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@TomTheRealist said:
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Majesty and pageantry indeed.

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York and Zach didnt like the Sex Pistols because they were Fuckin fake!

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Game lock ups ftw...

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"live demo folks!"

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"I stirred the tanks, it wasn't my fault"

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Lock ups FTL

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they told Vinny to do that cryo-stir but did he check the levels? What was the gauge reading when he stirred the tanks, huh?!

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I can't believe VJ caught up and is now beating BR. Still, BR is also now bringing the win: feels like this ER double-act is starting to really open up.

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I've noticed that most of the characters in this game follow a letter of the alphabet. I can't seem to fill in V or X though. Anyone know if I am missing someone?

A - Anna (Victim #1)
B - Becky (Victim #2), Brian (Grave Keeper)
C - Carol (Galaxy of Terror)
D - Diane (Victim #3, Art Gallery)
E - Emily (Deputy Sheriff)
F - Forrest (Sapling Salesman), Fiona (Nurse)
G - George (Sheriff), Gina (Gas Station)
H - Harry (Mr. Stewart)
I - Isaach & Isaiah (Twins)
J - Jim (Farmer), Jack (Gas Station)
K - Keith (Milk Barn)
L - Lysander (The General), Lilly (Milk Barn)
M - Michael (Harry's Aide)
N - Nick (Diner)
O - Olivia (Diner)
P - Polly (Hotel)
Q - Quint (Swery 65)
R - Richard (Swery 65)
S - Sigourney (Pot Lady), Sallie (Anna's Mother? Sister?)
T - Thomas (Deputy Sheriff)
U - Ushah (Doctor)
V -
W - Wesley (Gunsmith), Willie (Dog)
X -
Y - York (FBI Agent)
Z - Zach (Player/Imaginary)

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Jeff said it right at the end with the "eugh"

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Ok. I'll watch the next episode. Only because you said please, Vinny.

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@Zithe In the name of secrecy I will only say there are two characters that could be X and V, but to say more would be in minor spoiler territory.  Hell, I'll post it for those who are REALLY curious.

 That said, I think this might just be a coincidence of having so many characters. The fact that there are doubles for some letters seems to suggest there's no real pattern here, just an attempt to have diverse names.
Also, Sallie is Anna's mother. The side quest (which neither ER did) drives that point home.
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awwwww that sucks

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Oh Deadly Premonition, why must you tease our relationship!?

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Apollo 13 refrence.
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I'm actually surprised that this is the first major glitch that either ER has run into, as this game is GLITCHY AS HELL. I had a pretty similar lock-up on the first Spiritual Map, and then during this one the first ring of fire, it never recognized that I had killed all the dudes, so I was trapped in that room forever.

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OH LAWD!  I was screaming at the screen watching that box sorting!

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Why can't you just start the episode from here tomorrow instead of using half, if not more than half, of tomorrows video for combat stuff and puzzles.  

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taking the train to crash town is a terrible idea. better to just walk

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How is Clash and Sham 69 hard and heavy punk? Try Bad Brains or the Germs.
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Games locking up? It looks like a red ring on their Xbox  is imminent... isn't that right Zach?

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The Ramones were garbage. There, I said it.

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That freeze kept happening to me later on in the game had to install to hard drive to get it to not keep locking up.

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Hilarious ending

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Shotgun is for close range guys! You were trying to take out that fat chick from liek 20 feet away. My netbook lags a bit, and I could see the scatter; less than a quarter was hitting her!
Is it still possible to change 'cruel production'? I wanna see what that's like.
I can hear the rumbling!!! I CAN FEEL THE POWER!!!

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Man,  BR are going to ace that wall lady. They have experience. 
The crash sucks though, since we'll have to watch this twice tomorrow.

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@Zithe: no offense, that was a coll list and i understand what you mean, but don't all names follow letters of the alphabet...
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Nice one, Columbo.

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@SpunkyHePanda said:
" Let's all consider the fact that Agent York spent over $4,000 for a tedious ghost story and a marker on his map. "
That's not canon.
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Poo Poo Pocket indeed...
Honestly, if it didn't save, maybe just skip this second spiritual map. All signs point to this leading to infinite shotgun ammo and since they don't like the shotgun, what's the point?

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They should have sorted the box quest out quicker, really. Pushing boxes in real life is a good way to solve these virtual box-pushing puzzles.

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I would suggest to not finish the sidequest. The reward is an infinite shotgun which isn't much better than the shotgun they have now. It's definitely not worth it espcially since they'll have to fight four of those wall crawlers and several rooms of zombies.

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The moment of success when they walked in between the tracks was so epic.

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While the shotgun is kind of less effective at killing things, due to being super slow to shoot and leaving you mad invulnerable if DP's collision detection gunks up (which, y'know...happens a lot), it also has the huge advantage of KNOCKING ZOMBIES OVER. In some of those infinite respawn corridors (and trust me, more are coming up) it can be a real handy tool of justing saying "Eff it," knocking fools over and running.

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@JP_Russell said:

" I don't understand.  I thought the generals' upgrades were supposed to work across all cars in the game?  Vinny and Jeff's hotrod isn't going any faster than it did before. "

Two things I can think of that might be it: Maybe it only goes "across the board" for police cars? Or maybe it just puts the max speed up to 80, and since Quint's already goes 80 it doesn't do anything?
Also: Sucky freeze. At least they can get the silver card before buying the map/suit. Good episode though.
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Lovely end. I wonder what this quest would have given.

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i love zombie voice

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Then dont catch on fire

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@marchismo:  Gee, thanks for spoiling that for me. Hell, thanks for spoiling that for all of us.
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"we dont have a fishing rod".....well you just looked at one to buy TWICE
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Fantastic ending. 
@Bummey said:

" The Ramones were garbage. There, I said it. "

(I hope you don't take that offensively. I mean that in a joking manner. =p)
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The fact that Vinny thinks Quints licence plate reads Lover Boy Forever is exactly why they should be doing alot more sidequests.
Not to mention interacting with townsfolk is the best part of the game, they've basically been focusing in on the games worst features for the most part.
The licence plate is Love Becky Forever, if anyone was wondering.

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"You can't rock when your hands are full."
 - Jeff Gerstmann, one of the finest philosophical minds of our generation.

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Haha, sucks that the game crashed like that. Almost 40 minutes of game down the shitter. Ah well... Hope you guys re-do this tomorrow.
And Jeff, how DARE you scoff at the mention of Deftones?!

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Game froze on me yesterday also. I had just got done following Nick too. Pissed me off.

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Aw, bro!  Games freezing up is, like, SO not rock!   
I wonder if they'll have the patience to rehash all the stuff they just did.  Hopefully, if they do, they'll realize that the shotty is really the way to go on those wall crawling vixens!
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I knew that the wall crawler fight taking less than 2 minutes would not make sense. Please, do not repeat that mission, just go straight to the main quest.

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@m2cks: Unless you're being sarcastic, I can't see why that would be considered a spoiler, let alone one worth getting upset about.  Regardless, I'll delete my previous comment to avoid "spoiling" anyone else.