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 Shoot her when she's red!

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 Endurance Run GO!

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Woo! ER!

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good times

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Panda Bear?

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Yay VJ!!!!

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50 minutes, hell yea!

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Will VJ progress past BR? Find out now!

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MP-5s go for around $1200 to $1900 just to let you know

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I sure hope there will be an infinite M4 as well.

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Less than ten minutes in, Vinny and Jeff prove their knowledge of basic game design.
"hey there's these pictures of dudes with apples, and I saw some apples on the tree." 
"you wanna shoot some apples?"
Silly Brad and also Ryan, you are letting Vinny and Jeff show you up!

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"Monet was so troubled."  I love it when they do zombie voice, it's almost as good as them doing Igor or Adachi.

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@Olivaw:  I have to agree, the only thing BR really have over them is that they rushed further into the story.
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I don't know a single person who owns a gun that bought it from an actual store. Do people really go that route for weapons? :/ Aha! Are these crates our chance?

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The only reason I love Mondays is up.

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Wee. Food and endurance run, just like good old times!

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50 minutes w00t

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I now and again get the feeling of Déjà Vu. How about you Zach?

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Man I've been waiting all day for this.

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So now we know that wall crawlers give birth to those orb things.... O_o

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This video would have been about half as long  if they had just hit the wallcrawlers with one of their million melee weapons.
This is even worse then physical attacks in P4, at least those didn't kill enemies 10X faster.

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I'm at 28th minute right now and I'm like FFFFFFF USE THE SHOTGUN! D:<

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@DarkbeatDK said:

" I'm at 28th minute right now and I'm like FFFFFFF USE THE SHOTGUN! D:< "

Or a strong melee weapon which kills almost every enemy in one or two hits.
As has been established in Episode 1 and 4 and 7 and 10 ETC.
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I can hear Brad's dulcit tones in the background! The bass in that gentleman's voice is astounding.

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These guys should install the game onto the hard drive to get faster load times. 
Just sayin... 
Also, I hope it's the PCP cigs that cause the hallucinations. 

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Tasty Kake butterscotch krimpets are way better than twinkies 

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@Arrested_Developer:   Not as good as them doing Mr. Morooka. Them's were the days.
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@Gid3on: Uh... no. An MP5 will run you at least $15 000, and depending on the model and make up to $25 000.
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@mutha3:  Oh yeah, totally! They've been hoarding melee weapons like maniacs.
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*Skips ahead 5 minutes when Wall Lady comes* 
Much better. 
Edit: *Skips ahead again...*

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So, to people who know this game, does ceiling lady only take one hit before going into hit-invincibility so using the shotgun would speed the fights up by 300%?

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50 minutes of ER, Zach!!!!
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My favorite running gag is the "say unrelated things in zombie voice."

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Nothing like watching the ER on a Bank Holiday Monday.

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Oh my, 50 minutes? that's pretty long.

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I just watched the Feedback segment on this game, and it's made me appreciate these ERs even more. Wow, those wall crawlers are boring.

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Vinny when she's red run like 5 feet turn around and blast her, don't run to the end of the corridor you are making things a million times harder on yourself man.

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@Suicidal_SNiper said:
" *Skips ahead 5 minutes when Wall Lady comes*  Much better.  Edit: *Skips ahead again...* "
Just letting you know, you didn't miss much... Just some good cupcake discussion.
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Really gun prices are a supply and demand thing. A $200 hand gun in the states will sell for $2000 on the streets in Canada. Drug dealers in the Brazillian slums have AR15s and grenade launchers and they sure as hell aren't paying a few grand a piece.

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You guys really need to use the shotgun on the wall crawlers.

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I almost bought Deadly Premonition a couple days ago but I ended up finding a new copy of Persona 4 for only $8.99.  Turns out the price had been slashed accidentally but they gave me the price anyway.

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Once again, I must advise that getting all seven of the bones and talking to Forrest Kaysen will speed up these wall lady fights by an incredible degree....and trust me, they are only going to get worse.  They are easily the worst part of the game.

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@AdventChild said:
"Nothing like watching the ER on a Bank Holiday Monday. "

It's totally awesome.
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Finally catching up with the other team...this should be fun :D

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swery definitely f'd up the wall climber enemy part, about 10 times too long.

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Gah, thrre crawlers?! This game kind of sucks, but at the same time it rocks. 

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24 minutes in, they finally answered a question i've always wondered - whether or not Jeff and Vinny could tell that some of the glowy things are different coloured. 
Good to know.