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fuck this quest.
time to endure, anyhoo. Looking forward to seeing Brad go through that string of crawly ladies. :)

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 ...and the feeding frenzy begins.

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New Endurance Run Zach?  Amazing.

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first. dang
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Endurance Run shall heal my ailments! 

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E-e-e-e-e-e-ndurr-r-r-r-r-r-ance RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN

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Awesome! I just finished watching the last VJ one and can't wait to hear more Emily Jazz/Funk.

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That's funny, last night I accidentally called Alan Wake 'York'

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York has started to grow on me.. Surprisingly awesome dude that one. But I think I have GB to thank, or blame, for that. :)

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the return of the LADIES!!!!!

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Damn watching Brad fight wall crawlers was starting to get a little tough before he got the method down

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Ok brad fails at  killing wall ladehs

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Mee-oww Brad around about the 25:00 mark!

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Vinny and Jeff waltz past the wall ladies without a scratch on them. Brad... Not so much. Another painful episode. I suppose at least he is uniform in his dying. That title he got in the Lost Planet 2 Quick Look still totally applies. :P

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Brad should definitely watch VJ to learn how to fight those damn things.... 
Edit: He's figuring it out. Finally.

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@dudeglove said:
" Mee-oww Brad around about the 25:00 mark! "
Haha.  I'm surprised Brad is the one raging. I was so sure Ryan would lose it first watching Brad play.
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It's not just Brad's fault, Ryan should help Brad and think of a strategy too.

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Brad sucks at the wall ladies, but God, this is one of the most horribly designed enemies ever. Seriously, a Special Edition of Deadly Premonition should have a pacemaker labeled "required for wall-crawling bitch sequences" as a bonus.

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Brad: "To everyone saying all our misfortunes are my fault, you can shove it up your f'ucking ass"
Haha, that's funny due to the irony.

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Man I just love how Brad almost gets back into old habits after they found out an efficient way. Keeps it tense and thrilling.

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I suspected that you might get in a bind when the pipe broke, but didn't realise she'd stay so close. That was hilarious - though I'm sure frustrating for you guys!

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Ryan yelling "FUCK YOU, BITCH!" murdered me.

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Brad, its official. It's not "ALL" your fault. :P

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Pimp suite!

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Did the video quality get SUPER GOOD for no reason at the 32 minute mark? Like, the kind of quality that I have never seen in any of these videos. It's now 35 minutes and it's still really good quality.
EDIT: I felt Ryan's pain when Brad, after figuring out the sure way not to get hit, was ready to revert to his old ways.

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The last few minutes were so painful to watch I was happy when it froze at 24:01. If you want to melee them, why not run by them first, activating their attack and freezing them on the wall? Of course, one could have also visited the Panda Bear and seen if there were any new guns for sale. Now, to reload the video and watch the rest.

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"York you fucken moron!"

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Haha, that's the best video caption of the DPER so far. Love it. ^^
Just keep on trucking, Brad. ;)

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aw man. not even close.

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So glad that the two ERs have become something completely different.
VJ: Hilarious commentary and good play style
BR: Good commentary and waiting for Ryan to rip the controller from Brad's hands and take the helm
Even better that Ryan finally called him on it; watching two buddies with an obvious, underlying tension between them that could burst at any moment makes for good watchin'. I just hope it lasts!

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I love how the attitudes are at completely opposite ends for the two teams while fighting the ladies. BR is in a total "Oh god no, let's try to get through this and not spend too much of our medkits" mode while VJ is all "So...how have you been?"

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telling you brad, you should have collected the bones in order to get the flame thrower. wall lady is so incredibly easy with that.  
this section's wall ladies are tougher than the earlier ones, but fortunately also the last.

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You'd think York's head would hurt, barreling into the wall during all those evades.
Speaking of evades, what exactly is the wall lady excreting when she's on her back, on the ground?
I shudder to think.
edit: I love that this wall lady section is so drawn out and boring, Brad can only think about the stuff on his desk. Better weapons aside, this is still one of the worst enemy sequences I have ever seen. Please Please Please do something awesome for the next ER. Nobody should have to go through pain like this.

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BR needs to learn from VJ when it comes to killing the Wall Ladies.

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3:20 RUN, BITCH!
love this site more and more every day.

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I hope they buy the magnum and the rifle. This is really painful to watch....
And I was cheering at the start when Brad decided to use melee weapons.....then the rest of the video happened:/

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I love and hate that song. The only real words are " I dream" and then she slurs the rest until "funny." But i like the tune.

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Jesus brad cant aim for fuck and didnt they have 1 more first aid kit before they died?

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I think Vinnie and Jeff finished that section in a third of the time that Brad did.  Brad didn't need to do any side quests, he just needed to get the pattern down and use the shotgun instead of the smg.

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I know they're trying to keep the runs seperate, but VJ should definitely share their wall lady strategy. Would be at least twice as fast, and a lot less dangerous.

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Do anyone actually think Thomas is the killer.

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why can't team BR get along like team VJ?

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@kerikxi said:
" I know they're trying to keep the runs seperate, but VJ should definitely share their wall lady strategy. Would be at least twice as fast, and a lot less dangerous. "
I think they might have gotten past almost all the wall-crawlers in the game, if not all of them entirely.
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@Crushed:  Yeah, at this point it probably doesn't matter anyway.
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I hate episodes with these wall ladies. Swery, why?

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Ryan: "Run bitch, run!"