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Posted by Zindrase

 All insomniacs should have their own graveyard.

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Edited by IvanOoze

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood, Zach? 

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Posted by Duck44

 Let´s Do This Thang...

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Posted by Ronald

ERs are awesome

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Edited by VoshiNova

This game's about to get awesome

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Posted by DonChipotle

I am so excited for the next few chapters/episodes if only so I can hear the responses from VJ and BR.

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Ok Zach let's do this. Oh man Jeff leaving Vinny to his pushing statues, that's just mean.

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Posted by DonChipotle

I dunno if VJ read comments but if they want to buy health kits they should probably go see how Fiona is doing.

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I'm surprised that Jeff didn't make any sort of burnout paradise reference.
The killer is a Communist Red?  WOLVERINES!!!

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Posted by Gyoru

Drew and Brad cameos

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Posted by Robitt

Thirty nine minutes and fourteen seconds of pure endurance run goodness.

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Posted by Disgaeamad

A can of Irn-Bru, a burger, and the ER. Feels great!

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Posted by Skanes

"Are there any trees that drop red seeds in this graveyard?"
"What, like those four giant god damn trees with red seeds all over the ground right in front of you?"

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Posted by Vinchenzo

Lol, oh my God. I choked on my mini wheaths when Jeff said, "He's just doing the wiggles." Fuck!

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Posted by fox01313

Too bad that they missed out in the game about having 0.00 time limit to do a mission so you can do whatever sidequests or fishing in the game (that work on that episode#). Just got to love infinite zombies & infinite tomatoes.  
If I had an assistant like the one for Mr. Stewart I'd constantly use tons of words that have little to no rhyming to them to see what the assistant comes up with. 

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Posted by DarkFury

Yes, Vinny, you are a big idiot. :)

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Posted by mracoon

You guys need to get the fast-travel radio from George when he's at home.

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Posted by dr_mantas

I love how Vinny realized he was being silly and forgetful, DOUBLED BACK, and corrected... So unlike Brad...

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Posted by Nux

Can't wait.
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Posted by crushed

Jeff: *leaves*
Vinny: You know Drew... I actually kinda like this game.
Then when Jeff returns he changes the subject...

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Posted by NZV

How unfortunate that Brian doesn't seem to talk about the bones Vinny has collected while in the "find red seeds in the graveyard" part of the game. Could have netted them a flamethrower that kills wall crawlers in 5 seconds if they got that quest and went for the rest of the bones.

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Posted by Max_Hydrogen

What charm?!
Don't tell me those zombies are just a military experiment gone wrong. I think Jeff's theory is very plausible: Get the last surviving records of Harry's killspree. I bet he was the original Raincoat killer and his condition is caused be eating the seeds. 
How exactly could the military cover up a bunch of murders? It doesn't work that way in real life.

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Posted by Psych0Penguin

what is up with that dog/ those dogs that is/ are following them?

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Posted by Genjai

yay for teh zombiez!!!!

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Posted by louiedog

The Burbs reference just a few minutes in? This episode is already awesome.

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Posted by dbz1995

Did anybody else get reminded of PS1s Medievil from the graveyard? There was even the house beyond the twisty path.
 Also, does anybody else get the feeling that Dave will love this game?

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Posted by crushed

Oh, I just realized. The piano isn't spinning, the room is. The piano stays in the same spot.

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Posted by Trevsweb

i like oranges...... fuck.... so says mr stewart

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Posted by Ramone
@dbz1995:  I get reminded of PS1 games for another reason
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Posted by IchiroYagiza

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Posted by immike

I guess i'm the only one, but i'm finding this endurance run to be extremely boring lately. Also, it ain't because of Vinny, Jeff, Ryan or Brad...

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Posted by vmehnert

"I want to see you with my own eyes"

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Posted by Brake

The plot thickens, I'm pumped!

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Posted by citizenkane
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Posted by Noli

"That dog is eating people and you are next" xD

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Posted by Jeffmoocow

Semi-Drewdurance Run!

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Edited by White
Vinny, Jeff, very important note:
Go to the Hospital and get some Med-Kits. I don't want you guys to wipe just cause you don't have enough health.
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Posted by RobotHamster

Please get all the bones, there are only 5 left and I think you'll like the reward.  
I use it to kill the wall crawler in like two attacks.

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Posted by Mayu_Zane

I love hearing Harry finally speaking in the real world without Mr. Rhymes' help.

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Posted by Drewbs

Lamp is the killer.

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Posted by Food

I hope I don't meet anyone named zach any time soon because I would not be able to resist saying 'isn't that right, zach?' after ever sentence.

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Posted by zaglis

Please, just TRY to use the melee weapons.

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Posted by TheBalticOne

Mr.Stewart wasn't typing in that scene, he was actually playing the music. 
He has mad synth skills

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Posted by WindFall259

Remember, when someone's attacking you, hold your breath so they lose interest.

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Posted by DJGhostmare

Best Endurance Run evar! All 'cause of DREW!

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