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This game is not bad in terms of script, the execution lives up to the "low-budget" name, though.

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No, I'M the cowboyest!

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@Simmse: Team BR isn't shaving their York.
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@takua108 said:
" "Yo, man, tell him to fuck off.Oh, I mean, uh... what rhymes with 'off?'" "
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oh snap, 52:08

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Good episode. Dont shave the beard, it gets really long and is therefore awesome, you wont regret keeping it =P 
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Turn off your notifications, Vinny!

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It's amazingly funny how Jeff and Vinny catch on to certain things much more faster than Team BR. They figured out how to skip certain animations, go through doors more quickly, that smoking cigarettes passes time, and that those flies mean York is a stinky agent.

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zomg 52 minutes

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is shaving supposed to get rid of flies or something?  following the games logic

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the bugs!! 

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A cat in the hat and that was that. So says Mr. Stewart.

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I really liked this one.

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Don't know if this will ever be released in Europe but I'm starting to suspect this is a game I could grow to really love. You guys should ignore the story for while and just go out and start following and interacting with the towns folk. From what I understand thats where you start to appreciate the games genius.

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I really want this game, but Amazon doesn't like other countries :(

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As much as this game looks horrible, i wish they would release a PAL version so i could play :(

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oh my god keith rock n roll ingram had me literally crying with laughter.
duh doo duh doo duh doo doo doo YEAH 

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Do these people not notice these giant pick up items strewn around town?

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Wow, Vinny and Jeff are smart - I would have never thought of the cigarettes.

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where's BR 12?? im enjoying their playthrough more because they are more likely to finish this game quick..and i wanna know what all this crazy shit ends..

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Cool. They caught on faster than BR did about the bugs. Good memory there, Jeff.

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@imad81 said:
" where's BR 12?? im enjoying their playthrough more because they are more likely to finish this game quick..and i wanna know what all this crazy shit ends.. "
same. they go through more of the game at a time. even though all they do is rip on it hahaha
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I fell asleep while watching this and drooled all over the side of my face.
Great vid.

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Mr Steward and Ushah should team up for an awesome rap.

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I (me? me?) totally lost it at Jeff`s "YEAH!" reaction to the urine cup.
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I've got to give them credit for one thing - I've never seen a dolly zoom used in a video game before.

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Don't shave!

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Oh he needs to take a shower. I get it...

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Hell yeah
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Shave your York, VJ. The bugs are really distracting during the conversations.

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Don't shave! NEVER SHAVE
I wanna see York with a ZZ top beard XD

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Is that a bee or a big f-ing fly?!
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FYI guys, Press start to skip the starting video and getting in and out of cars.  
I am playing DP, keeping pace you VJ but doing side quests as well. I already got the infinite 10mm.

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The bees go away if you get your suit cleaned which takes 24 hours or if you wear another suit. DO NOT SHAVE. York has a badass beard when it's fully grown.

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I wonder if this is what Japanese people think of us?

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Good to see Luchadeer making an appearance.

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Jeff is totally watching Twin Peaks right now. He made no less than eight references.

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hahaha richard dunn

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You guys might want to head to George's house around 20:30pm for an awesome treat...

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What the hell is up with those bugs!!!

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YES! 52 minutes! I love you guys!

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I hate EVERYONE in Greenvale!

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Argh, internet connection is too sucky for quest completion :(

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Yes, BILL! Both ERs called it and that makes me happy.

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wow, time flys when you smoke.

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That deer was Luchadeer before he became a luchador.