.

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Not again!

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Those creepy crawling ladies seem to be such a stupid thing to but in this game, with it being so long to kill just one. But hey, it fits in perfectly in this game.
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My god, artificially lengthening the game by re-using combat encounters like this is just terrible.  If I was playing this, I probably would've gotten tired of this and moved on to another game by now.

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What a tedious, RAGE inducing enemy.

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how bout move out the way instead of standing there staring at the thing and getting killed, jesus. And use a gun rather then the shitty knife.

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At least Brad figured this whole "Run" concept out this time 'round.

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Brad, this is a really bad game, but you also fucking suck at it.  You can't blame it all on it.

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Ahh Im feeling for brad in this one. I just have to think there is a better way to beat these monsters.

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 It's about damn time Ryan got pissed at Brad.  Brad should know by now that cash register = dead.

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Well this one works

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@alsnuts2 said:
" Ahh Im feeling for brad in this one. I just have to think there is a better way to beat these monsters. "
Golf clubs/pipes like people have been telling them since this thing started.
Thankfully, he acknowledged their worth this episode, so I expect to see more usage of their million steel pipes next time they come across a toolbox
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Man, that crawly thing is one tedious enemy.  It can kill you with boredom.
Zombie enemy approaches you fast. You have fully loaded shotgun in your hands and small knife in your pocket. What do you do?
[  ] Shoot zombie with shotgun!
[  ] Fumble around and try to find the knife.

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Brad: "Pull it out! It's hard!"

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Brad you are getting better at killing the wall ladies but please stop with the melee weapons. When she is on the side walls you can still shoot her.
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God, those wallcrawlers are the worst.

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Brad: "This would go so much faster with a stronger melee weapon."
Yea....yea...that, might go faster if you didn't play so poorly.
I love how angry/surprised Brad gets when he blatantly does something wrong. 

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@Vinchenzo said:
" Brad: "Pull it out! It's hard!" "
Come on Brad...be smart about this. You have a shotgun, don't pull out a knife. Would you do that in Counter-Strike?
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well if he had the katana this would probably go faster.

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STOP SQUATTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What a brutal 'sode.

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that thing is like a mid-boss now

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Watching this episode only confirms I never want to play this game.

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They're still kind of doing it the hard way. But man Brad is a crawler killing machine now.
Oh man you can really feel Brad's rage.
I can totally picture him throwing the controller at I dunno, Vinny.

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It's incredibly entertaining to watch Brad get pissed off.

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Nice to see they got the technique down. ... God, I hate this game so much

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"Oh god!I wasn't getting it out fast enough!" "He never does"

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Creepy ceiling ghost is annoying but once you have the infinite guns you can at least not worry about running out of ammo, then it's just tedious to run/walk around until it's visible. Though at times the ceiling ghost appears to figure out Brad's pattern & jumps to a wall just to annoy him.

Will at least applaud Brad at going the melee route with the ceiling ghosts with just the mission knife instead of something else. Can't wait to try the infinite guitar weapon on that ghost for next time.

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@VoshiNova said:
"Brad: "This would go so much faster with a stronger melee weapon."  Yea....yea...that, might go faster if you didn't play so poorly. I love how angry/surprised Brad gets when he blatantly does something wrong.   Eh? "

Please remove your head from your ass.
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Deadly Premonition, the game that caused Brad to go postal in the office.