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Another short one.
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What, WHAT?! It's either up early, or i'm up late!
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eff yea

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yes!! something to watch while i dry my hair

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nice timing to put this up for me :D

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First you get the money, then you get the power and then you get the women.  

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If so: YEAH they listened to my message!

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Cool! But change your clothes, already :p

--- cool, you did :D

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VJ all the way!

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Im sick of those flies. sheesh.

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yay!  I have a premonition this will be awesome!

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Wow it is exactly called Red Seeds Profile in Japan, that's a terrible name.

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Jeff's knowledge of that  chronic is a little disconcerting  

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Scarface ending FTW.

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Never mind the beard for now, is there a way to brush your hair in this game?

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"I ain't gonna kill you, Frank." - Scarface 
Also, please do side quests during free time and not just smoke to skip forward in time like some other endurance run is doing. They missed out on an infinite ammo SMG because of skipping ahead. That weapon makes those dungeon crawls way faster.

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yay more endurance run

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Ha, went out on a high note this episode.

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Messed up surround sound :<

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The 'talk' option was yellow. They should have clicked on it again:(
Well, I guess tomorrow's another day.....

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scarface ending

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Thanks a lot. You had me laughing out loud over here.

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love you Vinny, hahahahha

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Nice beard.

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Time to endure again :)

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Rappers love Giant Bomb!!!
Also, the never read these, but during the next "day" of game time I was able to get three unlimited ammo weapons just by doing a few quests.
*semi-spoilers for weapons*
Finding all the bones on the map led to getting an unlimited ammo magnum, which leads to an unlimited ammo flamethrower, and a quest from a map you buy at the Milk Barn leads to an unlimited ammo hotel "raeping" SMG (made easier to get through use of said magnum).

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Awesome ending.

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'We're an S rank peeper'...'I didn't need the game to tell me that'
Also those kid voice actors are just plain terrible

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Hot damn Vinny a joke you made during the recap segment was pretty spot on. You're some kind of savant.

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They gots alot of ammo for that 10mm, this bodes well.

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I notice that Brad and Vinny pronounce Qwerty "swerty" and not "kwerty". Is this a California thing?

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@SchwartzChamp said:
" Hot damn Vinny a joke you made during the recap segment was pretty spot on. You're some kind of savant. "
Yeah dude. I always really liked Vinny's sense of humor. It makes me sad whenever the other guys don't catch on to it or just ignore it.
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@Max_Hydrogen said:
" I notice that Brad and Vinny pronounce Qwerty "swerty" and not "kwerty". Is this a California thing?  "
It's a joke based on the fact that the director of the game's pen name is Swery.
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I think they were referencing "Swery" the game Director and the Swery dart bar.
They said something similar in earlier videos.
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You've managed to make a terrible game entertaining.  Bravo.

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Gas factory haha

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damn that's a nice beard

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Ghostbusters reference ftw

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Vinny seems to be like high in this episode, and I love it.

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They actually are internet Leaderboards. Press A while on any category and they'll show everyone who's played (top 100).

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Greenvale, where nobody cares if you discharge two clips of a sub machine gun in a hotel lobby.

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