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Alright. Let's do this. Another week, more enduring.    

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 Great way to start off the week!

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Posted by Cramsy

Kinda close

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Awww Yeeaaa
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Posted by INV2

So.....jobs...we have to have them....right?

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Posted by pbhawks45

Pulling a Brad in trivia. Awesome.

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I love you, though.
EDIT: "Take this Spiritual Map B and fuck off" may be the greatest line ever recorded.

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In medicine, shock is a critical condition brought on by a sudden drop in blood flow through the body.  That's why you're supposed to raise a persons legs.

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I am in second year of med school, so the medical quiz was EXTRA fun for me...

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Posted by Falerix

Oh Brad. You never cease to amaze me.

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YES! Brad that sound is awesome, gief for text that sound. Someone make it happen.

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Her "Get Ready Then" quickly became extremely irritating.

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Posted by wonderhare

Huzzah for more quests!!

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Posted by Tuffty

Don't mean to sound like I knew the answer already but loss of blood pumping to the organs is what I thought of. You know how all those medical shows are like. "He's going into shock, clear clear!!".

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"Find a blue dress. It is in the house."
"This will be easy."
> Give up in few minutes.

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You can cause further tissue damage by trying to remove clothing around a burned area. 
edit: Shock is caused by loss of blood to the organs. That's why you elevate the legs of a person in shock.

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you don't want to remove clothes from burn because the skin might come with it

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Posted by Omnom

The Tick taught me the answer to question 1 , god bless 90's cartoons. 

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Posted by XGM

Something to pass the usual mondays.

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Posted by benderunit22

Funky Student is down with Freckles like woah, son.

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WE GET GOOD THINGS WITH CARDS +ignores card a few steps away+

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Posted by Olivaw
@BenderUnit22 said:
" Funky Student is down with Freckles like woah, son. "
Riddle Sista totally got you stumped, son!
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Posted by fox01313

That medical quiz is tough, I hope if there is a DP2 that there's some in game reference/talk to find the answers. Glad there's no time limit on the quiz here as it took me a while to get it plus it was nothing big like the side mission with Brian the gravekeeper where you get infinite weapons (if you find all of what you're looking & talk to the right people).  
Not sure when the Emily cooking missions start up, know that I missed them when I was playing it but curious on that too as you can eat with her a lot at the police station. Got curious on this after finding recipes on the walls of the diner.

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Posted by Death_Burnout

I stay away from anything medical as much as i can and even i knew what shock was. logically.

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Posted by gbrading

I love how both ER's gave up finding the dress whilst waltzing right past the only door they hadn't checked. Roll onward!
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Posted by Blair

Your medical knowledge is HORRIBLE.  I still love you guys though.

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Posted by Catolf

XD woot for carrying more items!

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Posted by noe

You earn the weather doll from completing Emily's quests. Having the doll recharges your health. When you complete the gunsmith's quests you'll get, a black suit that increases your health, a white suit that increases your stamina, and a light saber with infinite durability. Of course to get that stuff you will need more cards. Sixty four cards for the light saber.

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Posted by mutha3

Here's a little trivia: 
''Anatomische tabellen'' is Dutch;)

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Posted by RobotHamster

I can tell they've been looking up how to do the side missions in the game.  And for the medical quiz game I just googled the questions.

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Posted by adoggz

am I the only one who thinks anna doesn't look good?

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Posted by Ghostiet
@noe said:
" a light saber with infinite durability. "
I bet it's super slow and the weapon takes up 3/4 of the fucking screen when in targeting mode.
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Posted by Brackynews
Medical Quiz Guide I whipped up yesterday in about 20 minutes. You can do Fiona's quiz immediately after exiting the hospital mission on day 1.
For the biggest DP fan club on the internet, there's a sad lack of guides here. I started playing yesterday.  Y'all seem to be awful busy shouting at Brad and editing the game's description deck.  Just sayin'.
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Posted by MeatSim

FBI! I need commandeer your hot dog and coffee!

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Posted by Desensitized

Yeah, darts are awesome. You guys should give it a go at Swery's ASAP.  Also you guys might want to try Lily's last side mission at the Milk Barn.

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Posted by Ronald
@Brackynews said:
" Medical Quiz Guide I whipped up yesterday in about 20 minutes. You can do Fiona's quiz immediately after exiting the hospital mission on day 1.
For the biggest DP fan club on the internet, there's a sad lack of guides here. I started playing yesterday.  Y'all seem to be awful busy shouting at Brad and editing the game's description deck.  Just sayin'. "
It's not just here. And the guides that are available are often a mess to read.
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Posted by Ramboknife

Ugh, I'm a Paramedic, and watching those medical questions drove me insane! Giantbomb needs to do some basic First-Aid courses or something.
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Edited by Max_Hydrogen

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!!!
Jeff and Vinny took the lead! My ponies came through! I am the champion! Think of all the crackers I can by with my winnings. Even with the game freeze setback the Persona crew went all the way! I feel so elated that I don't even mind that creepy ass doll. Brad and Ryan weren't even talking to a lamp and they didn't do the time consuming Map B side quest and they still fell behind.  
"There once was a man from Greenvale..."

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Posted by citizenkane

Kind of a filler episode, but some good side missions and some nice swag.  Can't until they meet Harry.

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Posted by blacklab

need more story stuff!

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Posted by AzureDemon

This game is so terribad I cant hate it xD

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Posted by Shibbles

"It totally was not the first one, though."
Yeah, except for it totally being the first one.

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Posted by GaZZuM

Aaaaaaaaaaand... TEAM VJ OVERTAKES!!!

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Posted by PosableActionFigure

"This looks easy" 
*give up without even checking all the rooms*

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Posted by Xealot42

Yay fanny pack!

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Posted by MisterMouse

great start

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