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 Another day, another endurance run :D

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So this is how it goes..
Edit: goddamn I was like a second late. A SECOND. Inconceivable

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first? PLEASE GOD! 
God damnit lol.

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Ah, another wonderful endurance run.

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I love watching Brad suck at video games.

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So they finally got the infinite smg I guess.

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I'm stoked!

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 Aw, Brad is so happy about the infinite SMG (:

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Sweet! They got the SMG

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how fast do i need to be for the quest? 
EDIT: Faster than that.
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i was going to luagh so hard if brad left in that final room before the gun

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Let's paint this town... green. Is that alright with you, Zach?

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It annoys me how Brad continually fights getting the SMG with his impatience. Its like he's 4
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Finally!! Kudos to BR for doing THE sidequest!

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So I'm guessing that spiritual map B leads to an ifinite...shotgun?

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Yes, Brad is finally getting the gun!

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now br and vj are at the exact same point in the game

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Cutting off before the quest - not rocking, dude.

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Brad and Ryan can now enjoy this game a bit more :) Time for VJ to get the radioooo.

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@returnofjake said:

" Brad and Ryan can now enjoy this game a bit more :) Time for VJ to get the radioooo. "

Unfortunately VJ has gone past the point where they can get the radio. Unless they go back and replay a chapter.
Edit: Also, sweet jeebus guys, shoot a barrel!
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infinite machine gun + radio + blue suit = pimpin'
Can't wait to see what they get from the train yard!

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Next game changer for Brad will be finding out that the miniature crates (in stacks of 3) & barrels sometimes hold gear that might be useful instead of walking around with little health or hitting the exploding barrel with a melee weapon.  Plus going to the junkyard for car goodness because there will be times when you can't radio & want to drive non-police cars.
Ryan is so freaking right, now that they are actually playing the game, the game finds ways to reward you. Just think how the last 10 hours would have been if you did some of this sooner.

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Wow, Brad rocking out with the SMG. Too bad the wall crawlers still suck.

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Ryan: Cutting corners! 
Brad: That's right..I play by my own rules..oh god OH GOD 
-hits tree- 
Brad: Oh god, why did I just do that?
Ryan: You're bad at games. 
Brad: That has nothing to do with it!
This ER is getting better by the second.

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Good job Brad.
At least that takes away one thing people complain about until your eyes bleed.

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Yo man! You're really gonna rock from now on, man! It's like... so cool, man.

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Finally! Also, Ryan and Brad bicker like an old married couple.

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Can I just say that the sound of an item dropping is the EXACT same sound as the first three notes in The Song of Storms from the Legend of Zelda.  It really is mind blowing.

Posted by SuperJoe

Brad's overconfidence with his new gun will get him killed at the train yard.

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The boys are Isaach and Isaiah I think - isn't Keith their father?

Posted by Jeffmoocow

I take back what I said yesterday, I love you guys.

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 Brad: I play by my own rulesOH GOD!
*crashes car*
 Ryan: Great job. This is where that gets you. God dammit, Brad.
I laughed so hard! Go Team BR! You finally got the Inf SMG, too!

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Infinite sub-machine gun makes every Endurance Run better.

Posted by mrsmiley

oh man this was probably one of the best BR episodes. thanks for the LOLs, guys. oh and congrats on getting the infinite gun!

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BRAD: "Why did I do that?"
RYAN: "Because you're bad at games."

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Hey!  Hey guys!  BARRELS EXPLODE.

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Can't wait for them to do the spiritual map B quest, that one's a pain.

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@Bratcher_Lev said:
" BRAD: "Why did I do that?" RYAN: "Because you're bad at games."  o_O "
Funniest quote of the ER!
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More bird whispering info: 
 -The Junkyard has a nice suprise for you (not talkin about the train)

-F....K has a dog with a quest
-That Swery65 place is pretty rad
 -Keith will think you're totally rockin' if you do his wife's quest
Do the above, and this game becomes a joke. The bolded make the game much less tedious.

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lmao at brad trying to be all secretive

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Seems pointless having the pistol now, so you guys should drop that.

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Seeing Brad shoot all around the explosive barrel and at the guys surrounding it was priceless.

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Yay infinite smg.  
And Brad made me nervous running near all those barrels.

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@Henrikhoe: Yeah, since the second map sub-mission froze on VJ. :P
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Lets paint this town... Green!