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Baah, crap ending :-D

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Hopefully they just play up to that point off camera and not have us watch it all again.

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Damn, I hate lockups. Hope it just starts at the train again.

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awww i wanted a new INFINITE GUN

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Wow name dropping some awesome bands here! 
New found respect for York after that Joy Division reference :P

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wow it fucknig crashed great.

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A hilarious bummer of an ending.  Kind of surprised that happened, though, since the game never locked up on me when I played it.

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The wall lady froze the game because whe refused to die. It all makes seance Zach!
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Poor guys.
That sucks so much. I had 4 lock ups in a row playing. It was right after the multi wall crawler hallway.
After that I saved every chance I got. Lock ups in any game are such a downer.

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Dude, this sucks. It's a bit funny, though. :D

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Its good to see that both teams are posting long episodes pretty much daily.  Also, York has fantastic taste in music, or is that Zach?

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Anticlimactic! Still entertaining though. :)

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Train to Crash Town? Sign me up!

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wpw game freeze for real... that blows!

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@CitizenKane said:

" Hopefully they just play up to that point off camera and not have us watch it all again. "

Oh, come on. 
That would atleast require the editing skills of a youtube LP'er.
Also: You have plenty of melee weapons, Vinny. You have so much melee weapons that you can't carry more of every melee weapon you could have aquired so far.
start using 'em
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Oh the huge manatee...

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When Jeff says "let's go see the dude" I had a flashback of my recent viewing of The Big Lebowski yesterday.

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man that really sucks.

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I bet Vinny wishes he saved before he drove to the train yard.
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At least they know where the car is, haha.

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Man that sucks. Microsoft ruined the quest...

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Damn the game freezed up... FFFFFFFFFFFF.  
Seems like Vinny and Jeff got so accustomed to the rapid fire of infinite bullts of the machine gun that they forgot to aim for the heads with the shotgun or to shoot out the weapons out of the zombies hands.

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Hell yeah, Joy Division!

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Emily is a fucking hottie. I hope there is a sex mini game.

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Looks like you need to save every time you see a phone now just in case!

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Crashing is so not rock.

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Oh now I get what they meant by crash town, I see what you did there.

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Awwww man!

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@Smashlampjaw said:
" Wait, so what happend the controller froze the game or did the xbox freeze? "
The controller rumbling like that is a side effect of the xbox freezing. Happens every time my 360 freezes.
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@fwylo said:
"Emily is a fucking hottie. I hope there is a sex mini game. "

lol that would be something, York giving commentary to Zach as he does the deed.
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Oh no, guys! Now we get to watch you play that all over again.

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Lol, that sucks. 

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Can't believe it locked up at the end! Wonder if its the game or if their Xbox is about to die.

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Wow, never had this game crash on me, which is more than I can say for most current titles. Bad luck duders...

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Crash Town...

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SUCKS! SUCKS! SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn! I wish that crappy horrible game hadn't frozen because VJ and BR are pretty much tied: neither have been to see Harry yet. But this is no surprise, the game has demonstrated on many occasions that it is a bugged out piece of shit. Even in this episode I saw Kayse rematerialize after leaving and walking on top of the sofa. Not to mention the ghost Morgan walking trough crates... 
I did appreciate the nonchalant way Jeff said: "... oh right, well we're screwed." That's the kind of grace under fire that really shows a man's mettle. Those zombies are getting tougher: they're taking more hits and Johnny Cageing a lot faster.
Too bad they'll have to do it all again tomorrow.

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I think we were all afraid that the there were high chances that it was going to happen eventually. =/

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man I hope they dont have to go through the other world stuff again...

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Awwwwwwww poo poo pocket.

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They shouldn't even bother doing this quest again the crash was a god send. The reward is only a unlimited shotgun and there are about 4 more of those wallcrawlers to kill. They should go visit George at night when it's raining.

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aww that sucks with the lockup. Least they had a good attitude about it. Go team VJ!

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@fwylo said:
" Emily is a fucking hottie. "


@fwylo said:

"I hope there is a sex mini game. "
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I don't understand.  I thought the generals' upgrades were supposed to work across all cars in the game?  Vinny and Jeff's hotrod isn't going any faster than it did before.
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Red Ringed???

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I was wondering when they would get their first hard lock up. Now we get to see their amazing box pushing skills again!

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"You know how they lived in a train car? Well get this, some people call it... the PAIN car!"

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I love when Jeff and Vinny make Keith impressions. Console lock ups, not so much.