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obnoxious quest is obnoxious
EDIT: Felt like I was camping a rare spawn in MMO again...

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 Bring on the sirens!

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it's on

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 Ahh, nothing like the smell of an Endurance Run in the afternoon.

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Let's go!

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Edit: Boooooooooooooooooooooo

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Bah humbug, it's impossible to do...

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Duder! :(

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Aaw :(

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damn it duder

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I swear VJ is the only ones that get the issues. They must be doing it on purpose as a persona reference.
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>Tweeted less than 10 seconds ago
>Think I might get the quest done
>500000000 replies already.
Anyhoo, time to kill some time with this ER.

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I think the stream just got Bufu cast on it.

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Duder, what is the meaning of this!
 Edit: Yeaaaah baby!

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fuck u duders

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Somehow, it's always Brads Fault. 

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Luchadeer, save VJ!

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@RoboRobb: lol waht review? was that from???
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an old gamespot review/feature

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Chie, we should cast Bufu...

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Why does video not work? This makes me sad.

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Dam i wanted to watch it =(

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I bet Team VJ kick ceiling ladys ass

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Ah crap, they meet Crawling Lady today. Ugh... Just watched 30 minutes of BR struggling with that tedious combat. I hope this is fixed soon, though. As much as I loathe that Crawling Lady I also want to hear VJ's thoughts. I'm predicting Vinny will say, "What the..." followed with an "Uuuuuuuuuughck" from Jeff. 
Edit: Yay! It works!

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Yay! It-is-working!

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Hurray it's working!

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Is there a getting a borked video quest? that one might be easier than the 'first!' one.

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45 minutes!

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what's up with the streaming?

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Getting a "stream not found" message... hmm
Tinkered around and got it working if I set it to high quality and streaming, if that helps anyone

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Not working for me. What gives?

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@napalmtrees said:

" Hurray it's working! "

Really?  It isn't for me.  What are the you using when it work?
Edit: Nevermind.  It just FINALLY worked.
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Figured it out. Run it in IE on Progressive, if you dare.
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hoorah it be working
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Screen cap is freaky as fuuuuuck. Haha.

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Hugh Jackman for Cobra.
That's my vote.

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Ha!  I've never even seen Cobra, but I STILL guessed Michelle Rodriguez as the gender-swapped lead even before they brought him up.  Eliza Dushku is an obvious choice, too.

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nicolas cage syndrome lmao

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I almost bought Deadly Premonition yesterday but then I found Persona 4 new for $8.99.

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did anyone else hear the zombie go "F*** You!" at 27:30 as they ran by?
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It's as if Jeff has seen 20 movies in his entire life.

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I love the planning of being stuck in the geometry just to get stuck anyway because it is this game

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I hate Michelle Rodriguez, she sucks when she tries to look though.

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Nicholas Cage is the best thing that has happened to this world.