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EDIT: Oh wow! My first post in ages and I get a a quest done. :o

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No. I mean NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
I got the second comment on both of the ERs.
Fuck me.

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Damn!!! I'ts Busted!!!! AAARRRGGG!!!!
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So close.... 

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Woot Lets do this.
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Rage :P

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 duder been waiting for this!!

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Edit: okay, so the stream isn't working.

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Work damnit!

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Another day.. another duder~

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No...why does this one have to break?! I came off Red Dead  to watch this!

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 That's it! I'm cancelling my Giant bomb subscription!

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I don't think it's working...

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FFFFFuck -,- one DP ER video i've been looking forward to the most and it's broke, ugh...
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No worky.

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First page at least?

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Broken. :( 

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Hmm, I hope this'll be up in 2hours at least, would be great to see this at dinner.

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Vid's not working; I've spent an hour at my PC for the sole purpose of refreshing the video page and getting the first comment here...  Great.

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This is probably the only site I've ever visited that I still love despite it's consistent video upload issues
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Not even getting to duder for me.

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I woke up, opened the Giant Bomb app and checked to see if the videos are up, went downstairs, booted up my computer, opened the site, then was denied.

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Stream not found... is there some hidden significance to this?

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is it like processing or something?

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@gamer1313 said:
"is it like processing or something? "

We can only see this page once it's finished processing so my guess if there video compiler exploded again.
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Pheww got it working on progressive after refreshing the page a good bit!

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An hour of endurance

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@Trnck said:
" No. I mean NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!  I got the second comment on both of the ERs.  Fuck me. "
Bend over, son.
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Oh man. I was about to watch BR, but this takes priority!

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It's working... IT'S WORKING!!!

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A is for Anna
B is for Becky
C is for Carol
D is for Diane
E is for Emily
G is for George
Y is for York
Z is for Zach
Coincidence? Maybe...

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The best part of this entire ER is Vinny giving Deputy Willie some Scooby-Doo like voiceovers.

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wow they leave it at such a cliffhanger moment!!!!! we have to wait until monday :(

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Christ, horrible tunnel vision in every fight.

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EMILY NOOO!!!  I've got a bad feeling about that Kaysen... and oh damn, George... this is getting real intense, Zach.

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"Let's finish this game tomorow" but it's friday :(

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@Kefkaesque said:
" A is for Anna B is for Becky C is for Carol D is for Diane E is for Emily G is for George ... Y is for York Z is for Zach  Coincidence? Maybe... "
F is for Kasen H is for Harry....Pretty much everyone in the town makes the alphabet!
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These were all recorded last week.