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Let's do this, Zack!

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 aha! is this my chance?
EDIT: I guess not, but Endurance Run is GO!

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Damn! Too slow!

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Go green machine! Eh I mean, go VJ!

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This quest is soooooo hard

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I forgot what the point of deviation was that made Vinny and Jeff so far behind. Was it somewhere in the lumber mill?

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Super early morning ER with a bowl of cereal, hell yeah!

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Oh man I should go to bed... Maybe just the VJ endurance run for now.

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@TheCreamFilling: They did much shorter episodes in the Lumber Mill than BR because Jeff was gone.

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I really need to catch up on these

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Loving York's beard.
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Ah VJ commentary always delivers. Enjoying this more than when BR went through this bit. Emily sure does like to stare at York's crotch...

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holy shit if they don't give up on this map side quest, they'll get something that'll make combat fly by.. i'm talking about a new weapon people!

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Crap I'm two episodes behind now. This is how it  began last time. Next thing you know I have to marathon six hours of Endurance Run to catch up.

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@Whiskeyjack said:
" Crap I'm two episodes behind now. This is how it  began last time. Next thing you know I have to marathon six hours of Endurance Run to catch up. "
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Oh you guys are going to loooooove the reawrd from Cope Tunnel =)

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Watching these is worth it if only to see the stuff I missed. That bit with Harry and the sandwich was great!

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Vinny's imitation of Emily nagging was hilarious!

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Uh oh, Vinny and Jeff might complete a good side quest next time. I'm scared.

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wonder how long this endurance run will go for, the games only 30 hours or so right?

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Yes, Cope's Tunnel quest is well worth it.

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The big guy wears a belt and overalls. What exactly is he keeping in there?

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Emily's facial expressions in the diner were fantastic. 
"I want to become one with your crotch"

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Persona 4 reference number 8.
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ooo VJ is kinda catchin up!

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 York = dojima but younger
Emily = chie grown up
Isach/Isaiah one dies in a tragic drunk driving accident, the other fall into tv land and becomes Teddy (the blonde hair/pale/facial feature likeness!)
Mr Stewart = Funk Stewart grown up FUCKING RIDDLE MASTERS
Raincoat killer = HE LOOKS LIKE A SHADOW!
Going into zombie brain alternate world = Going into the tv!
I don't even, how the, what!?!

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oh keith
you so crazy

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I think this episode sums up the bizarreness that DP is.

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Can't wait for the Corpse Tunnel!

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@gunslingerNZ said:
"  Emily sure does like to stare at York's crotch... " 
Just wait until York puts on his sex appeal ++ suit.
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Lady Hawk was an awesome movie.

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Mr. Stewart = Funky Student.
Called it!

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Well then let's see if there's INFINITE ANYTHING! in this one :D

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yes VJ getting the infinite smg !

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I still need to make a Turkey strawberry jam and cereal sandwich.

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Yay, they're gonna get the infinite ammo SMG!

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Anyone feel bad for Drew? He has to sit through this game two times..

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Sex appeal suit, corpse tunnel and knife worms... i like where this is going.

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Didn't they already miss out on getting the infinite ammo SMG? I thought I read you in the comments you could only get it in the first episode.

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@Bratcher_Lev: No, it first becomes available in Chapter 6.