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Xboxalypse can't keep VJ down!

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Oh? No body he- *BLAP*

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@smcn said:
" Xboxalypse can't keep VJ down! "
No, SIR. Fucking righteous!
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@smcn: Jeff being in Hawaii can't keep VJ down, son!
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It looks like the Xbox live stream will delay things today.    :P

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'Bout time it's up! Screw studying.

Posted by RonnyLee19881

Nice, Why are the videos so late? I want the Brad episode.

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Yay, Edurance Run FTW! Still only 20 minutes though...
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Let's keep this train rollin'!
Even if it is kind of a short episode.

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Crap, JEEZ, not another ER!

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Now my day can start... at 3pm. Who am I kidding? I wasn't going to accomplish much today anyway!

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Keeping the videos short. :(

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I love the endurance run!

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Drew confirmed for surviving The Stream!

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Haha! I can't believe I just saw that! 5 and a half minutes in and already team VJ showing it's dominance!
07/08 Small Med Kits!!!
At this point in the game team BR were absolutely FUCKED for health. Team VJ reigns supreme!

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You guys forgot the get the agent honor at the start of the episode.

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I kinda like that VJ is a little behind in the game. At least i'm not watching the exact same thing every day.
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haha nothing happened really in this episode!

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Every time Jeff talks about the TV knife show it just cracks me up!!!!

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Vinny reading comments about melee weapons confirmed.
EDIT: And Jeff with the animation skipping! They'll be caught up in no time while BRyan are fumbling through crates and watching York open car doors.

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They should have just kept playing to get out of there instead of delaying.

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i do love me some knife show talk.

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I'm thinking these are short because Jeff had to go film the Lost finale and so they had to film them in a tighter time period than normal.

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Pfft.  Brad and Ryan were able to hide on their first try.  They hid like pros.  LIKE.  PROS.

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Vinny:  What should we eat? 
Jeff: A bullet. 

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Windfire Zack Special featuring dragon-embossed hilt and FULL-TANG CONSTRUCTION!!! only $49.95!

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I've never thought about it like that....A Valve controls the Steam. Huh....
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awesome reference to The Adventures of Ford Fairlane at the end of the video.   
"This case is getting cah-losed!"

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Keep em pipes coming!

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"The Valve controls the Steam"

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Good stuff.

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Drama up in this bitch!

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lol learning new trix! 

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Just use a mission knife against the boxes and fences!  They have high durability, take out enemies more faster than guns, and you can break 3 before you have to reload!  :)

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Aww.. it was right there, all they had to do was walk out the door and all hell would break loose... well, I can wait another day XP

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It's still one from before Jeff's leaving. I wonder if tomorrow's is going to be the same or if he is already on GB office today.

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Haha, both BR and VJ confused about the axe

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what happened when they pressed start?

Posted by Upryse
@Metroid545 said:
" what happened when they pressed start? "
They skipped the stupidly long "look at what you just picked up" screen.
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These last episodes have been short, but still with plenty hilarious commentary.

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I almost lost hope that we'd get one today <3!

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Knife shop talk go!

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Go to OPTIONS and make the blood RED!

Posted by Hot_Karl

"Let's hide behind that bad framerate!" was pretty fuggin' funny, gotta admit