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Do zombies taste good?

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aww I leave for 1 minute...

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Damn, are all you guys just waiting for this to pop up??? (not that i wasn't)
Well i guess its breakfast time

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Brad, I think the term you were looking for is a dolly zoom.

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"Did we know the killer had red hair?"
Don't worry, Brad, it only appeared in every Profiling scene at the murder sites since the start of the game...

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I love Brad:
"I'm gonna mix it up a bit" *almost dies*

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Looks like their catching up to VJ.

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What's with people waiting and refreshing and hoping to see the video and then being surprised if the video went up when they left for a minute.
There's a very specific time the Endurance Run goes up each day and if you want the quest you'd better figure it out.

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Agreed, the music in that scene of almost endless running is a good one, reminds me of the music from the original Wicker Man (not the sucky remake with N.Cage). 
Wasn't expecting Brad to pull a Brad though it was interesting to see that kill sequence with the zombe. Just love the guy on the tv screen behind Mr. Stewart who's in space, the space station/satellite makes sense but the lone astronaut just makes me think that Mr. Stewart is just chatting with him about whatever.

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@BenderUnit22:  Yeah I came to the same conclusion after watching VJ-32. I wonder if anyone else in the town is there..
EDIT: After rewatching I think Michael is there too, with his hands behind his back on the far left.
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YES!  That was an awesome death!  Right at the destination!

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Don't stop to attack random zombies, use stabilizers.
You're bad at games, Brad.

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Could they not have used some stabiiizers when running to help them go further? 

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Wow.... only Brad could die in a section of the game when all you have to do is follow somebody... I'm not saying that is a good part of the game, but wow.

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So this is the third time I've seen this scene (my playthrough[finished the game], VJ, now BR) and I FINALLY understand why Harry says the same thing as York's father  "At times we must purge things from this world..."
I must be dense.

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@BenderUnit22 said:
" Wow, ok, I just got a theory: 
Oh damn, you're right! I knew something was up with him
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How is that even possible to die during that running part?!
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Please let ryan take control of whats left of the game it is unbareable to watch brad play.

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I enjoy watching Brad play!

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Okay, so Brad stops for no apparent reason to shoot a zombie with a shotgun. When he realizes that he's using the pistol, he does not move out of the way or switch weapons. Which, in this case, I'm totally fine with, because we finally saw my favorite death animation in the whole game.
Also, that suit has got to be pretty close to attracting flies at this point.

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Brad is great. He leaves the high position so he can try to get killed. He runs his heart rate up but never thinks to use a stabilizer. He stands and gets shot and killed in the middle of the street. It's too bad there were no giant killer dogs around.

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@Sharpshooter: SO. . . both of these spoiler tags were open for me. I've already beat the game so I know but, yeah, pretty crazy that the spoiler warning didn't hide it's content.

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even though they were theories...those spoiler warnings were left right open for me...that's useful much!
Oh, i see Bratcher_Lev had the same thing.

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What was the point of that pot smash and why did you stand still Brad !!

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i feel ryans pain just wana rip the controller out of brads hands some times
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@Bratcher_Lev said:
" @Sharpshooter: SO. . . both of these spoiler tags were open for me. I've already beat the game so I know but, yeah, pretty crazy that the spoiler warning didn't hide it's content. "
Them spoiler tags do behave a bit random. A while ago, the page was loaded with them open. Right now, I can't open them, it just jumps to the top of the page. Well, it's making sure nothing gets spoiled for me.
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"He's hacking the G.I.B.S.O.N.!" -Brad
By far the best line Brad has said during this whole ER.

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You can't even jog after a ghost to risk pulling a Brad? :)

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Yeah, sorry guys. You'd figure putting things into spoiler tags would actually prevent people from reading them accidentally, but here you go. Then again, it's only an observation of mine, I never played DP, don't know if it's true or relevant and I'm eager to find out what's gonna  happen (probably in VJ because Brad is never gonna get past the crawly ladies)

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I love how York just starts looking behind himself all confused when Michael appeared.
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I laughed uncomfortably hard when Brad died and York ate a monster.

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Why is it so hard to understand that sleeping allows you to turn your food into health packs? This is a good thing people!

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cool beans...enjoyed the ER very much

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@Guppy507 said:
" There's nothing more annoying than you people continually bitching about how Brad plays the game.  It's worse than Youtube comments. "
I think how Brad plays the game is more annoying than people continually bitching about how Brad plays the game.
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If Harry says tower one more time, I'm gonna chokeslam the bitch.

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Wow, York ate a zombie. He ATE A ZOMBIE.

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@NubMonk: Then make your own endurance run and play it "properly" and see how many people bother watching.
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Contradictory to popular believe zombies are are quite tasty.

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Brad how the hell do you die there?
So hilarious.

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@NubMonk: Touché.
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uhh... its his apartment... not his motel room

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I was going to write about how Brad played this sequence, but apparently I won't have to. 
Aha! The secret to getting ahead in the game is not shaving. I was wondering what kind "World's Greatest Dad" coffee mug Harry would get his father? Emily was in the passenger seat when she arrived, did they have that on Twin Peaks Zach? Two for two on the fence trick, yes! Thomas doesn't have a chicken foot tattoo on his back, he has an "I love Georges Tattoo", which means he never could have been the Raincoat Killer. 
I believe the camera shot to which Brad refers is called as Dolly Zoom. The camera is placed on tracks and moved in the opposite direction of the zoom: If it is zooming in, the camera moves back. If it is zooming out, the camera moves forward. He protects their identities for their safety, to wit: As Alan Smithee protected directors, so does this game. 
"Zach, it's Anna, I mean Ahna. But where's the cavernous swath in her torso? And while we're on the subject, Brad reminded me of a movie we saw, do you remember Zach? That's right: Dude, Where's My Car".