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Posted by NoDeath

Me and Zach are gonna have some fun watching this.

Posted by Norbington


Posted by MonkeyGekko


Posted by brocool

My Coffee warned me of this

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Am I here for the first page of comments? 
Edit: Yes I am. I'm working my way up.

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Oh crap. I didn't know these things go up at 6 am. Not like I would normally see it before going to sleep. Guess I'll check this out once I wake up. A peak wouldn't hurt though.
EDIT: I ended up watching it.

Posted by sixpin

E... R... In my coffee...

Posted by Tesla

Morning endurance run, right on time.  Team VJ are.....GO!

Posted by Raymayne


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Posted by LordAndrew

I love how early these get posted now. :)

Posted by scarace360

first period endurance run this day s gonig to be good. GO TEAM VJ!!!!
Posted by Katajero

Team Ve-jay-jay yeah! Ain't that right Zach? ME ME ME ME ME ME ME *poke poke poke*

Posted by gbrading

We've had a ball... Right Zach? Great stuff. The zombie shooting has to be the most tedious aspect of the game. I've been watching VJ first because they're playing catch-up at the moment, but I've been enjoying both in equal measure.
Posted by Kaigan

Vinny flushed a liquified baby down a toilet, but it's okay because he didn't mean it.

Posted by MildMolasses

Nice Ice Cube reference from Vinny
Posted by RobotHamster

I love waking up to an ER!!

Posted by mutha3

Uggh. They have a million steel pipes(which are basically 1-hit KO's) and they haven't used it once.
This reminds of the previous ER where they forgot every episode that snuff souls restore 50 SP.
Damn, guys.:(

Posted by Emiel

 Push back button to show the map

Posted by moji22


Posted by MagikGimp

Can we use some of these other more efficient weapons instead of the gun that shoots rubber bullets?

Posted by mrsmiley

 i'm pretty sure it's ok to use melee weapons on boxes... just sayin.

Posted by atomic_dumpling

I don't know if I am going to watch the ER when the game continues to be 70% shooting the same four zombies over and over. It's wearing me out, I find myself fast forwarding a lot lately.

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"Excuse me Batman? Poison Ivy's on the phone for you."
I can't be the first one to come to the conclusion that Zach is the player, right? I mean it's a means of exposition so the player knows what York's thinking and adds to the whole meta/post-modern tone of the whole game.

Posted by Vinchenzo

It's almost like a generator...

Posted by noe

The game will explain who Zach is near the end.

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Lumbermill is literally the worst part of the entire game. (atleast as far as I've experienced. I'm a ways past this now).
Stick with it guys, after this you'll be able to do the sidequest that gets you an infinite ammo SMG and just blow through these dungeon portions.

Posted by Oginam

Wet T-shirt contest MFers!
Right, Zach?

Posted by Shinri

Yes. Amazing. Yes. Yes. Amazing.
Posted by Kombat

The Jeff and Vinny Endurance Run is the only Endurance Run.

Posted by fwylo
@NoDeath: Zach and I are going to have some fun watching this.
Posted by sjolle

rawr that dead lady on that alter .... just HAWT !

Posted by Raymayne
@mutha3: They're saving them for when they need them, douchebag. It'd be a waste to use them in these early stages when they're only having to cope with a couple of zombies mainly in corridors where they can be easily dispatched with the pistol. GTFO.
Posted by buckybit

FYI - apparently, today is the creator/director-of-this-game's birthday: "Happy Birthday, Swery!"

Posted by NoXious

Wet t-shirt contest motherfucker! X-D

Posted by Supersoulman

It really is getting harder and harder to watch these...

Posted by zityz

i ALMOST picked this up yesterday for like $25, and for soem reason I didn't...
Posted by rohanspear345

head to the GUNSMITH!?! i remember josh brolin mentioning it

Posted by OpenWideToSwim

start skips every thing even the item screen. USE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ch3burashka

Wow, I've forgotten how far behind VJ is. Nothing wrong with that - it's just that it feels like BR have basically spoiled the VJ ER.
Use your melee weapons dudes!

Posted by ArmedBear


Posted by AlKusanagi

Did they miss the SMG, or was I just not paying attention during that part (tend to have it playing in the background)? I'm at the exact same spot, and I picked one up at the beginning of this area. I was afraid of running out of ammo, but enemies tended to drop ammo for it when I used it (as they tended to drop first aid kits when I wasn't at max capacity), so it seems the game looks out for you.

Posted by AndrewHM

niiice! Breakfast just became awesomer , Zach.

Posted by Jeffk38uk

*Peaks into todays endurance run.
Ok, good to know!

Posted by MeatSim

Agent York, he is down to take a nap anywhere no matter how dangerous.

Posted by Kratch

I started re-watching Twin Peaks last night because of this damn game.

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The constant harping on about the game's technical issues is starting to get old. The game is janky, we get it. It seems like Brad and Ryan are taking the game in stride, while Vinny and Jeff  seem to be hung up on "this texture is bad", "why do I have to climb over this thing" or "hey this video game is doing video game-ass things". 
Also, you have like twelve pipes. You may as well use a few of them, especially since you dislike using the gun.

Edited by mutha3
@Raymayne said:

" @mutha3: They're saving them for when they need them, douchebag. It'd be a waste to use them in these early stages when they're only having to cope with a couple of zombies mainly in corridors where they can be easily dispatched with the pistol. GTFO. "

1st: They have 4 steel pipes, 2 crowbars, and more then 300 auto bullets. Unless they're going to be fighting god himself, they really don't need to horde this shit. Furthermore, you make it sound like they know what they're doing in the fist place. 
The previous ER has already shown us that they probably forgot what the steel pipe does in the first place.
2nd: 'these ''couple of zombies'' take 5 minutes to kill each and frustrates both the viewer and them when they spend ungodly amounts of time killing enemies when they should really just slap them with a stick like most normal people do.
3rd: Stop fellating the staff ,you weird fuck. They're big boys and they can deal with a little criticism and some advice. No need to insult someone over that.
Posted by vmehnert

"Hide the smoked salmon, I used to play this with Zach!"  

Posted by Jack_Daniels

"And we have ti-food"!!!

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