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"Jeannie Moos - she could  be mine"
Literally laughed out loud at that....too good.

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how did that zombie taste york hahahaha

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If I remember right, Hitchcock attempted & failed  that camera dealy in Vertigo (the camera tech wasn't up to it at the time) So he did a similar not so good thing instead. Spielberg was the first to do it right in Jaws, that scene where Schneider realizes/sees something & looks shocked.

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@Ghostiet said:
" @zapato2 said:
" Wow did anyone notice this? 
I think Ryan noticed this the moment you meet him for the first time. "
Old news, they've mentioned this already back when they first suspected George as the killer.
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I love how even York did a double take when Michael came in like "Wait, how'd you get in here???"

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is it just me or do those computer monitors look like there running the matrix.

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I'm the best father in the world!

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Love Harry's 4th wall breaking mention of "Hey. You should do the sidequests. You miss a lot if you don't!"

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That Anna scene still bugs me. Once again, a beautiful idea (chasing after Anna's ghost with incredible music playing) is ruined by some baffling game design (making you do a full lap, for what purpose?).

There's so much brilliance behind this game (the immense amount of foreshadowing, the show, don't tell philosophies in story telling, etc), it's just amazing how much that's all torn apart by things that are in the game, not things left out by their low budget. A couple months more of QA could have turned this into the best game ever.

Still though, if I ever come into possession of an Xbox, this would be the first game I buy. The things it does right are oh so right.

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