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Hey guys! 
EDIT: Fuck, I didn't even want to get the achievement really. It's not hard if you try, guys.

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 Aha, is this Zach's chance?
Edit: Dammit!!  Now to enjoy the episode though.

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Lets get it oooon!
Edit: I love your beatboxing Jeff! do it mooar

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Now my day is complete!

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jeez you guys are fast

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I really despise this achievement.

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The first reply achievement should be retroactive, as I have replied first to a video before the quest system.  I demand a recount!

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Hey Endurance Run.

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Guess i'll have to watch this when I get home
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@Orbi: Oh come on. I'm happy for you, but please, you don't have to rub it in.
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Haha nice lamp angle
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Happy Monday!

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It's alive!!!!!!! Igor bring some beer and popcorn :P

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I'm sick of the first posts on endurance run videos being about some stupid quest. Aside from that hooray for another early posting!

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Let's do this shit!

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see ya, craphead.

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The making fun of Nick in the kitchen was awesome.
EDIT: Dog near the barrel was also awesome.

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I can't reply to you because I'm a lamp!

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"Is there anywhere else in here we can look for the dress?"
Why yes, there's that door you ran right past.

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"Now shut the fuck up and get the fuck out of my face!"
Dudeeer! :D

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Some fun moments in that one.  I especially cracked up over the lamp.  Nick roleplay was good too.

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Amazing epsiode!

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Good to see VJ caught up to BR
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The better way to start your Monday

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So the lamp was behind everything.

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Hello, is anyone home.

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LMAO when they were mocking nick in the kitchen

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Nanako's Lamp makes a cameo reappearance! :P 
Only Vinny and Jeff could do those brilliant impressions of Nick.
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Usher? Nice reference to Poe.

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Between talking to a lamp, making fun of nick, and Jeff busting out some ill rhymes, I think this has to be one of the best episodes of this ER yet.

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Oh man, that was a great episode. So many laughs. I love the image of York just walking into people's houses and stealing their onions. Oddly enough, it seems more in character with York than it does in other games.

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Do you have to equip "item back" or does it work automatically?

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It's the morgue! 
Figured it out yet Zach?
It's the morgue, yay!
That's right, the graveyard

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That episode was hilarious. 
"Duh, I'm Nick, I cut vegetables. You can't bug me while I'm in my place of work. DUHHHHHHHH."
Best part.

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Pretty damn good voice acting coming from that lamp.

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This was fucking funny ! VJ ftw!

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I need this. FBI business.

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@charlie_victor_bravo said:
"Do you have to equip "item back" or does it work automatically? "
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This game has one plot hole:  Anna is ugly as fuck!!
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This was a good episode.

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"I see you've been hiding honor from me..."

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I like when they go off and do side quests, maybe 'cause that's how I play.

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Wow I cant believe both you guys and BR gave up so easily on the sallie mission. There's more rooms in that house you know =P 
Funny episode though, the rhyming is always funny and making fun of Nick was priceless haha
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i love lamp

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"She turns men to butter" You've got that right.

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probably one of the best episodes yet by far

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Amazing voice acting on the lamp. Will ruin the reward for not finding the dress, get a bit more character backstory & a card if I recall. The walk in & loot philosophy was best in games like Sacred where it's done that in all the versions I've played, just walk into town loot & nobody has any problem unlike Oblivion/Fallout3. 
Wonder if Mr. Stewart puts up those random door puzzles to avoid/piss off the servant.

I always use flares in the kitchen, screw using matches to light the range when you have flares. Plus it would have been amusing if the letter from Oliva to Nick just said the following 'suck it, diner's mine now chump, have fun sleeping with your new friend in jail haha' along with York playing some crazy tune on the piano & having it rapidly spin.  

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Hey guys, the piano doesn't spin, that entire entryway revolves inside the mansion like a lazy susan so that mansion may a lot larger than you realize. It will probably be a plot point later, and it's a great defense if an intruder doesn't know which piano keys gives access to important areas of the mansion.