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Woop new ER.

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 Another day, another attempt at getting that stupid quest.

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wow you guys are fast

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Dude, you guys are too damn fast!

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Boom! Enduring!

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@Droop said:

" Yes! My tactic worked! I knew more people would comment on the VJ run so commented on the BR run and got first :D  Anyway, I'm gonna watch this right now. Right, Zach? "

 Wow. You guys are actually getting more obnoxious as this goes on. This is just sad.
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Yo, does anyone got some Emily York FAN FIC!

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@sofacitysweetheart:  It's all in good fun. So get over it.. :|
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Lets do this!

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@Droop said:
" Yes! My tactic worked! I knew more people would comment on the VJ run so commented on the BR run and got first :D  Anyway, I'm gonna watch this right now. Right, Zach? "
That's not true.  It depends more on which one is listed first since people tend to go for the one on the top.  I know that's how I got mine because I went straight for the 2nd video the moment both got posted.
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lol the game crashed when they were so close to finishing that quest. sucks

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NOOOO!!! D: Evil creepy wall lady!!

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Oh gosh, what an ending. Poo Poo Pocket.

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Aww, that's irritating, jamming at that point. That's the way it goes. :(
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@Vinny: Omikron was sort of like that.  You move from person to person, but it's supposed to be you the whole time.

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RRoD holy crap!

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God damn lock-up. I really hope they do that stuff again, I want to see if they get another sweet gun out of that side mission.

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No! The game froze up.

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You controller is purring!

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LOL!  They might actually have to do that all again.  Wie aergerlich.

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This is going to be a long one.
EDIT: On second thought maybe not.

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An Endurance Run first occurs in this episode! 

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DAMNNNN man, i feel for you guy's.. better luck next time!

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Wait, so what happend the controller froze the game or did the xbox freeze?

Posted by Mars_Cleric

I've had this error before, don't know what causes it though
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the train yard really is haunted!!!!

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Change the blood color  to red.

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Lmao ^^

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The raincoat killer has struck again.  bwahaha

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I fucking love keith and fuck you if you don't.
you just don't know how to rock.

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Console couldn't take another wall crawlin lady.

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Zach how come we have just stopped still and can't move anymore ??

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Let's all consider the fact that Agent York spent over $4,000 for a tedious ghost story and a marker on his map.

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It is meant to freeze like that. It is like Psychomantis in MGS.  There is nothing wrong with DP, it is perfect!

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Next sidequest for the Milk Barn I'd expect would be assembling a forklift then putting the boxes in the right spot :P.   
That shotgun infinite mission takes a while to get through with the hallway but once you have that gun it pays off, not a big amount of damage but spread is good when facing lots of zombies or the wall ghost (can be less accurate then & still hit it/her). 
Game crashes are the main reason why I save often as there's many points in games where I don't want to have to redo things.

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Haha i love it whenever Jeff talks about GG Allin.
Also, ugh that crash sucks!

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poo poo pocket

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