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I was so sure that York was going to reference A Clockwork Orange when the gravekeeper showed up.
Also: COPKNIFE is online!

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@Meatsim said:
" That deer was Luchadeer before he became a luchador. "
The deer has been one of the things that makes this ER so fitting to me.
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It's george! He loves george!

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things i want vinny to do:
1.press start at animations
2. I know he won't do anything I just wanted to post a reply
3. I made 600 wiki points
4. I got scammed for 4000g in wow
5. Haiiiiii
6. Keep on trollin'
7. Read 1 to 7 again.

Posted by Max_Hydrogen

It's official, we are Zach. I only wish they had gotten Nolan North to do the voice of Zach. 
Personally, I think the pot lady is having trouble dealing with menopause. 
VJ clued in on the stinky agent much faster than BR which leads me to conclude that if the Giantbomb offices ever smell a tad funky, we'll know who to look for.

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The parallels between the 2 runs in this episode are really awesome.  

  • The dude in the wheelchair whispering into the guys ear: Ryan said, "tell that guy to suck it," and Jeff said, "tell that dude to sit and spin." 
  • Both Vinny and Brad drove towards that exact same area of that wall when they took the off-road shortcut.
They've been working together for so long that their behaviors are bleeding together... kind of like an all-girls summer camp.
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Hah, they got Stinky Agent too. Wonder how long it'll take them to find out how to clean clothes or take them to go change.

I've said it twice before, I'll say it again. Agent York: The master of proper eating conversations.
Looks like they already are ahead of BR with the whole Stinky Agent thing.

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I admit it, I'm addicted to the ER. Both ERs. @_@
EDIT: I think 'G' stands for 'George.'

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Stinky agent in tha house

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Vinyocks is the killer!

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you should take a shower

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"choo choo....ng..." 
I the only one that caught that? Someone like trains? lol 

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"That's a trumpet."
You tell him, Jeff!

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"I hear you run the Milk Barn convenience store."  
" That's right, man. Rock n Rolllll!"
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lol oh vinny and jeff when will you ever figure out the meaning of the bugs XD

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Dude, reference to Material Girl in both Endurance Runs!! That's just insane.

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its you
you are the stinky agent

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Woah, thanks to smoking i'm thinking Vinny and Jeff can catch up! However, I do like how they do the extra activities and meet the other characters. :D

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Wesley Snipes running the gun shop

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Shit! i also totally called that guy Drebin.

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@Jonny7892 said:
" Anna is damn ugly "
beyond ugly. ugh.
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Vinny has a friend named COPKNIFE. This is the single greatest discovery I have ever made.

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My favourite episode so far. The rocking guy was so good.

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@ashogo said:
" @Jonny7892 said:
" Anna is damn ugly "
beyond ugly. ugh. "
Posted by Bratcher_Lev

All I have to do is miss a day and now I have FOUR EP episodes to watch in a row. Going to be a good day.

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this endurance run is getting better and better so...

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They've turned on notifications, apparently. That's cool, that way we can see the achievements. :p

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I completely lost it with the Pot Lady. Bravo, gentlemen.

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Perhaps the greatest police chase ever depicted in a video game.
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"Hey why dont you tell that cop to sit on this and spin"     me and my fiance were dying when we heard this lmfao

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Smelliness, the sign of a good Endurance Run.

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This is now the funniest video of the Deadly Premonition ERs yet.

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Could anyone tell what Vinny's ring tone was?

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"how come talking into the microphone makes him quieter."  Thinking the same thing.

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"I've never had a plastic burger like this in my life" 
"...I ...Me... ...I'm the hotel..."

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those flies are too much 

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Jeff's villain voices are dangerously hilarious. "Tell that cop I said sit on this and spin..." lmao

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I'm so ready to see Brian just break out singing thriller.

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Worked it out. Mr.Stewart is G-Man and Thomas loves him.

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@Godlyawesomeguy: everybody loves doughnuts
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Easily the best episode of this ER yet.

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Forgot how funny Keith was. Brilliant.

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Mr Stewart is spitting hot fire

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I still love how York speaks in a higher pitch to Polly. It's really unexpected that they would pay that much attention to voice detail, despite everything else.

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oh god i lost it when jeff said "tell that cop i said to sit on this and spin"