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Well thank god that's over

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 Yay! God damn it.

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  This should be good. 

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 Nice one Zach.

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ERRR!!!!!!! YESSS, breakfast time!

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Go go Endurance Run.

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I don't want this to end.

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i love starting my day off with JV

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Nice, assault rifle!

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Yay I just finished listening to the bomcast! 

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You guys are going to need to do a ton of moving box puzzles in the Milk Barn to work off that 10 grand.

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I know that door.
This one is going to be fucking brilliant. Hold onto your asses people!!

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Oh no! Is that a red room I see in the picture before pressing the play button there?? Ah, too much Twin Peaks reference!

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Don't all the guns have a laser sights? 
This "galaxy of terror" place is quite expansive, and full of empty boxes.
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Ohohoho.... shit just hit the fan in this ep. Wow...
sst sst TSS sst sst sst TSS...

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Stick it in.  I love this game.

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Game changer! There is salsa music!

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That's some funky tunes, yo!

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Oh Thomas, what have you done with yourself?

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Shit just became a new type of crazy.

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Zach finally gets some quality time with Emily while York is out of the way.
Loving the chase music.

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They are on episode 4? In total they are 6, right?

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@phrosnite said:
" They are on episode 4? In total they are 6, right? "
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God I love Emily's music.

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Best music now from DP now. 
No, n-n-n-no no!! Yo che-ch-ch-ch-eck it out!!!

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Evil, evil wait between episodes

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Sweet, they found Luchadoor.
Also, I'm such a sexy bitch.  It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again.

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the sight of emily, kayson and willie running around in circles along with that insanely inappropriate music has got to be one of the most surreal things I have seen in any video game.

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Calling it, best new music in DP.

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Im with Ryan on George

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Why does the assault rifle sound suck so bad? It could have been amazing
Also: Emily = Naomi Watts

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Only thing missing is if Goodbye Horses was playing in the background during the Thomas scene's. :P

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If they get as far as I think they will I can't wait for tomorrows episode!

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Now quick like a bunny, singing minigame :) , it'd wouldn't suprise me if it was in the game. Glad I wasn't in an empty bar like York was, definitely would have found a few bottles of single malt scotch & rum for after investigation party. 
I always stretch my back some when I turn on lights, seriously strange animation even for this game. Wish that the flamethrower in the game had a better range like some WWII flamethrower, it'd be more useful as setting zombies on fire is always funny.

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They should put an icepick in luchadeer in commemoration of this ER   (...or maybe not)

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Aaaahhh.. This is so wierd. I love it..

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Hope this joke hasn't been said already 

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Emily's music is some of the best in the game. I couldn't get enough of it!
(although I will say, while I approve of Jeff's happiness to see transgendered people appear in a video game, I hardly think GLBT villains are a new concept in video games. It's too bad it's used for OOOOH ISN'T THAT SO WEEEEEIRD shock value here. But eh, I guess visibility is visibility...)

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The stuff with Emily and Deputy Willie was hillarious :D

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I want a Kaysen Doll.

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now everyone will see why this game is beyond words

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Christ I hope Kaysen gets shot dead several times.

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Put your hands up in the air! Emily got her groovs on! Chack this out! Aha! Yeah!

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This game is fucking nuts.

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Screw the money it's a AR lol.