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Wow, Jeff has made an awesome show reference for like 5 episodes in a row. great job!

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This just keeps getting AWESOME! Endurance run hype up!

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It actually cracks me up so I'm loving it. Oh god it's so funny.
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I was about to say this episode was pointless until I saw the infinite ammo machine gun. Now this episode is the most progressive episode yet lol. That thing will save them sooooo much time now. Not to mention 80 MILES PER HOUR!!!!!!!

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Team VJ is well stocked! READY TO TACKLE THAT MANSION!

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@Stroyent said:
" Quint's car is the greatest thing to happen to an endurance run in endurance run history. "
I'll see your Quint's car and raise you Bufu.
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Why is the infinite smg icon red?

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"I hate these old men!"
Nice Tim and Eric reference Jeff.

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That's a sweet ride. Y'all should tune it up a bit.

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And do you remember the name of that story, Zach? We read it together back in the fourth grade. That's right; it was "The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry, first published in 1906.  What a great read that was... don't you agree, Zach?
Whew, that's good to hear... let's hope they do get those weapons. The less Vinny and Jeff rage, the funner this ER will be for all of us.

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Now go back to the Milk Barn and buy a second map to get infinite ammo shotgun. Also collect all seven bones scattered around town and go see Kayson. His dog will take the bones, then search the back of Kayson's car and you will receive infinite ammo magnum. Keep bribing Jack and he will give you info on your car. Go to junkyard and talk to the General and you can pay him to fix your car. It's expensive and you will have to wait 24hrs before you get it, but it is fast and cannot be damaged.

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I wish agent York could hang out of the car window while shooting his 10mm machine gun  ∞  into the air.

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wow - this particular episode was, was ... amazing.

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I laughed so hard when they got in the new car.

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I love this shit so much.

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The next time I need to name a song I'm calling it INFINITE MACHINEGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Team VJ, you once again prove why you're the real Endurance Run.
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One does not simply walk into More Doors!

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Sweet! Infinite ammo! I'm pretty confident that you can get an infinite ammo shotgun down the line too.

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If ever an episode was evidence of Team VJ's dominance, it's this one!

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Favorite quote from VJ-16:
Jeff: "More. Bullets. For. That. Ass."

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@Jonny7892 said:

" Vinny is a legend 'It's like chocolate in my mouth'   
@Crushed said:

In the real story, the dude did get screwed over pretty much. He sold his grandfather's prized pocketwatch that was a family heirloom to buy his wife a bunch of hair-grooming products. His wife cut off her hair to buy him a watch chain.  Her hair's just gonna grow back, his watch isn't. >:( "

What are you refering to, can you post a link.

Gift of the Maji
Posted by Aishan

New Suit. New Car. New Gun. York is the Greenvale Pimp. 
PS. VJ, put on your new suit!

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VJ new car equals WIN!

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man VJ are ROLLING Now!

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hey at 5:38 isn't that the killer's symbol in the information about the cars? <<

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Jeff:   "So can you turn the music off" 
Vinny: "nope" 
Jeff: "Awsome"

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If I ever buy this game the first two things I'm doing is buying that car and getting that gun.

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The car radio part made me spit out my drink... amazing.  
Great episode. 

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New car, new infinite ammo gun ... VJ be steaming.

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Infinite ammo: Always awesome.

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Worth every single byte :-)

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Good stuff. I have fallen behind in BR so I will probably enjoy my VJ time more.
EDIT: The infamous SMG! Awesome.

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After buying that car, i am now fully backing VJ instead. I tried and tried, to keep my chin up, not say anything and take it, but BR has driven me insane more than York's smiley face. God damn you Brad, God damn you.

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In this episode: 
Someone learndt how to play.
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Best episode yet! This game looks almost playable by a human being now!

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With the faster car and infinite bullets, VJ might even catch up to BR

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Vinny, your controller is vibrating in the car over time because your heart rate rises with use of the siren. 
When it gets in the red, bam! Vibrations, sweet, sweet vibrations.

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@RagingLion said:
" New car, new infinite ammo gun ... VJ be steaming. "
This shit just got real.
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Vinny: "Aw, this is the worst."
Jeff: "No, it's fun. Video games are fun. Also they're art."

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@Ronald said:
" Yes! Vinny has a faster car and an infinite ammo smg. This is what Brad is missing by sprinting through the story missions. I hope Vinny keeps doing side quests. Imagine how Vinny and Jeff would freak out if they learn York can teleport around town. "
wait, what? HOW?
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This shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Posted by ddensel

Gettin PAID to eat lunch man, that's the life for me...

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Driving 80... Gamechanger!

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Man you got a sweet ride and a new gun... dude you got it going!

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Those are some wheels. Also, infinite ammo! Wow, Vinny is so much better than Brad. If this were Persona 4, BR would be b-team. 

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it tastes like chocolate in my mouth ..
best qoute evar