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moar! :P

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KEEP IT UP!  PLEASE!  It's just like Mystery Science Theater 3000, but more Persona-y! 

PS.  Where is the video???

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As a person who only knows what the concept of Mystery Science Theater means- and not the actual experience- I kind of hope this is more than that.

This is closer to what I want to see- if without the swearing and more of the story shown-

Let's Play Kingdom Hearts 2: With KungFuJesus and Medibot

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This is awesome! Keep it up!

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i haven't laughed so hard in ages but that might be coz it's 1:30 in the morning

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Also- if you folks are going to do more of these series- whether it be Quick Looks or Endurance Runs- you really need to make it easier to view the series all together- without having to go all the way through the full archive- or even the parts of the archive- to find a set of videos- IE- The Penny Arcade presentation- or E3 2008.

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Man, this can only end badly. Jeff and Vinny will be curled up in a corner whispering the Junes theme to themselves while throwing cards at each other. That would make for a good video, though.

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Ew. You stretched the image to fit?

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And for the record, Persona 3 was based on the moon cycles.

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Holy shit these are funny. I hate JRPG's too! Well done guys.

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I can't wait till part 6 when you actually can start playing it... well, if you can make it that far :P

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Oh crap.... I should probably hurry up in my persona game so you don't catch up and spoilar anything :D

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How far are you into the game? You shouldn't have too much trouble keeping ahead of them. Not at the current rate they're going.

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what will happen, craziness

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Wait, so are you guys just leaving the PS2 running between play sessions?

Posted by LordAndrew

I think it might be a single session broken up into multiple chunks.

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This feature is a blast to watch.  The pacing, however, is difficult :)  Maybe the combat isn't against enemies.  You pick your endurance level for awkwardness and redundancy in narration.

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it's so ridiculously short!

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I love that Junes jingle xD

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Go Vinny, go!

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This feature is great! Can't stop laughing!

Thanks for fixing the audio levels so the game can be heard easier but I hope you two keep up the commentary throughout. Also, the sizing in the first part was better, stretched to fit looks janky.

Keep it up guys!!

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Awesome videos you guys, keep it up!

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i truly hope there are going to be like 200-300 of these..

this is better than 99% of tv imo

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Thanks for fixing the audio levels so the game can be heard easier but I hope you two keep up the commentary throughout. Also, the sizing in the first part was better, stretched to fit looks janky.

yeah, going to find a compromise between stretching and filling the frame, should be re-uploaded in a bit
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Depending on the ending you want the game is more 60-90 hours. My first playthrough took 98 hours, and I didn't even do everything I could have done. This game is huge.  ^_^

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"It's super effective."-Jeff

Absolute genius.
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YESS! I LOVE these, they need to be longer!, but I'll forgive it today, because there'll be a bombcast as well.

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Good job! Do more!

If this ever gets too boring, you can just do like Ryan and Jeff did in TimeTrotters and splice together the good bits.

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Ohhhh you guys are gonna love Morooka.

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@ Spapstacle

no way..   i think whats making this possible (15-20 minute installment video feed of a 60+ hour game) is the fact that Vinny and Jeff can just sit down and wing this. 

editing would perhaps make doing this everyday a bit of a pain in the ass.

just leave it raw please and keep up the good work!  :-D

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I'm glad you guys are playing this so that I don't have to.

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this really is like MST3000 (which i loved) keep em up. it would be funny to see something like this with even more cheesy games like Earth Defense Force (which i also love)

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woo! Sonic School Zone!!!

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I prefer the black bars on the left and right of the video. It's less distracting.

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I rented this game from gamefly and it bored me so much that my heart nearly stopped until I was in a comatose state.  I promptly sent the bastard back to sender.

No game should be this boring, even when I was a teenager and geeked out on JRPG's I still don't think I'd have the taste for that much pointless and pattering text and story.

Posted by DrRandle

Are you guys leaving the power on the PS2 to save your place? Didn't you read the study about how you're MURDERING THE PLANET EARTH IN HER PRECIOUS, DOLPHIN-SHAPED FACE?! But then again, you can't lose your place in your game.

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I love this game, but these endurance videos are making me laugh!

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@LifeByDegrees his LP of God Hand was way cooler, even though it took forever to do.

I'm really liking these videos, even if the game sucks it shows me a little of something I wouldn't normally/couldn't play for whatever reason, and it gives Vinny an excuse to play Persona 4 while on the job!

Who is Morooka?

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But I don't wanna go to bed early!

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Morooka is their homeroom teacher. I won't say much about him other than that I've had a teacher like that once.

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is is better than 99% of tv imo

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<i>i truly hope there are going to be like 200-300 of these..</i>

uhhhh, please no.  Not only would that put Jeff into a coma but it would get very repetitive and boring.  I'm thinking Jeff wigs out and say FU game around Episode 5. 

I'm hoping for a rant on the horrible game design (judging from the first 30 mins it seems at the top of the design document was "make the game over 100 hours by draging everything out as long as possible).

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As much as I love this game, it starts really, really slow. At this rate, you guys will get to the first dungeon sometime next week.

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That looks so action packed!!

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What is the deal with no videos being longer than ~20 minutes around here? Is there some underlying technical reason? I think persona 4 deserves more than 15-20 minutes per clip. Thats pretty short for an RPG session. Keep the Quick Looks @ 15-20 but if this is going to get ANYWHERE within the coming YEAR I think these needs to be more like 30-40 a piece.
Now dont get me wrong. I REALLY appriciate thse videos. I´ve been missing this stuff since you guys did the same things back on GameSpot but this is Persona 4, not Pac Man.

Posted by LordAndrew

Yeah, Persona 4 needs a lot more time dedicated to it than just these short clips. It's going to take forever before you reach the part where you actually start playing.

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Now I'm really hot for some sunny-side-up eggs.

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Lol, a hour and a half  till they get into the next fight

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They probably won't get anywhere at this rate, but it's still pretty entertaining. Playing an RPG in 15-minute chunks is always a bad choice. Hell, most games are pretty crappy if you play them like that from the start.