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Great! ;D cant wait to see what happens on todays episode

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 ready for this to end

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hello friends    

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Aww yeaaah    
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Whoo hoo! It's finally over. Cheers and hugs to all.    

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This is the end...my only friend the end...

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Grand finale woo-...and the video doesn't work.

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 Awaiting the unfurling of mysteries.

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Awesome Run!

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Killing me! D:
Edit: Woo!

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Video isn't working ... again.

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... Duder... :(

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Nothing stops the Endurance Run! Except stream not found!

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Aw man! D:

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It works for me now, or does it stop after a few minutes?
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Woooo it works

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Man, I feel used... cheated even!

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My video is working :D 
Progressive and High if anyone wants to know.

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The first page can never be comments about the actual content? Just the usual people trying to get first post and people noting that the video isn't working.

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 It works on High, 1:12:21.
Which is a pain because I have to go in an hour. No endurance run yet for me. :(

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Nothing stops the Endurance Run, Motherfucker! 
One last time into the breach my friends!

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@CaptainObvious said:

"My video is working :D   Progressive and High if anyone wants to know. "

I aint got the download limit for your fancy HIGH video thingamabobs 
Edit: I can't believe I missed the chance to say "Thanks CaptainObvious"
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Vinny why do you tease me so?

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@Mars_Cleric said:
" @CaptainObvious said:
"My video is working :D   Progressive and High if anyone wants to know. "
I aint got the download limit for your fancy HIGH video thingamabobs "
Works though. Cheers.
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Friends, today everything you know will be turned upside-down.

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Wow, I cannot believe that they did all that driving during Crazy Time and didn't see one giant demon dog. So sad.

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Is this going to be the end? DUDER?!?!?

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Bad Love Seeds = best band name ever.

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high quality works

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Yeah, what's up with the stream?

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duders set your video to progressive and the quality to high, it works with those settings,  
this might actually be the finalie, the vid is a hour and 12 mins long 

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need the low res version the high res eats up my downloads 
what ever happened to KR's internet plans he was making back in the day? 
Fuckin' Australian interwebs
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works on Streaming high quality as-well

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I knew it was Kaysen all along yesteday, WHAT A TWIST!

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YES!!!! This is the finale I was waiting for! Screw Lost!

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Alright guys, since some people can't view the episode yet, lets keep the spoilers to  a minimum please.

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Vid stops at 33:07 for me ;(