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 Attempt at the quest!

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 Come on guys, listen to Harry. He said slow down.

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I was hoping they'd do both of the upcoming segments in one video. Ah well, should still be a good episode.

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hmmm so just as I open this video as soon as it becomes available (with 0 comments) to post in, it already has 4 comments as I type this. o_O This quest is actually going to be impossible for me.

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yes yes yes

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@Ventilaator said:
congrats ;P
i still havent really tried but it would be nice just to get it done so i feel ya man lol
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Hey Jeff !

Posted by schmid

"Zach, we can take a rest if we're tired" - Jeff: "Shut your whore mouth!" :D

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zombie in the cabinet was hilarious ;D

Posted by TzarStefan

Fucking zombies, how do they work?

Posted by imad81

team VJ..pulling ahead..yeah!!

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Can you sell stuff in this game?
If so, take the ammunition and sell it!

Posted by Kaigan

Question for the ER aficionados:
How much zany commentary does one miss by skipping through most of the zombie shooting?

Posted by Morka

How much is left of the game at this point?

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I hate that freaking gas station, Vinny insists on going in and out 5 times whenever he sees it

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there's a red seed tree right at the police station!!!

Posted by DjDonFrancisco

Must endure more....must know what happens....must see thrilling conclusion...

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Does Vinny remember a single thing?? I counted at least 3 things he forgot this episode; I remembered and I'm not even operating the controller!

Posted by Creamypies
@Kaigan said:
" Question for the ER aficionados:  How much zany commentary does one miss by skipping through most of the zombie shooting? "
You just miss alot of bitching and zombie impressions.
Posted by ominousbedroom
Aw, no fishing? Vinny's reaction to the closet zombie was hilarious. Good work considering the few health items you had. Someone really should clean up the filing room... Like White said, go to the hospital for kits. Also, finish George's request ASAP! It makes getting around so much easier. If BR has it, VJ has no excuse!

@Kaigan:  It depends really. Sometimes it really is worth watching, other times they don't comment much. The epic Ghoul joke of the P4 ER came about during level grinding.
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Bummer we've already seen fishing a bunch of times thanks to BR. Would've been a nice stopping point for people who watched the P4 ER before otherwise.

Posted by GilbertMordinAndSullivan

Glow Bones Glow Bones Glow Bones!

Posted by fox01313

I'm all for the bars being open at 11am, makes perfect sense to me. Oh suprise, no wonder things go this slow in small towns, they have the zombies filing all the paperwork. Will be highly amusing to see team VJ on this first attempt at fishing.
So far from what I've seen of DP, they don't mix the zombie types so it's either slow motion talking zombies or wall crawlers. Man that'd suck if they did mix it. Haven't been too pleased when DP puts out the infinite zombie zones, with the rest of the game being a set limit, maybe if next time they went with a different zombie type to show that they're not going to stop coming out.

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@Morka said:

" How much is left of the game at this point? "

Depends. If they go straight through the story there is another 4-5 hours. We all hope they do more than that though. There are still some decent side-quests they should do! 
Oh and SKIP THE ZOMBIES guys! Almost all zombies in this vid can be ran around.
Posted by wonderhare

Closet policeman  zombie! :D

Posted by EmperorSeth

Quick word of warning.  Until you beat the game, Chapter 18 is the LAST chance to get any sidequesting done.  At least, that's what I got from the sidequest list, where everyone's availability stops at 18 and doesn't kick up again until chapter 26.  So if you want to push boxes or drive people around or otherwise get involved with the lives of the nutty Greenvale citizens, that's the time to do it.

Posted by random_guy23

MAJOR LOL at 10:15!

Posted by Jeffk38uk

And I thought we were gonna get another coffee premonition. ah well, fishing.

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I hear Grated Whale Penis is wonderful for all sorts of ailments. 

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Aha! Is this our chance to..........fish. huh. 

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If you get a car wash from Gina 6 times, you'll complete here quest and get the "special service".

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See you later, craphead!

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What a strange ass filing room.

Posted by yates

Yo, there's a zombie in the filing cabinet!

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This run is really frustrating to watch sometimes, like when they insist on killing every single zombie when half of them could easily be run past or ignored. It's especially bad when one of the infinitely spawning ones shows up and they kill it 5 times before it clicks in that they should run past it.
Also is Vinny always so forgetful, or is that just DP's fault?

Posted by Wiseblood

Man, Vinny is standing right next to the objective but insists on killing every zombie that pops up.

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VG Logic 101: Lesson 37, Shotguns are used to disperse a group of enemies at close range.
You're right Jeff: The only good cop is a dead cop.

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does the audio sound funny to anyone else?
never mind the problem is on my end

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Zombie in the filing cabinet was a great moment!

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Whatever happened to hooded axe guy? 
I hereby name you guys 'yoga zombies'. 
Heeeey laaady! Awesome Creepshow reference, Vin.

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@Wiseblood said:

" Man, Vinny is standing right next to the objective but insists on killing every zombie that pops up. "

I know,why do they keep doing this? 
Yet another ER episode that could have been 10-15 minutes shorter then it needed to be.
Posted by b33

let me dieeeeeeee..... dont wannnnt to dieeeeeee

Posted by Hef

You know, something tells me that the farther you are away from the zombie, the less effective the shotgun will be...

Posted by Hoshnasi

I LOVE IT...  The freaking game FORCES you to fish!!!

Posted by LaszloKovacs

"Zach, we can rest if you-"

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

It has already been pointed put but Jeff was fucking hilarious during this episode. Please more words of wisdom about undead cops and York's whore mouth :D !! Also weird-ass cabinets are a great place to hide, ain't that right Zach?!?