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Dude yes! "Zach the Laptop is gettin' outta here!"

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@carlthenimrod said:
"That guy can drive a car, talk on a cellphone, use a laptop, AND smoke a cigarette. I'm impressed. "

hmmm...You must've missed the whole accident part then.
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Those squirrels just totally made monkey sounds.


TANP = This Aint No Persona 4

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Between Ryan, Brad, Jeff, and Vinny, they have managed to figure out most of the basic game mechanics that are glaringly obvious!
Some a little slower than others, but hey. Whatever! NEW ENDURANCE RUN WOO.
Also goddamn Vinny shoot zombies in the head BASIC GAME DESIGN PHILOSOPHY BRO.

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dudes, just five minutes in and its hilarious

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I'm flippin' out!  I'm flippin' out!   Endurance Run returns!!!!  WOOOOOOOH!!

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Ok, who's making the "Team VJ" t-shirts?!

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Play god damn you! PLAY!
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Oh my god they both died in the exact same place!
This is now a race to see which team can finish the game first! Place your bets! My money's on Brad and Ryan.

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@paulunga said:
" After watching the BR edition first I falsely thought that you made it past the axe murderer because this video is so much longer. "
I'm doing it the other way around and after seeing this I was under the assumption that Brad and Ryan fail horribly early on. Oh well, onto Team BR!
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So is everyone in agreement that the VJ endurance run is the better of the two? Because I ain't watching both. Might as well keep it oldschool, although I do admit I'll be missing out on the fun of Brad pulling Brads.
"Yep, that texture over there is terrible!"
 That was EXACTLY what I was thinking.

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@ChrisTaran said:
" Ok, who's making the "Team VJ" t-shirts?! "
No one because team BR is the way to go. But "Team BR" t-shirts would be awesome.
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'Nooooo I don't want to diiieeeeeeee'

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OMG !!!!!!!!!!

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It still won't play. :(


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I've been waiting for another ER....  May day just got alot better!
Thanks Giantbomb!

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"Grandpa slow motion showering in the woods".  Alert CNN!

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hey vinny, jeff, watch out for QTEs 
just so you know.
also yeah neither endurance team picked up on the monkey squirrels it seemed. HMM

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i am :3ing p hard right now

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Let the debate begin, which version is better VJ or BR?

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Nice to see Vinny and Jeff back in the ER saddle. Nothing against Brad or Ryan but I thought this one was more entertaining. Either way I'm going to be a happy man for quite a while with this.

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I'm very, very, VERY happy about this...TWO Endurance Runs of the same awesome game. Can't wait to see the guys' reaction to all the crazy shit that happens in this game.

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Wow, thought cause the run time was longer, Vinny and Jeff would have made if farther. Let's see how long this lasts. I give the edge to team VJ, they have the experience and Brad already sounds like he wants to call it in.

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I'll watch both ER's. It will suck if one gets significantly ahead of the other (unless the story sucks all the way), but I don't think they will let that happen. Drew will be monitoring both of them, so this doesn't happen.
Watching both has another interesting bonus for the viewer: to see how different they approach the same game. Not only gameplay, but also the story and the details. For instance, both "freaked out" with the ladybug and noticed that early awful texture, but VJ got the GreenVale stuff, which BR didn't noticed. And the "me" part was hilarious in VJ and it didn't get any attention in BR. It will be very interesting. Good luck to both. I can't wait for 2 daily episodes of ER. It will be awesome!!!

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Jeff and Vinny are the only reason I'm such a fan of Giant Bomb!

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Inverted bro fist! Also, Whitesnake lyrics FTW.

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@Myrmidon said:
"This is the best website on the internet. "

@KingOfIceland said:
"Yep, this continues to be the best video game website in the world "

This website gives me banana mouth.  Extreme banana mouth son.
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they are so fucking slow...

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So glad I watched all of Twin Peaks before watching this.

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Two endurance runs at once?!  OH MAN.

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I wish Jeff and Vinny could do voice overs for all horror games. Would never be frightened again.

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Its so hard to watch other people play games when you are not there for them to hear you backseat drive. For instance I wanted to scream: "No your gun is probably infinite ammo, just hit 'B' to reload Vinnie!", or "Hey did you see on the map you skipped that whole left hand fork in the walkway entirely! Go back!
But alas they cannot hear us scream at them... "Eat those pickles!"

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Monkey squirrels? Ridonkadankulous

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Ah I missed the old hilarity of the ER, now it's back and I'm so happy.

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Hell yeah! Keep endurin´ this masterpiece!

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New ER FTW!!! 
Thank you Giantbomb XD
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@EpicReflex said:
" @paulunga said:

" @EpicReflex:@EpicReflex said:

" Persona 4 is indeed a bad game, to me at least....you lil fruits. "

"I don't like a game" != bad game "
The only excuses you have for misinterpreting what i just said by that degree would be if English is your second language or you have a visual impairment. Try not to catch feelings because someone doesn't like/rate a game that you happen to you like/rate.  "
While English is my second (technically third) language I can't really help it if you're not using it correctly. Also, where did you get the idea that I'm upset about your comment or even that I like Persona 4 (I do.)? I was merely pointing out a logical fallacy.
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Jusr as a side note: if you smoke poison ivy you could die.

"If poison ivy is burned and the smoke then inhaled, this rash will appear on the lining of the lungs, causing extreme pain and possibly fatal respiratory difficulty.    "
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What a terrible, terrible game....
A lot of jenky ass hilarity in this ER i  bet.

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Awesome...i can't wait