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Posted by PandaShake

I'm with you Brad,
I saw that asshole's post too in that chat. Hope it's not true.

Posted by Devil240Z

yeah what sort of douchbag would post DP spoilers. jerkface.

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So I guess that Diane is the village bike.........you know every one gets a ride.
Posted by Demandred32h

Brad please collect the bones scattered around the map and take them to Forrest Kaysen. It'll be worth it!
Posted by Catfish666

Have to say, the cutscene quality just hopped up a notch. I mean, despite the perpetual clunky animation and occasional funky physics, the scene was quite intense.
Also, thumbs up for Brad for awesome job on the latter part of the dungeon on last episode! But only 19 mins today? Awww...

Posted by kishan6


Posted by golguin
@humjkij8u8uk: @humjkij8u8uk said:
" a locked room puzzle, sounds like umineko, how many butlers had keys "
The better question is what is up with Maria?
Posted by JoelTheB

You know, it's funny they mention spoilers.  Because you know what else does a good job at spoiling the game?  The game itself.  I was so annoyed when I did a sidequest for Diane that earned the Diane card and its description flat-out said that she was "the third victim."  Before she had died, mind you.  I guess it's lucky the killer's card doesn't have a description that says "He/She is the Raincoat Killer."

Posted by virtorio

19 minutes.  Damn you Brad.

Posted by The8Man
@insane_shadowblade85 said:
" @Dylabaloo said:
"Sucks to hear someone spoilt the game on brad :( "
Someone spoiled the game for him? That sucks. Why do people do this? I guess it makes them feel important or maybe they think Brad'll go, "No way, really?! Thanks for telling me that. You're awesome." "
I know!  People can be such jerks!  I have finished the game myself and I would never dream of spoiling the fact that Emily is the killer. 

Naaaah, I'm just pulling your leg!    
Or am I... ? 
Posted by Quacktastic

Big city dog should be real.

Posted by ashogo
@ZmillA said:
" their talking ruined another awesome scene "
sort of agreed. They were trying to do good commentary, but I would have preferred to focus on a scene like this. Still, who am I to complain as long as they are enjoying themselves. 
And shit, that reanimated Diane was quite creepy.
Posted by Tuggah

I wish people wouldn't spoil the game for The guys, because that way they could read some comments and maybe get some tips.

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Thomas call the amber lamps!

Posted by Tearhead

Is it just me, or is the video player extra laggy today?

Posted by CatsAkimbo
Posted by Trilogy

Dave snider is totally the killer!

Posted by EldrinStorm

Wow. I think that's the only scene where anybody emotes properly, and it had to be a shock scene. Hoo boy, I hope this town has psychiatrists, cause Emily's gonna need one.

Posted by Keenblaze

I died laughing when Big City Dog entered the room. Hilarious. 

Posted by teekomeeko
That's why I decided to just buy the game and play far ahead of the ER. I can enjoy the scene with peace and quiet, then turn to Giantbomb for more lols. Too bad my 360 is all E-74'd, so I'm out of when they catch up to where I am.
Posted by LordAndrew

Doesn't look like George did it on purpose this time. Unless he's also working with Nick, but Diane didn't act in a way that suggested either of them were the killer.

Posted by ominousbedroom
@JoelTheB:  What?! That's some glitch.
It baffles me why people go around intentionally posting spoilers. How much of a sad, miserable person do you have to be? This happened in the P4 ER too. I guess you guys should just be extra cautious about what you read when doing these things.
Posted by warmonked

ugh. F people who spout spoilers.

Posted by meatsounds

"You take his 'rules' and his 'confidence' away from him, and I wonder what's left?"
Deep, Vinny! Very deep.

Posted by Korosive

Assholes posting spoilers are the reason they can't read chat on events anymore. We used to be able to communicate with them....

Posted by Landmine
@meatsounds said:
" "You take his 'rules' and his 'confidence' away from him, and I wonder what's left?"  "Scars"  Deep, Vinny! Very deep. "
That was Ryan, not Vinny. 
Posted by IceTrey87

I've decided that Ryan Davis is one of my favorite celebrities.

Posted by jikoku13

GO NINJA!!!!! GO NINJA!!!!!! GO!!!!!

Posted by AndrewB

How many leads did you guys get from questioning Nick?